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            Showing posts with label Raise Your Own Damn Kids.
            Showing posts with label Raise Your Own Damn Kids.

            Thursday, October 6, 2016

            Of Gangsta Rap Radio Edits, Precocious Kids & Bad Parenting...

            I drop my kids off at school every morning. Obviously, this presents an issue because I want to listen to music that I like, but they are seven and four years old. So a fair compromise is to let them listen to classic rap instrumentals. I get a beat I can ride to, they can bop along in the back seat and they don't get polluted with grown-up messages. Win win.

            So anyway, an instrumental they absolutely love is Snoop Dogg's "It Ain't No Fun". We've listened to it every morning for the past 2 weeks. My daughter (who is 4) asked me could she "hear the words" to the song. Of course I'm a responsible adult and wouldn't do that to my kids. Instead, I went on YouTube and found the song labeled "It Aint No Fun" (extra extra clean version). I'm thinking, what's the worst that can happen if they bleep out half of the words anyway? Press play.

            Well the song gets about 4 bars in and Nate Dogg's already said "open up your gap" and I'm quickly going for the pause button to close the app but I have to swerve suddenly (I am driving after all. Judge me.) and the phone slides across the seat where I can't reach it. Before I can reach for the volume, Nate is already at the "next time I'm feelin' kinda horn-aaaay" part and I'm feeling like the worst black father of all time.

            I cut the song off, and silently pray that my kids are not going to ask me what they've just heard. But of course they are smart kids, so my daughter asks "Dad what is horny?"

            "Like rhino honey. Like a rhino. It has horns."

            "So the man feels like a rhino? That's a weird thing to sing about,"
            says my 7 year old son.

            We'll just stick with the instrumentals until they're teens.

            Thursday, May 19, 2016

            When Did R&B Music Become So Foul-Mouthed?!?

            [Editor's Note: Yeah, the blog's back. In a limited capacity, but back nonetheless.]

            As a guy now firmly entrenched in his (early) 40's with a wife, 3 kids, a day job and a mortage, I find myself frequently revisiting my youth via the magic of Spotify. While I'm perfectly content listening to what passes for "hip hop" nowadays, I've got the illest 80's and 90's R&B playlists. Sorry, I just can't listen to today's R&B, and I'm not even sure if the genre, on which a rapper is featured more than the singer, even properly qualifies as R&B anymore.

            Diet Drake ripoffs like Bryson Tiller and Tory Lanez are what pass for R&B today. Sure, there's still plenty of old man R&B being made that plays on the "grown and sexy" stations in most urban markets, but who wants to hear Keith Washington and Will Downing? Not even me, and I own albums those guys made. So yeah, I just stick with the older stuff, because the newer stuff sucks.

            Case in point is many R&B artist's (new?) tendency to talk sh*t and curse. Not that this is anything new. As you purists will surely tell me, R&B singers like Millie Jackson and Clarence Carter have trafficked in low brow, crude content since the 60's. The difference is, those songs, and those artists were always seen as a novelty of sorts. A comical sideshow, not the norm.

            Now, you can't listen to a song without being serenaded by curse words and called a "nigga". I just pulled up a random playlist on Spotify and played the first 10 or so songs. Rihanna ("Needed Me"), Tiller ("Exchange"), Tinashe ("Ride Of Your Life"), Chris Brown ("Back To Sleep"), Lanez ("Say It"), and Eric Bellinger ("Valet") all had the same recurring themes of sex, cheating, revenge and retaliation with enough curse words to make Samuel Jackson blush. If a generation of black kids are being raised on this sorta sh*t, what chance do we have to flourish as a people?


            By comparison, a random song from my 90's playlist, Monifah's "I Miss You", sounds like a relic of another era. Which is sorta is. And I like that. A lot.

            You youngsters can keep that ratchet sh*t. I'll stick with my oldies.

            Question: Do I have any valid points about how awful today's R&B music is, or do I just sound like the suburban soccer dad I've morphed into?

            Monday, May 11, 2015

            Nancy Gordeuk, TNT Academy, And Should Racist People Lose Their Jobs?!?

            , assuming you weren't under a rock or too consumed with NBA buzzer beaters this weekend.[1]
            A high school graduation in Georgia turned bizarre Friday night when the school’s founder and principal accused African-American attendees of disrupting the program that she had flubbed herself.

            Nancy Gordeuk, of the nontraditional TNT Academy in Atlanta suburb Stone Mountain, blurted out, “Look who’s leaving — all the black people” to the stunned audience at a local church, two videos of the incident show.

            The graduation had fallen off track when Gordeuk somehow forgot to call on the school’s valedictorian to speak and then attempted to call the room back to order when alerted to her mistake at the end of the bumpy ceremony, WAFB-TV reported.

            You people are being so rude to not listen to his speech,” she tells the audience in the footage. “It’s my fault that we missed it in the program.” She adds: “Looks who’s leaving — all the black people.”

            The entire audience gets up and leaves after the educator’s rant devolves into the race-based accusation.

            Gordeuk apologized in a TV interview the following day and claimed the video had been taken out of context. But longer footage of the incident recorded in a different section of the audience shows her calling a man who was filming with his tablet a “goober” and a “coward” and challenging him to identify himself.
            Here's the video. I'm not gonna lie, at first I thought this was a Lisa Lampanelli standup routine gone viral, but then googled the school and found out TNT Academy is an actual real life thing and holy sh*t, this woman's in charge of an actual real life school!!!!

            So far, the response over the internets has been predictable. A lot of people think this woman is a best uncouth, and at worst, blatantly racist to single out black people for leaving early when clearly there are lots of people of all races leaving. Others are siding with Mrs. Gordeuk, asserting that she was merely calling attention to the race of the majority of those leaving, and besides, "if blacks didn't loot and riot in Baltimore nobody would say such things in the first place" and "if only you people stopped killing each other and pulled up your pants and quit voting for Democrats all the time".

            Gordeuk, in a strange sequence of events, initially (!!!) for her momentary racism before settling on the "goobers" in the audience who brought the "racist comment" (her words) out of her mouth.

            Here's the thing my parents always taught me: Nobody can bring anything out of you that's not already in there. Nobody.

            I find it quite hard to believe that this was the first time Gordeuk done anything suspect, and many of those in attendance at the graduation seems to echo that sentiment. Since she's technically the founder of the school, it's unlikely she's be fired, but she might just need to fall on the sword anyway since whatever government funding her school gets is inevitably gonna be pulled after this. And props to parents of all races for getting up and leaving after this classless and offensive display.

            Seriously, America, grow up already.

            Question: Does this lady deserve to be fired? Was her statement racist, or just racial?!?

            [1] Seriously, three days, three buzzer beating game winners. In what other sport does this occur?

            Tuesday, March 3, 2015

            Letting Your Kids Play Outside Unsupervised Is Now Known As "Free Range Parenting".

            I grew up in an outer suburb of a medium-sized city in North Carolina. In the 80's. Our town was safe, meaning random violent crime was basically non-existent. Like most of you, I played around the neighborhood, rode my bike all over town with my friends, went out first thing in the morning and came 北京体彩网官方网站 when the streetlights came on. And yes, I occasionally got into trouble and did a lot of stuff a preteen probably shouldn't have been allowed to do. In retrospect, I probably had a little too much freedom, but reality is, having few boundaries as a child actually helped me learn to respect them as an adult.

            Fast forward 30 some years, and I have 3 kids of my own. I live in the inner suburbs of a very large city. It's every bit as safe as the neighborhood I grew up in. Sometimes I see kids ride their bikes up the street without parental supervision, but most of the kids who are outside tend to congregate in driveways and shoot hoops at most. Our kids are too young to do much of anything outside without us, and I'm not sure they will when they're of age. Not because the world's become more dangerous for kids (it hasn't), but because societal attitudes towards unsupervised play have changed dramatically. In short: if your kids are out on their own, somebody is prolly gonna call CPS on your ass.

            The Maryland parents investigated for letting their young children walk 北京体彩网官方网站 by themselves from a park were found responsible for “unsubstantiated” child neglect in a decision that has not fully resolved their clash with authorities over questions of parenting and children’s safety.

            Danielle and Alexander Meitiv hoped the nationally debated case — which has lit up social media and brought a dozen television film crews to their Silver Spring 北京体彩网官方网站 — would be dismissed after a two-month investigation by Montgomery County Child Protective 北京体彩网官方网站.

            But the finding of unsubstantiated child neglect means CPS will keep a file on the family for at least five years and leaves open the question of what would happen if the Meitiv children get reported again for walking without adult supervision.

            The parents say they will continue to allow their son, Rafi, 10, and daughter Dvora, 6, to play or walk together, and won’t be swayed by the CPS finding.

            The case dates to Dec. 20, when police picked up the two Meitiv children walking in Silver Spring on a Saturday afternoon after someone reported them. The parents said that they gradually let the pair take walks on their own and that their children knew the area, which is along busy Georgia Avenue.

            The Meitivs said they would not have allowed the one-mile outing from Woodside Park to their 北京体彩网官方网站 if they did not feel their children were up to it. The siblings made it halfway before police stopped them.

            The Meitivs’ decision letter, dated Feb. 20, said the CPS investigation had been completed and would be closed. It cited a finding of unsubstantiated child neglect and made note of an appeals process.
            Since this happened not far from my house, I've probably got a very different take on this than some might. The park that the kids were left in is notorious for having 北京体彩网官方网站less people and random walkers by. Sure, there are lots of parents there usually, but it's a huge, sprawling area with lots of trees. If someone wanted to grab your child and make a run for it, they prolly could and you wouldn't notice it. Likewise, the mile that the kids walked 北京体彩网官方网站 is through a very busy and congested downtown area. The cops probably should have stopped the kids, and were definitely in the right for considering this a case of possible neglect. Walking back 北京体彩网官方网站 from your neighborhood playground, this is not.

            On the other hand, I sorta get where these parents are coming from. While society's views on this topic have changed, reality is that kids simply don't get abducted by strangers any more now than they did when I was a child. Sure, the omnipresence of shows like "To Catch A Predator" and "20/20" makes it feel that way, but more times than not when kids go missing it's via a parent and part of a custody battle. You've got a better chance of winning the DC Lottery than your kid being snatched off the sliding board.

            All that said, while I admire these parents (and really, really hate the term "Free Range Parenting"[1]) they were dead assed wrong here. There are other ways to prove your point. Having your kids play Frogger on Georgia Avenue isn't one of them.

            Question: Do you allow your kids to play outside unsupervised? Do you differ from your parents on this issue? Were these "Free Range Parents" dead assed wrong?

            [1] "Free Range Parenting" sounds like something you do to livestock.

            Tuesday, February 24, 2015

            Meet CJ Pearson: 12 Year Old Black Tea Partier.

            I've often said, without a trace of cynicism, that if I wanted to get instantly famous and rich, all I had to do with convert to an Obama-hatred site. I wouldn't need to solicit Conservatives for money or exposure. That would just come to me automatically, because there's always a market for Black People Who Publicly Profess Their Hatred For Obama. There probably always will be.

            Most of the Obama haters are grown-ups, so since I'm 41 it's not like I'd be cornering some new market. But , and he's about to cash in handsomely.
            Many 12-year-olds have figured out how to become overnight internet sensations. Twerk. Try to swallow a spoonful of cinnamon. Sing like Beebs. But C.J. Pearson took a different approach: a three-minute rant against President Barack Obama and his, “downright hate for the American values our country北京体彩网官方网站 holds.”

            Pearson said the video is in defense of former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who first launched the “Obama hates America” charge in criticism of the president’s policies on ISIS.

            It was only Saturday that Pearson launched a YouTube channel and posted his very first video, “President Obama: Do you really love America?” As of Monday afternoon, it has gotten more than a half million views, nearly 6,000 likes and about 500 thumbs down.

            He was trending heavily on Facebook and several blogs. Television stations and newspapers – some international – have picked up his story. Several GOP and conservative sites picked it up. Allen West forwarded it. He said he is scheduled to be on “Fox and Friends” later this week.

            Slight in stature, his hair is closely cropped. Put him in an oversized suit and tie and he could be any other 12-year-old imitating Obama at his school’s annual President’s Day assembly. He talks years – or maybe decades – beyond his age, repackaging conservative talking points into neat little sound bites.

            Last November, he started his own political group, “Young Georgians in Government,” where he is listed as executive director. He said he started it to bring “real solutions to government.”

            Pearson said he got involved in politics by studying the 2008 presidential election. He supported John McCain, because he agreed with his conservative views. He was five years old. He has recently campaigned for the likes of Nathan Deal and David Perdue.

            “I would say that my political ideology came from researching the principles that I held dear,” Pearson said. “Limited government, personal responsibility, liberty and freedom. I personally identified with Republicans.”

            Pearson said his parents, who would not comment, have been supportive of his political course. “My parents are not as politically active as me,” Pearson said. “They are Democrats and have different views than I have.”

            There are inherent risks in becoming an internet sensation, especially when race is involved. It is not without irony that Pearson is a bright young African-American blasting the president and his love for America. Comments on his pages and throughout social media have been wildly supportive and vitriolically angry – falling largely along racial lines.

            And what about Pearson’s future? He said he has serious political aspirations and has already tried to craft legislation for this year’s general assembly.
            Here's the pro-Rudy/anti-Barry screed that's made this kid an overnight Conservative sensation.

            Okay, I'm gonna take the glass half full approach here: it's actually refreshing to hear a black kid speak good English, and find notoriety online for something other than the usual Terrio/Yeet!/Latarian nonsense. So there's that.

            Look, I get it: this is an easy way to get yourself on Fox News. He'll probably get paid to show up at CPAC or something like that. I'm sure there's a deal for his own radio show being worked on at this very moment. Even if you don't believe in what you're saying (and I'm thinking this kid is waaaay to young to even understand the talking points he's spewing) this is a damn clever way to make some quick cash, maybe even enough to afford a good shapeup a semester at community college someday.

            On the other hand: seriously, kid, WTF?

            Does he really even know what he's saying? He's clearly reading a script (quite well, FWIW) but no 12 year old can actually comprehend international diplomacy. Sheeeit, most 52 year olds can't actually comprehend international diplomacy. And yeah, I'm wondering what exactly this kid's parents are doing here. Maybe they know "the game", find their child's speeches amusing, and see an easy way to fatten up the kid's 529 Plan. If I was the sort to place wagers, I'd go to and put $100 on it.

            In any event, I hope someone semi-responsible is in this child's life. Much like , he's gonna probably realize how dumb this looks when he's 17 and suddenly wants to get laid. Either that or he's gonna be used as a Conservative Puppet and discarded before he even hits puberty.

            Word to Herman Cain. And Michael Steele. And Angela McGlowan.

            Quit while you're ahead, kid. This ends badly.

            Question: Is this poor kid heading for a very sad letdown, or is he running the ultimate Grand Hu$tle on Conservatives?

            Wednesday, February 4, 2015

            Bad Assed Kids, George Jefferson Haircuts, And The Inherent Laziness Of Public Shame Parenting.

            As any one with sons will tell you, raising boys is hard. Not that raising girls is any easier[1], mind you. But boys present their own share of problems, the most persistent of which is behavior. My 8 and 6 year olds are a case study in this issue: they fight each other, don't clean up after themselves, are notoriously picky eater, and complain when asked to do something they don't want to. Despite all this, they do very well in school, and their teachers would probably be flabbergasted to know how differently they behave at 北京体彩网官方网站.

            Disciplining our sons is an ongoing struggle. My wife and I have tried every technique imaginable, from timeouts, to whippings, to the "Take Sh*t They Really Like Away For A Few Days" method. Some of this works for awhile, and then it's back to the usual "Boys Will Be Boys" tomfoolery. One thing we haven't tried is public shaming, which thanks to Black Twitter, seems to be all the rage nowadays. So much so that .
            Got a kid who’s raising hell? Afraid the police will be called if you break out the belt? A suburban Atlanta barbershop may have a solution for you.

            Three days a week, parents can take their misbehaving kids to A-1 Kutz and ask for the “Benjamin Button Special,” which Russell Fredrick and his team of barbers are offering — free of charge — to parents who want to try a novel form of discipline.

            The cut involves shaving hair off the child’s crown until he begins to resemble a balding senior citizen, inviting that unique brand of adolescent humiliation that can only come from teasing classmates and unwanted attention. Supporters say it’s the perfect punishment for misbehaving kids who want to “act grown.”

            Fredrick, the A-1 Kutz co-owner and a 34-year-old father of three, said he decided to advertise the cut after he used the unique disciplinary measure on his 12-year-old son, Rushawn, last fall — and saw immediate results. Rushawn’s grades, which had fallen, “dramatically skyrocketed” after he got his old-man haircut, Frederick said.

            Even so, he added, giving your child a haircut that makes them look like a mini-George Jefferson should be a last resort. The 10-year-old child in the photos he shared on social media had been brought to the barbershop by a single mother who told Fredrick she was looking for a way to teach her son a lesson after he misbehaved in school.

            One person who is willing to make a value judgement is Willie Jefferson Jr., a Houston father of two who shaved his 11-year-old son’s head after he misbehaved in class last fall. “I know what works for my children,” said Jefferson, who noted that he grew up in an “old school Mississippi family,” where corporal punishment was the norm. “When I spank, it corrects behavior. You may be able to talk to some kids; for others a spanking or an embarrassing haircut may be a great option.”

            Jefferson told The Post that the threat of public humiliation was so effective, his son is still on good behavior several months after he was given an old-man haircut. He noted that spanking or a humiliating haircut should be a last resort for parents, but an option nonetheless.

            “Shaming isn’t bad for children if it teaches respect,” he said. “It taught me respect, it taught my parents respect, it taught my grandparents and great grandparents respect, and that’s what I’m going to stick with.”
            When I first saw that kid's photo on Black Twitter, I thought "Damn, kids are going to the barbershop and asking for 'The Lebron James' now"? Sadly, there was much more to this photo than met the eye.

            I'm gonna keep it two hunned here: This is some ignorant assed sh*t. The parents who say this worked for them are not being truthful with themselves, and using this technique to excuse the fact that they've been generally sh*tty parents. You may see a temporary change in behavior, but I doubt the longterm results are going to be favorable.

            For kids, self esteem is everything. Expecting a 10 year old to endure ridicule from his peers, and learn some sort of lesson in the process is insane. That kid's probably going to be very resentful, and maybe even become more of an asshole as a result. And if a kid's acting out that badly and screwing up in school, it's most likely a symptom of some greater issue going on at 北京体彩网官方网站. This addresses none of that, it's the parenting equivalent of Fix-A-Flat. It'll work for a minute, but rely on it too much and you're gonna end up with an even bigger problem than you started out with. Or something like that.

            Sorry, I think this is terrible parenting. I'm sure I'm in the minority. I don't care. This is some bassackwards sh*t and it does not need to be glorified. Stop it already.

            Question: Is Public Shame Parenting a viable method for correcting your child's behavior?

            [1] My two year old daughter is... to put it lightly... a handful.

            Friday, October 3, 2014

            Mom Stalks Her Child To School. Records And Facebooks It.

            Whatever happned to the days when parents just showed up at school with a switch in hand?

            Here's the full video.

            Question: Is this Mom unhinged or is this a good way to shame your child into doing the right thing?!?

            Thursday, October 2, 2014

            White Lesbian Couple Accidentally Given Black Donor's Sperm. Hilarity Ensues.

            A white Ohio woman is suing a Downers Grove-based sperm bank, alleging that the company mistakenly gave her vials from an African-American donor, a fact that she said has made it difficult for her and her same-sex partner to raise their now 2-year-old daughter in an all-white community.

            Jennifer Cramblett, of Uniontown, Ohio, alleges in the lawsuit filed Monday in Cook County Circuit Court that Midwest Sperm Bank sent her the vials of an African-American donor's sperm in September 2011 instead of those of a white donor that she and her white partner had ordered.

            Cramblett, 36, learned of the mistake in April 2012, when she was pregnant and ordering more vials so that the couple could have another child with sperm from the same donor, according to the lawsuit. The sperm bank delivered vials from the correct donor in August 2011, but Cramblett later requested more vials, according to the suit.

            "On August 21, 2012, Jennifer gave birth to Payton, a beautiful, obviously mixed-race baby girl," the lawsuit states. "Jennifer bonded with Payton easily and she and Amanda love her very much. Even so, Jennifer lives each day with fears, anxieties and uncertainty about her future and Payton's future."

            Raising a mixed-race daughter has been stressful in Cramblett and Zinkon's small, all-white community, according to the suit. Cramblett was raised around people with stereotypical attitudes about nonwhites, the lawsuit states, and did not know African-Americans until she attended college at the University of Akron.

            "Because of this background and upbringing, Jennifer acknowledges her limited cultural competency relative to African-Americans and steep learning curve, particularly in small, homogenous Uniontown, which she regards as too racially intolerant," the lawsuit states.

            Part of that learning curve has included getting her daughter's hair cut, which according to the suit requires Cramblett to travel to a black neighborhood, "where she is obviously different in appearance, and not overtly welcome."

            She fears that her "all white and unconsciously insensitive family," which has never been able to fully embrace Jennifer's homosexuality, could have a negative effect on her daughter, according to the lawsuit.
            Look, I sympathize with this woman, as well as her partner, who is conspicuously absent from this suit. She wanted a white child. There's absolutely nothing wrong, or racist about that. When she found out about the mixup, she chose the see the pregnancy to term, and at least on the surface appears to be a loving and supportive mother of a child she didn't ideally want. So there's that.

            On the other hand, I can't help but cringe at the conflation of her lily-white town's racial climate and that of the "black neighborhood, where she is obviously different in appearance, and not overtly welcome". Seriously, what the f*ck is that sh*t? Is she trying to say that this baby's making her life harder because she has to spend a couple of hours a month around dreaded N-words to keep the child's high bun looking fresh? Because if so, I have bad news for her: raising a black child is gonna get a lot more complicated.

            I'm also not sure what she's aiming for here. The lab admitted its error. She made the decision to see the pregnancy through. She also made the decision to raise said child in an environment that she already knew to be racially hostile. I suspect a lot of her family's backlash is related to her sexual orientation as well. So where's she gonna move? She's scared of black people but has a black baby? This sh*t just don't add up.

            I feel for this woman, but I really feel for that kid. What do ya'll think?

            Question: Does this woman have a case? Is the lab liable beyond the initial admission of error and subsequent refund?

            Tuesday, September 16, 2014

            Adrian Peterson: Serial Child Abuser Or Concerned Father?!?

            I just spent the past few days being extorted by a Mouse, so I'm sorta playing catchup right now. In any event, last week was a less-than-great week for the world of professional sports. Between the Atlanta Hawks situation, the Ray Rice video, Chris Johnson's roid rage, and Roger Goodell's general nonsense, you got the impression things couldn't possibly get any worse.

            And then.
            Adrian Peterson, already facing felony charges in Texas for child abuse, was accused in a previous incident involving another son who was 4 years old, KHOU-TV in Houston has reported. They are allegations the Minnesota Vikings running back's lawyer says were unfounded and more than a year old.

            KHOU cited text messages that reportedly include a photo of the son with an apparent head wound covered by bandages. Houston TV station KHOU reported Adrian Peterson was previously accused of child abuse in a separate incident involving another son who was 4 years old.

            Peterson was indicted by a grand jury on charges of reckless or negligent injury to a child on Friday. The prosecution in the ongoing case was aware of the June 2013 incident, a source familiar with the case told ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter.

            Peterson, who apologized in a statement Monday for "the hurt I have brought to my child," also said he will testify in court that he did not intend to harm his son and said he is "without a doubt, not a child abuser."

            The Houston TV station reported that the mother of the 4-year-old -- who is different from the mother of the child he stands charged with abusing -- filed a report with Child Protective 北京体彩网官方网站, but no charges were brought.

            Peterson attorney Rusty Hardin said in a statement that the accusation was more than a year old and that "authorities took no action."

            "An adult witness admittedly insists Adrian did nothing inappropriate with his son," Hardin said in the statement to media.

            The Vikings released a statement Monday night, saying they would "defer any further questions" from the media regarding the accusations to Hardin.

            "As part of the information we have gathered throughout this process, we were made aware of an allegation from 2013 in which authorities took no action against Adrian," the Vikings said in the news release.

            The reported text exchange was as follows, according to KHOU-TV:

            Mother: "What happened to his head?"

            Peterson: "Hit his head on the Carseat."

            More from ESPN.com
            By letting Adrian Peterson return, the Vikings and the NFL are sending the message that winning trumps social responsibility, even if they say otherwise, Kevin Seifert writes. Story

            Mother: "How does that happen, he got a whoopin in the car."

            Peterson: "Yep."

            Mother: "Why?"

            Peterson: "I felt so bad. But he did it his self."

            According to the report, Peterson then goes on to say he was disciplining his son for cursing at a sibling, though how specifically the child was wounded wasn't made clear.

            Mother: "What did you hit him with?"

            Peterson never directly answered, the report said, but later replied: "Be still n take ya whooping he would have saved the scare [scar]. He aight [all right]."

            When asked about the 2013 accusation, Peterson's father, Nelson, said, "I haven't seen that report. I haven't heard any allegations."

            Peterson has faced heavy criticism for his use of a so-called switch to discipline the other son, but the running back said in the statement released Monday that he "never imagined being in a position where the world is judging my parenting skills or calling me a child abuser because of the discipline I administered to my son."
            The Peterson incident has "sparked a nationwide debate on how parents should/should not discipline their children", and has also sparked a million examples of culturally unaware white media members trying to explain what a "switch" is.

            I grew up in the South. And growing up in the South, in the 70/80s meant that sometimes when your grandparents needed to discipline you, they sent you behind the house to "pick a switch". I'll note that my parents didn't even (to my best recollection) deploy this style of punishment, but they were well aware my grandparents did. It was simply a traditional style of discipline, passed down from generations. It was not necessarily any more painful than a belt, but it was more humiliating, and certainly seemed to get the point across. I don't think I got "the switch" more than 4-5 times as a kid. The message was effectively relayed.

            Many who are defending Peterson seem to echo the same sentiments: This is just what black parents in the South do/did and isn't child abuse. I think that's where I disagree. Using a switch isn't "child abuse" in and of itself. But using the switch to the point that blood is drawn and welts are visible days later is definitely child abuse. Peterson overdid it (something he acknowledged) and will/probably should face charges. He took it too far. There's a thin line between discipline and abuse, and he crossed it. It should also be noted that his childrens' mothers waited awhile to report the incidents, but well, that's another topic for another day.

            [Editor's Note: BTW, AP, you have (at least) 7 kids now. You're a 30 For 30 episode of "Broke" just waiting to happen. Wear a condom, my n*gga. For real. #PullOutForWhat]

            One subtext that's really disturbed me about this incident has been the scores of black people insisting that "getting the switch" is good, because they got it, and it "worked". I think that's shortsighted, plantation thinking at best, self-hatred at worst. I mean, come on, sure it "worked", but so might have a million and one other discipline techniques, from "being on punishment", to losing toys/TV time, to the proverbial "time out". Just because something "worked" doesn't mean it was the best way to handle the situation. I could use a hammer to kill a fly, but a flyswatter would probably work just as well and not cause as much damage to my granite countertops.

            I don't know how prevalent "the switch" still is as a disciplinary tool in black households. My wife and I don't use it (although we do spank our children when the need occasionally arises). I'd be interesting in your thoughts.

            Question: Did you parents use "the switch"? Do you still use it? Did Peterson overdo it?

            Wednesday, August 6, 2014

            FakeABaby.com Is A Website That's Going To Get Some Woman Seriously Injured.

            . No, seriously, look at this sh*t.
            That's right, ladies. For a mere $9.95, you can keep your man (at least momentarily) by trapping him with a fake baby.

            Got a real, legitimate bun in the oven? Not sure if your man's the daddy, or that one guy you screwed at Essence Music Fest? We got fake DNA tests for that!

            Did you take the $390 he gave you for an abortion and go spend it at Nordstrom? Need a fake ultrasound to show him what he coulda actually had? Got em'.
            A website full of fake baby bumps, ultrasounds, prescriptions, and DNA tests. Yeah, sounds like an awesome "prank", said no woman ever.

            I love this "disclaimer" on the website.
            CAUTION: This item has the potential to be used irresponsibly. By completing and submitting the form below, you agree not to use this product for purposes which may be illegal, immoral, fraudulent or hurtful to others. Like almost any item in existence, this product may be used for fun or for evil, depending solely on the intentions of the user. It is designed as a novelty/gag device. Be sure your “mark” has a sense of humor before unleashing this product upon them!We again urge CAUTION when using gags which have the potential of causing emotional harm (as almost any gag or practical joke does). KNOW YOUR VICTIM. Many people will not find this issue humorous in the slightest. Be sure your “mark” has an “evolved” sense of humor.
            Yes, because a man should definitely have a sense of humor if he's even trapped with a fake baby. Exactly.[1]

            Let's be real, this website is for nefarious purposes. Spencer Gifts it ain't. And some woman is going to pull this sh*t on her man and end up in a ditch (or at the bottom of a flight of stairs) before all is said and done.

            Question: Is this merely a fun prank that I'm blowing way out of proportion, or should some things simply not be joked about?

            [1] Yes, this was just an excuse for me to watch Maury clips online. Man, being unemployed, getting a check, and sitting 北京体彩网官方网站 watching Maury and judge shows all day would be the life.

            Wednesday, July 30, 2014

            Did Stephen A. Smith Actually Say It Was Okay To Beat A Woman?!?

            I'm not a big ESPN viewer, unless we're talking about live sports. The reasons are many, but most of them have to do with the network's tendency to over-sensationalize stories to the point of idiocy. In a lot of ways, ESPN's programming is like Fox News with sports subbed in for "politics". Most shows feature people yelling over each other disguised as a "debate", which seldom yields in any level of intelligent discourse. No show exemplifies this more than First Take, with Skip Bayless, Stephen A. Smith, and a black chick who sits between the two and seems to do little other than say "ummm hmmm" and occasionally nods her head.[1]

            Smith is no stranger to controversy. A guy whose comments on non-sports topics often land him in hot water, Screamin' A. has made a good living off of toeing the line between political correctness and corporately acceptable ratchetness. But lead to ESPN putting him in timeout.
            ESPN suspended Stephen A. Smith for a week on Tuesday for comments that suggested women should avoid provoking men into assaulting them.

            Smith raised the subject of provocation last Friday during a discussion on “First Take,” on ESPN2, about the two-game suspension received by Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice from the N.F.L. over allegations that he beat his fiancée, now his wife, in a casino elevator. Smith’s remarks led to a rebuke on Twitter from another ESPN star, Michelle Beadle.

            In a recorded apology Monday, Smith said that he had failed to properly articulate his view and that he had not intended to say that domestic violence was a woman’s fault.

            Smith will return to “First Take,” and to his afternoon ESPN Radio show in New York, next Wednesday.

            Smith’s weeklong suspension is less severe than the 30 days imposed on Max Bretos, an ESPN anchor who used the term “chink in the armor” in reference to Jeremy Lin in 2012. In 2010, Tony Kornheiser was suspended two weeks for comments he made on radio about an outfit worn by Hannah Storm, a “SportsCenter” anchor.
            Smith is a staple at ESPN and First Take's ratings are huge, so there's no way the channel was going to fire him Rob Parker-style unless he refused to apologize. Not one to go out like Anthony Cumia, Smith has now apologized more than Reuben Studdard. He is taking his one week suspension like a "G", and all will be back to normal next week. But I'm wondering what was so wrong about Smith's comments in the first place.

            Let's have another listen.

            I know it's trendy and fun to clown Stephen A. I mean, seriously, that hairline alone is reason enough. But uhhh, sorry if I'm missing the boat here, but what exactly did he say that was so controversial? At no point did he say it was okay to beat a woman. He went out of his way to say the exact opposite. He simply said that as a man with sisters whom he might have to defend at some point, he wants to make sure his sisters don't do anything to put themselves in such a situation in the first place. Can a woman provoke a man to the point where he defends himself/responds out of anger? Yes. Does that justify the man responding out of anger? No, not under any circumstances.

            I may be wrong, but I believe that's all Smith is saying here. Don't provoke a man to the point of violence and there won't be any. That doesn't excuse Ray Rice or any other wifebeater, it simply says that domestic violence is (in some cases) a two way street. Don't dish it out if you don't want to end up in a scenario in which you might have to take it.

            That's not in any way justifying a man hitting a woman. I will raise my sons to not ever put their hands on a woman. There's no justification for that at all. But as a man with a daughter, I'll also teach her the very same thing. Don't assume that every man you interact with has been instilled with the same values as your brothers.

            Because they might not have been, and you don't want to find that out the hard way.

            Question: Did Smith have a point, or was he just being a sexist, woman-hating blowhard?

            [1] Seriously, what does she do? Anything?

            Monday, July 28, 2014

            Black Kid Gets Suspended From School 5 Times... Preschool.

            Sometimes I come across stories that I have no real words for, but just feel like passing along for the sake of starting a conversation. I'm a parent of two black boys (and one girl) so I couldn't help but throw this one out there for ya'll.

            A recent commentary in the Washington Post by motivational speaker and author Tunette Powell relayed her experience as a parent of two preschoolers who have been suspended a combined 8 times this year. After swapping stories with white parents at the same school, she realized her kids were being suspended while their kids were merely being corrected with a phone call to their parents. It's a pretty polarizing first person account that you'll need to read in its entirely before chiming in below.

            Here's a snippet...
            I received a call from my sons’ school in March telling me that my oldest needed to be picked up early. He had been given a one-day suspension because he had thrown a chair. He did not hit anyone, but he could have, the school officials told me.

            JJ was 4 at the time.

            I agreed his behavior was inappropriate, but I was shocked that it resulted in a suspension.

            For weeks, it seemed as if JJ was on the chopping block. He was suspended two more times, once for throwing another chair and then for spitting on a student who was bothering him at breakfast. Again, these are behaviors I found inappropriate, but I did not agree with suspension.

            So I punished JJ at 北京体彩网官方网站 and ignored my concerns. Then, two months later, I was called to pick up my 3-year-old son, Joah. Joah had hit a staff member on the arm. After that incident, they deemed him a “danger to the staff.” Joah was suspended a total of five times. In 2014, my children have received eight suspensions.
            Again, you'll need to , so please do that before commenting below.

            Question: Do black kids really get suspended at higher rates and if so, what's the reason? Does this woman have a legitimate beef or should she (and her husband, who is curiously only mentioned in passing) do a better job? What has your experience as a parent been like?

            Tuesday, June 17, 2014

            Texas Teens Could Get 1,300 YEARS For Gang Rape Of 15 Year Old.

            I have a daughter now, as anyone who's read this blog the past couple of years already knows. While I don't love my daughter any more than I do my sons, I do love her differently. My concerns about her future, and what/how I as her father do to influence that future are somewhat different in nature than those I have for my sons.

            I want to teach my sons to respect women, even when those women don't respect themselves. I'll need to teach my daughter to not seek attention and validation from boys, because if I do my job she won't need to. Still, when all else fails, I'm going to have to teach myself how to respond (not react) as a parent.

            When I read , I can't help but wonder what lessons the kids involved did and didn't get at 北京体彩网官方网站, and what I as a parent might personally take away.
            A McLennan County grand jury Wednesday indicted six men on a total of 91 counts that could bring them prison terms of more than 1,300 years in the alleged gang rape of a 15-year-old girl.

            Five of the men were indicted on 13 counts of first-degree felony aggravated sexual assault of a child and two counts of sexual assault of a child, a second-degree felony.

            The men are Devoric Javon Evans, 20; Lamont Tray Davis, 19; Day’tron Derrell Smith, 18; Da’Juan Oshea Degrate, 18; and Cory Darnell Hall, 18.

            A sixth man, Douglas Demond Canada, 19, was indicted on 13 counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and three counts of sexual assault of a child.

            The girl told police she planned to skip school with fellow Waco High School students Canada and Degrate that day, and they drove her to a 北京体彩网官方网站 in the 800 block of North Fourth Street.

            When they got there, four other men were at the house, she told police.

            “She went with a couple of boys she thought she knew, and then a bad situation became much worse,” Waco police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton said after the men were arrested.

            The indictments allege the men “acted in concert” with each other, making each responsible for the actions of the others. That is why the indictments allege so many counts against each man, court officials said.

            According to records filed in the case, the men asked the girl if she was “freaky.”

            The victim said she started having sex with Canada in a bathroom. Hall reportedly heard the victim telling Canada to stop while they were in the bathroom, and Hall said he told Canada “to chill,” according to arrest warrant affidavits.

            “I told him to stop, but he wouldn’t,” the girl told police. “Then he walked me out to the bedroom and the other boys were there. They all had sex with me one at a time.”

            After the assaults, Degrate gave Davis $5 to drive the girl back to school before 4 p.m., records indicate.

            The girl reported the incident and she was taken to a hospital.

            If the men are convicted on each count and a judge stacks the counts, or orders them to serve the sentences consecutively, Canada faces a maximum sentence of 1,360 years in prison, while the other five face 1,340 years, court officials said.
            Much of the media attention surrounding this story has been about the stiff prison sentences the alleged rapists are facing. I suppose I get the point here. Judicial systems across the country北京体彩网官方网站 have been plagued with double standards in sentencing for as long as judicial systems have existed. If these men are being given a stiffer than normal sentence because of the race (which we don't know) of the girl, then that would obviously be an area of concern. If the "acting in concert" aspect of this law hasn't been equally applied to other similar crimes, that's something the court will have to answer for.

            That said, the alleged crime here is indefensible and reprehensible. This isn't a question of whether these men should go to prison, it's how long.

            As a father, this is a nightmarish situation. I wonder what it was about the boys that made this girl think skipping school was a good idea. She obviously had no idea what they had planned, but what made her put herself in that situation in the first place? What, as a parent, can one take away from this?

            As a father of boys, I think you have to teach your kids that they have to pick their friends wisely. Show me your friends and I'll show you your future. If those friends are filling out college applications and studying for the SAT, your future might include a full ride. If those friends are guys who run bustos on underaged girls, your future is prolly gonna include some jail time. And when your friends are doing something that doesn't square with your moral compass (as seemingly happened to Mr. Hall here) don't tell your friend to "chill", remove yourself from the environment and call the cops. Snitching after the fact doesn't make you noble, it makes your dumb ass an accomplice.

            Send your prayers to the family of this girl. And please don't talk about how "she had it coming" in the comments section, or I will drop the ban hammer with authority!

            Question: Is this crime worth the 13 centuries (!!!) these men will likely serve if convicted?

            Wednesday, June 11, 2014

            Halle Berry Owes $16K/Month In Child Support. Stevie J Is $1M In Arrears.

            As a guy married for nearly 13 years, I can tell you marriage is work. Mix in kids, and it damn near becomes a 2nd day job, albeit one with great benefits. The adage goes "it's cheaper to keep her", which is a nice way of telling men they're better off staying married than getting divorced and being forced to live in a van down by the river. Not that I need reminding, because I have plenty of family and friends who have had their futures wrecked by the dreaded combination of divorce and spousal support. Of course, you should contribute to the financial wellbeing of your kids, but what's a reasonable price?

            are on separate ends of a dreaded court order, and I'm wondering if how people are judging both is due to the gender of the person involved.
            Halle Berry has a hefty new expense. The Oscar-winning actress has to pay over $16,000 in child support each month to her ex, Gabriel Aubry, to provide for their 6-year-old daughter Nahla, the Los Angeles Superior Court ordered.

            Berry's monthly bill will remain in effect until Nahla turns 19 or graduates high school, whichever occurs first, according to court documents obtained by CNN. The settlement came on May 30, at the end of lengthy child support legal battle.

            The court also ordered Berry to pay $115,000 retroactively in child support, as well as to cover her ex-boyfriend's legal fees, which amount to $300,000. The "X-Men: Days of Future Past" star is fully responsible for Nahla's tuition, while both parents will divide health care costs.
            In the words of that sage American hero Jax Teller, JESUS CHRIST!!!!

            Not to be outdone, "reality TV star" Steebie . Yes, even more heinous than acting like a moron on TV and marrying Joseline.
            Reality-TV star and onetime hit producer Stevie J has been arrested after racking up what TMZ reports is a "million-dollar child support debt." According to the gossip site, the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star is currently in jail after he allegedly stopped paying a court-ordered $8,500 monthly child support payment in 2001.

            According to a criminal complaint seen by TMZ, Stevie J fathered two children with his then live-in girlfriend in 1997 and 1998 and was initially ordered to pay $6,500 in child support in 1999. That amount was raised to $8,500 a few years later.

            TMZ reports that Stevie J hasn't paid child support in some 13 years, bringing his estimated total back child support owed to $1,107,412!
            Breh, how can you not pay child support for 13 years? How is that even possible, and why exactly is the children's mother (how old are these kids by now, 25?) just now trying to collect?

            My theory is pretty simple: this guy probably had an agreement with the child's mother to give her whatever he could, off the grid, and she agreed. Years later, he's on reality to flossin' like he's a millionaire and she decides she wants a chunk. Turns out that chunk is well over a million dollars for two damn kids. Amazing.

            I've heard it said before, and it bears repeating: if you've ever in such a position, establish child support via the courts immediately and pay. Under the table support doesn't count in the system, and should the recipient decide your under the table arrangement isn't sufficient, she can file and recieve money retroactively, which wouldn't take into account any of what you've already paid. Or if you're in Stevie's case and suddenly go from making Bad Boy money to No Money Mo Problems money, lawyer up, go to court and get your monthly obligation modified downward. Any black man who has spent hours of his formative years in a black barbershop would know this, as well as a million and one other legal tidbits. Life hacks, my arse.

            As for Berry, well damn. $16k a month to a guy we weren't ever married to is bad enough, but I'm also wondering how she managed to lose custody in the first place. 9 times out of 10, the courts will deem the mother the optimal parent for a child unless she has some serious mental/substance abuse issues. I don't know much about Berry, but jeez, with the money she has, she must be really screwed up if the courts gave her daughter to the kid's father.

            Either way, let this be a lesson for everyone: pull out!

            Question: Thoughts? Opinions? Got a gruesome child support story of your own you wanna share?

            Wednesday, May 7, 2014

            Do Black Athletes Ever Have Fathers?!?

            [Editor's Note: I am married. I have a daughter. I woman gave birth to me. I don't hate women. I don't hate single mothers. I don't hate women who have to go it alone because some man was too much of a b*tch to stick around and raise his own damn kids. This post isn't about any of that. It's about the media's obsession with perpetuating a stereotype of black men as absentee fathers. If you can't draw the distinction between the two, please close the browser right now because this is not the post for you.]

            Yesterday, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant accepted the NBA's Most Valuable Player Award and gave a very emotional speech about his mother. You may have already seen this, but if not, here goes.

            This was touching, I think any human being with a soul would concur. So was this poorly disguised Cadillac ad/tribute to his single mom by NFL QB prospect Teddy Bridegewater.

            And yeah, who can forget Lebron James tribute to his mom a couple of years ago?

            And of course, we spent the entire March Madness/April listening to the story of Shabazz Napier's mom, and seeing the camera cut to her every 4 seconds.

            Showing Napier, and showing his Mom happened with such alarming frequency during UConn's run to the national title that it damn near bordered on creepy. And it made me wonder: What exactly is the media's fascination with showing black athletes raised by single mothers?

            Is there some ulterior motive at play here? That level of adulation/obsession is seldom if ever displayed when black athletes have two parents, and it's darn near never given to white athletes, unless they happen to be the parents of a family of players (ie: The Zellers)[1].

            What the hell is up with that? Is the whole "Momma we made it!" angle just a shopworn journalistic shortcut? Or is there something more devious at play here? When 50% of black kids (which is granted, not an ideal number) are being raised in households with two parents (married or otherwise) it's hard for me to believe they can't find more examples of kids whose fathers[2] were actively involved and instrumental in their achievements.

            Here's where it really gets icky though (cue the angry comments!): I can't help but notice a serious double standard at play in all of these stories. Many (not all, but many) of the women in these stories had other children by other men (See the Bridgewater story) that they never married. These women are (rightfully!) hailed as saints who helped their children beat the odds and achieve their dreams, even if in some cases (ie: Lebron James' mother) those women weren't always present and had their own issues. It's hard for me to find any scenario in which a man who made poor judgement calls and had a sh*tload of kids by women he didn't commit to would be heralded in an equally favorable light. I've never, ever seen that. Not to get all Tommy Sotomayor on ya'll, but something about that double standard really, really rubs me the wrong way.

            Anyways, just wanted you guys thoughts on this admittedly convoluted and ultimately trival observation.

            Question: Does it seem as if the media promotes "raised by a single black mother" stories to advance some ulterior motive? Is that simply an easy journalistic trope, a reflection of where things are in society, or an underhanded way of advancing stereotypes about Black America?

            [1] The Currys would obviously be the exception here, but even in that case 90% of the media attention is given to the mother. Albeit for entirely different reasons.

            [2] The obvious exception: when the father was also an athlete. See also: The Currys, Glenn Robinson Jr, Tim Hardaway Jr. I almost see that as an equally shopworn journalistic shortcut.

            Monday, March 17, 2014

            Would You Publicly Whip Your Teenaged Daughter With A Belt For Twerking On Facebook?!?

            My daughter turns two in a couple of months. She looks and sounds every bit of 3 already. She speaks in full, intelligible sentences, is over the 100th percentile in height and weight, and already has perfected the art of selective listening. She's also cute as a button. So yes, I have sleepless nights wondering what this is all going to look like in about 11-12 years. Namely, how I'm going to juggle the typical father/tweenage daughter dynamic.[1] You still have to maintain some level of authority while allowing a girl to find herself. Push too hard and it's revolt city. Be too passive and she'll walk right over you. It's a precarious balance that some fathers ace, and others don't even bother to navigate.

            So when this video, courtesy of The Uppity Negro landed on my radar, I had to post it. And yeah, I already know. I'm scouring World Star Hip Hop for post fodder. It's that sorta day. Deal with it. Or Beal With It™. The video description says "Bad parenting or is this type of discipline acceptable now a days? Father disciplines his 13-year-old daughter after missing for 3 days messing around with boys & then posts all on facebook." and that's about all the context I have here.

            Warning: This video contains some very offensive imagery and isn't for the weak at heart.

            Well let's get one thing right out of the way: if you're going to publicly flog whip your child, you might want to check to make sure nobody has their i北京体彩网官方网站Phone out before you start whipping your child's ass in the Piney Courts Projects parking lot. So yeah, this guy is prolly going to jail for assault. Dumbass.

            Beyond that, it's clear this sperm donor.... errr, "father" has no authority or control over his daughter. And while it's certainly understandable that he's upset (clearly!) there were probably 1,928 other ways to process and relay his disappointment. And he chose the absolute worst option possible. Great judgement, buddy. Pull out next time.

            I won't add much more here, other than to say this man is wrong assed wrong, and that his daughter is prolly gonna be missing for a week "messing around with boys" next time, and might have a bun in the over upon return. Seriously, if you were that concerned, why didn't you call the cops and get them to issue an Aisha Amber alert? You know, like sensible concerned fathers do?

            Instead, this ass hat is headed to jail and his daughter is one step closer to the pole. #message

            Nice work, breh.

            Bonus: Since I'm already scraping the bottom on the internet barrel for material today, he's another example of Atrocious Black Parenting™ that I meant to post awhile back. This one's rather self-explanatory.[2]

            Question: Add your two cents to this senseless story.

            [1] Other than owning a firearm to ward of... err "vet" potential suitors.

            [2] Is it just me, or do SOME Black people not understand the concept of putting your phone in "landscape" mode instead of "portrait"? Just sayin'.

            Thursday, December 19, 2013

            Crude Rap Lyrics, Read By Middle Schoolers.

            This video is going viral, so I'm goin' it. And I (sorta) get the point here. They're basically trying to slut shame black people into not using the N-Word. That tactic is okay, because I think it's a sign of ignorance and shouldn't be used by anyone.

            But seriously, given all the recent debates about who should be able to use the word (and considering who still purchases 75% of rap music), shouldn't there be at least one white kid in this video? Isn't that at least some small part of the problem?

            For the record, I don't use the word nigger. I do love ignorant assed rap music though, and I take every possible safeguard to ensure my kids don't even know such music exists. My 5 year old couldn't pick Beyonce out of a police lineup, but he loves Laurie Berkner and the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack. #parenting

            My point is, I don't think this video is effective beyond the initial shock of hearing a little girl say "I love bad bitches that's my fuckin problem". Would the sort of parent who lets their kid listen to non-radio cuts of 2 Chainz re-evaluate their place in life after watching this? Prolly not.

            And again, where the hell the white kids at!?!?

            Question: What do you think? As a parent, how (if at all) do you monitor what your kids listen to?

            Monday, November 25, 2013

            The "Knockout Game". Conservative America's Latest Racial Dogwhistle.

            I'm a black male (duh). That being the case, I'm keenly aware that people have perceptions of me from the moment they lay eyes on me. I should have a criminal record. I should have at least 3 baby's mothers. I should be unemployed. I should have dropped out of the 9th grade. I should be able to perform pratically any dance move ever invented. I should have a wicked crossover. I should be feared. Mostly the last one.

            Every person of color, but particularly black males, walks the thin line between perception and reality on a daily basis. We see it when we walk into stores and are either routinely ignored or clumsily followed. We see it when we walk down the street and people clutch their purses and in some cases move all the way to the other side of the sidewalk, as if to avoid getting anywhere within reaching distance.[1] We feel it when we sit down on the rental car shuttle bus at the airport and people avoid sitting next to us like the plague. Or Charlotte Bobcats tickets. Take your pick.

            So yeah, you learn to just suck this up, or find productive ways of processing it, because if you don't, the anger and frustration that builds up will probably result in you doing something in the first paragraph of this post. Not the crossover dribble thing, the other bad stuff. Cause if misplaced race-anger could help you develop a wicked crossover, I'd be Derrick Rose by now. 2010 Derrick Rose, not the guy who just blew out his knee (again!) and will probably never play another high quality NBA game again.[2]

            That said, sometimes perceptions are fueled by reality. And reality is, a whole lot of black men are total and complete f*ck ups who make it really, really difficult for the rest of us trying to walk the straight and narrow. Thus, while this latest Conservative Media Meme called "The Knockout Game" is for dramatic effect[3], there's .
            A sick so-called game known as "knockout" -- where teens appear to randomly sucker-punch strangers with the goal of knocking them unconscious with a single blow -- is catching the attention of law enforcement throughout the nation.

            The assaults can be fatal. In New Jersey, Ralph Santiago, 46, a 北京体彩网官方网站less man, was walking alone in Hoboken on the night of September 10 when he was suddenly struck from behind, said Hoboken Detective Anthony Caruso.

            The blow knocked out Santiago, who had a pre-existing brain injury. He suffered a seizure. The victim's body struck a nearby fence, with part of the wrought iron fence piercing his body and killing him, Caruso said.

            Surveillance video in the area showed three teens running from the scene. Two weeks later, police arrested the juveniles and charged them in connection with the killing. Caruso said the attack was unprovoked.

            Authorities have reported similar incidents in New York, Illinois, Missouri and Washington.
            Much like the "roving bands on black kids beating up innocent white people" at county fairs across the country北京体彩网官方网站 in 2011, and the spate of "convenience store flash mobs" last year, I suspect this is a case of the media making a relatively small series of completely unrelated incidents into an epidemic for the sake of, well, news. That happens. It's the nature of the beast, but it doesn't mean you're any more or less likely to get walloped by some gang of kids on your way into Trader Joes than you were yesterday. Again, perception/reality.

            And you get sh*t like this....

            Reality is though, that these morons are out here committing pointless crimes and that's nothing new. It's also nothing to defend, so please, please, please black folks, stop deflecting from the story by (rightfully) pointing out that this "phenomenon" is hardly a solely urban occurrence. We know that already. It is a terrible act, and needs to be dealt with accordining. There's no need to make excuses.

            Raise your damn kids already. And if you don't have any, mentor/tutor/coach some, before you get knocked upside the head on your way into Trader Joe's.

            Question: Is the Knockout Game yet another example of the media making a mountain out of an anthill, or is this a real and increasing threat to public safety?!?

            [1] This sh*t just happened to me today. To. F*cking. Day. I'm 40 years old. Does this sh*t ever stop? Ever?

            [2] He won't. Sorry, but there is a limit to how many times you can go under the knife and come back close to your former self. The NBA is littered with guys who "used to be good before knee surgery". So shout out to D-Rose. I'm guessingis gonna be put to a serious real-life test now.

            [3] And by "dramatic effect", I mean Because Obama.

            Friday, October 25, 2013

            Maryland Attorney General Attends Underaged Drinking Party. Does Nothing.

            An interesting battle for Governor is brewing in my (adopted) 北京体彩网官方网站 state of Maryland. Presumed front-runner and state Attorney General Doug Gansler is gearing up to face Lieutenant Governor Anthony Brown next year, in a battle of two Democrats with interesting credentials. Since this is a solidly blue state, whoever wins the primary is a virtual shoo-in to take the Governor's mansion.

            Gansler is a career climber who has gone from local politics to statewide office in record time. It's also clear he's the guy the state Democratic Party is "pushing" for the seat. Brown, .
            A month after launching his campaign for governor, Maryland Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler was entangled Thursday in yet another controversy, this time acknowledging a lapse in judgment when he appeared at a beach-house party and did nothing to stop apparent underage drinking going on there.

            At a half-hour news conference in Silver Spring, Gansler (D) said that when he stopped by a party for graduating high school students in June, he should have been more vigilant about ensuring that the teenagers were not doing anything illegal. A photograph shows Gansler in the middle of a party scene, surrounded by young people. He said that failing to more thoroughly investigate what was going on at the party was “a mistake I made.”

            In hindsight, I probably should have assumed there was drinking and talked to the chaperones about what they thought was appropriate,” Gansler said. But Maryland’s top law enforcement official said he was there as a parent, hoping to talk briefly to his teenage son about travel plans, and not as “a police officer or anything else.”

            He saw teenagers drinking from red plastic cups that night, Gansler said. “There could be Kool-Aid in the red cups,” he said, “but there’s probably beer in the red cups.”

            At the news conference, Gansler was shown a copy of the photo that appears to show him holding a phone. When asked whether he was taking a photo with it, he said he had not yet learned how to do that with his new i北京体彩网官方网站Phone. He said he thought he was reading a text message.

            Last week, The Washington Post reported that written accounts by the Maryland State Police alleged that Gansler regularly ordered troopers assigned to drive for him to speed and run red lights, even on the way to routine appointments. Gansler accused a police commander who documented those concerns of being a politically motivated “henchman” trying to help Brown’s campaign.

            In August, before Gansler ­formally announced his long-anticipated bid for governor, The Post reported that he was secretly recorded at a meeting with volunteers saying that Brown was relying on his race to get elected and that his campaign slogan was: “Vote for me, I want to be the first African American governor of Maryland.”

            But Gansler told the Sun: “Assume for purposes of discussion that there was widespread drinking at this party. How is that relevant to me? . . . The question is: Do I have any moral authority over other people’s children at beach week in another state? I say no.
            For those of you missing the bigger picture here, the state's "top cop" essentially walked into a party in which 17 and 18 year olds were drinking, and looked the other way. His insistence that he didn't know kids were drinking, and that they might have had Kool Aid in those solo cups, and that he didn't know how to use his new i北京体彩网官方网站Phone is just laughable. He also seemed to be caught taking pictures of (possibly underaged) girls twerkin' on a tabletop.[1] So yeah, this isn't a good look. At all. And of yeah, there's this.

            Not. A. Good. Look.

            I suspect Brown is behind this "leak", just as he was behind the "race tape" and the story about the red lights. And I personally think this is fairly smart politics. Make a guy whose job it is to essentially be the legal/moral compass of an entire state look like a total and complete hypocrite by simply throwing out factual examples of his own contradictions. A winning formula if there ever was one.

            Brown might wanna start watching his back though. There's a long time between now and the primary.

            Question: Is the attorney general responsible for reporting a potential crime even if he's out of state and off the clock?

            [1] That's him in the white shirt, looking like a narc.

            Monday, August 26, 2013

            Would You Twerk To Pay Your Tuition?!?

            My daugher is now 15 months old, and she is truly the apple of daddy's eye. She can do no wrong. No. Wrong. She craps rainbows and her eye boogers prolly taste like Skittles. She is the world's cutest baby by a wiiide margin, and that's not even up for debate. She's a baaadd girl.[1]

            Last night, for the first time, she escaped the crib, which in some odd way let me know she's not a baby anymore. She also talks, sings along the the medley of her favorite Nick Jr. shows, and of yeah, she dances. Anytime music of any sort (gospel, children's music, techno, lullabies) my child immediately starts gyrating up and down. It's a really innocent thing, of course, and the subject of hours of entertainment for our entire family.

            And now, in the most awkward segue of all time (don't worry, I'll tie this all together), I present to you, .
            Who says twerking doesn't pay? Yesterday, Juicy J promised tuition money for the best female twerk champions, tweeting, "im giving out a 50k scholarships to the best chik that can twerk.”

            However, he didn't give up any other details, which means the post could've been a prank or a publicity stunt promoting Stay Trippy, which includes a track called "Scholarships." If the former is true, not everyone in the Twitterverse laughed it off. "Juicy J is giving away a scholarship to the girl who sends in the best twerk video? And my hope for human race is OFFICIALLY gone…," tweeted user @DanaLynn03.

            Others were more than willing to twerk it for college funds and a bunch refused to believe the story all together.

            Juicy eventually deleted the tweets but kept up those regarding Stay Trippy, out next Tuesday (Aug. 27). The release, his first on Wiz Khalifa's Taylor Gang imprint, features A$AP Rocky, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Big Sean, Trina and more.
            Okay, where do I begin here?

            1) While I'm happy that Juicy J has somehow managed to re-invent himself and milk his Grammy win, adding another 3-4 years to his career, I can't help but wonder why a 40 year old man thinks this is a good idea. Does he not have daughters of his own? Nieces? Shouldn't you graduate from this sorta sh*t around age 35?

            2) That said, I can't really pick on this guy for his age when 40 year old rappers seem obsessed with keeping pace with peers half their age. Patron Saint of all cRappers Jay-Z even had a "come to Jesus moment" and said (then retracted, which only made it worse) he'd stop referring to women as b*tches now that he's got a woman to raise. So, no, rappers don't have the greatest track record of acting their age. Does this mean point 1 isn't valid? No.

            3) Isn't this sorta pointless? Isn't the whole "stripping to pay tuition" (as opposed to "because I have Daddy Issues") thing already accepted as a cultural norm? If anyone should be offended, I think it would be exotic dancers.

            4) I won't go as far as to say "twerkin'" is ruining an entire generation of young girls, both black and white (I see ya' Miley), but it's damn sure making them look bad. And unemployable. Seriously, if you know of an underaged girl with a #TwerkTeam video on Youtube, please tell her parents to have that sh*t removed. No, it won't disappear from the internets forever, but damn, at least make it harder for potential employers to Google. Cause yeah, potential employers do look at this stuff.

            5) I suppose I'm supposed to make some grand point about Miley Cyrus now becoming the most famous twerker of all time, and how this makes her a cultural interloper along the lines of Elvis, Justin Timberlake, and Robin Thicke, and how that's an awful thing. Seriously, I ain't got the energy for all that. If the girl wants to twerk, let her twerk. She will be eating off Hannah Montana residuals for the next 50 years. There aren't exactly the same ramifications for her. And besides, it's twerkin', not jazz, not beebop, not rhythm & blues. It's just twerkin'. In the annals of "sh*t I'm perfectly fine with white people claiming", this ranks right up there with the word "bling", The Harlem Shake, and Wayne Brady. Take em' all. Please.

            As for my child, there shall be no twerkin'. Nor will my sons be PIMP Scholars[2]. They will all get into [insert your own prestigious college here] the old fashioned way: Good grades and racial quotas.

            Question: Would you allow your child to apply to be a "Twerk Scholar"? Other than a lame excuse to plug Juicy J's next album (#GrandHu$tle), is there anything more we should infer about this publicity stunt and what it says about the state of hip-hop?

            [1] The fact that she'll someday be gawked at by boys (and men) isn't lost on me at all. And yes, that sh*t keeps me up at night. And yes, I'm considering getting a gun. Just off GP. And no, that's not a joke.

            [2] This was the begining of the end for Nelly. Well, that country北京体彩网官方网站 music song prolly was, but this ain't exactly help.