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            Showing posts with label Barry 4 Prez.
            Showing posts with label Barry 4 Prez.

            Wednesday, January 21, 2015

            President Obama's Desperation Heave At The Buzzer.

            Did anyone watch last night's State Of the Union address? Does anyone even still care anymore? Am I the only one who's found The Obama Presidency to be as devastatingly disappointing and underwhelming as "Yeezus"? Maybe it's just me.

            I dunno, watching the President rattle off a sh*tload of new initiatives that have about as much a chance of becoming law as me getting drafted by the Vancouver Grizzlies, I couldn't help but think about how much promise this man once held. Seeing him reduced to guaranteed applause talking points for the 6th time, it was disarmingly evident how hard it is for a black man to get things done in Washington, DC, provided that black man's name isn't John Wall, because John Wall gets things done and John Wall is awesome!

            But back to that other black guy running DC, yeah the President looks like a man defeated. It's like he's trying to convince America that he's still got it, when he knows he can't deliver 99% of the stuff he's promising. He's like a man making one last desperate plea to stop his wife from signing divorce papers.[1]
            I'll go to counseling! (Free community college!)

            Yes, by all means, let your mother move in with us! (Let's pass comprehensive immigration reform!)

            I'll stay off Instagram and quit messin' with thots! (We'll reform the criminal justice system!)
            I think in some odd way, watching the partisan sniping and gridlock of the past 8 years is probably going to sour an entire generation of millenials on the electoral process. Those poor young people thought electing Obama would fix world hunger, guarantee them 6 figure jobs post-graduation, and erase racism simply via the ballot box. Little did they (or hell, even I) realize the level of douchbaggery, racial bullshit, and outright assholery that the GOP had in store. I'm betting large swaths of those early twentysomethings are so disillusioned they'll just sit out the next few election cycles.

            Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if that was the GOP's goal all along. #GrandHu$tle

            Question: What's The Lame Duck Obama Administration gonna look like over the next 24 months? Any chance anything he said last night gets passed?

            [1] Not that I'd know. I got 13 years in the game.

            Monday, October 14, 2013

            Tea Parti... Errrr... "Veterans" Behaving Badly.

            Honest question here: if several hundred black people stormed the White House demanding reparations[1], would the police/media response look somewhat different than this?

            Booing, verbally berating, and confronting police, with a casual "Kenya" remark tossed in because.... actually I have no idea how a few dozen cops simply doing a job they aren't being paid for "looks like Kenya". Do you?

            Bonus points for the "put the Qu'ran down" slur. Classy!

            Did any other speaker (including some elected officials) verbally castigate this guy? Did they cut his mic? Was he booed off the stage? Maybe I missed that part. Damn librul media!

            Question: Seriously, how quickly would Negroes behaving this poorly had their heads busted up and down Constitution?

            [1] I think reparations are a lost, trivial cause, with zero chance of actually ever happening. Just as I think whatever the hell these numbnuts are demanding (Impeachment? The end of Obamacare? Free Rascal Scooters?) is a lost, trivial cause, with zero chance of actually ever happening.

            Wednesday, October 3, 2012

            Obama: The Lost Tape (Part II)... When A Bombshell Turns Out To Be A (Race-Baiting) Dud.

            Let silly season commence!

            As the election rolls into the final stretch, and President Obama's lead solidifies, the GOP's need for a "Game Changer" becomes more and more desperate. And now, .
            It was billed as a bombshell on the eve of the first presidential debate: A video showing then-Sen. Barack Obama making controversial comments about class and race. It wasn't until Fox News and the Daily Caller unveiled the video that it became clear that it was an event that had already seen by the public: Mr. Obama's speech to Hampton University in 2007.

            What it succeeded in doing was reminding people about Mr. Obama's warm welcome at the event to his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright - the pastor whose incendiary remarks created such a controversy that Mr. Obama was forced to deliver his famous "race speech" in 2008 in response.

            "I've got to give a special shout-out to my pastor, the guy who puts up with me, counsels me, listens to my wife complain about me," Mr. Obama said at the Hampton event on June 5, 2007. "He's a friend and a great leader. Not just in Chicago, but all across the country北京体彩网官方网站."

            His remarks came less than a year before Wright's infamous "God damn America" speech grabbed the spotlight in 2008.

            Fox News' Sean Hannity seized on what the Daily Caller deemed as "racially charged and at times angry" parts of the speech that hadn't been on YouTube since 2007, where Mr. Obama criticized the federal response to Hurricane Katrina and suggested something about a "racist, zero-sum society."

            "What's happening down in New Orleans? Where's your dollars?" he asked the audience. "Makes no sense. Tells me the bullet hasn't been taken out. Tells me that somehow the people down in New Orleans, they don't care about it as much."

            Another part of the speech that was flagged by Hannity and the Daily Caller also hadn't been seen since it was delivered in 2007 and focused on helping inner city residents find work.

            "[We] need additional federal public transportation dollars loaned to the highest need in the community. We don't need to build more highways in the suburbs if we have people in the city who want to work and have no way to get into those jobs," Mr. Obama said. "We have to help connect them to the jobs that exist. We should be investing into minority owned businesses so people don't have to travel so far away."

            The release of the video is a clear contrast to Mother Jones' release of a video showing Mitt Romney speaking to campaign donors and suggesting that he doesn't care about "47 percent" of the country北京体彩网官方网站 that is dependent on the government.
            So this is supposed to be the alleged "smoking gun" that proves Obama is hellbent on repaying Whitey for 400 years, even though he was actually raised by Whitey?

            The problems here are many. Obama isn't saying anything other than giving a stock "the government should have done better after Katrina" stump speech that most Democrats did in 07-08'. The shout out to Rebb'n Wright makes sense, given that they were still collegial at the time. Tying the LA riots to post-Katrina New Orleans in an attempt to explain why black people sometimes are slightly angry isn't "race baiting". And of course, there's the small matter that this speech was well covered in 2007, so it's not exactly new. It's been on YouTube for years. Fox News, Sean Hannity, and even Tucker Carlson all covered this themselves back then.

            Move along, nothing to see here.

            Much like other Obama is a closet racist urban legends (Michelle-O's "Whitey Tape!", Dr. Derrick Bell, Black Liberation Theology) this is simple race baiting from the Right to somehow convince Real Americans that this guy is gonna put them in chains. Cause what other agenda would a black President have, other than, you know, fixing the economy and keeping the country北京体彩网官方网站 safe, and all that other innocuous Presidential sh*t.

            If nothing else, I wish the rest of the "media" would finally tar and feather Hannity, Drudge, and that smarmy punk Tucker Carlson as the racist bastards they are.

            And of course, that won't happen.

            Question: Is Obama: The Lost Tape (Part II) a true bombshell or just more race baiting from the right wing?!?

            Monday, September 24, 2012

            Dear President, And Presidential Candidate; "Where Are The Specifics?!?"

            It looks and feels like a presidential contest, but at times it sounds like a national experiment in mind reading — a great guessing game about the country北京体彩网官方网站’s future.

            The two campaigns insist that voters are about to make a momentous decision between sharply divergent visions for American life. But the candidates have largely failed to provide specifics about those visions, leaving voters to guess about the consequences of their choice. Almost half the voters say they want to know more about President Obama’s plans for a second term, and almost two-thirds want to hear more about what Mitt Romney would do differently.

            Romney has declined to reveal some crucial details about his tax plan. If he did, Romney’s campaign has said, it would be harder to get Congress to go along with them later. “We want to get it done,” said his running mate, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.).

            Obama is equally vague about his second-term plans. Obama sometimes sketches his agenda as a list of questions, which hestill needs to answer. “How [can] we continue to build an economy that works for middle-class families?” he said last week in Tampa, reeling off five questions for himself.

            It is still possible to make a few educated guesses about how Romney or Obama might change everyday life in the next four years. But only a few. In recent polls, 49 percent of voters said they wanted more details from Obama, and 63 percent wanted the same from Romney.
            Whether or not you agree with the basic premise of this story, I think it's fair to say Romney has been much more vague (perhaps purposely so) and maybe even elusive. Obama's "platform" has been on display for several years now, and whether or not you like it you have to at least acknowledge that it's there.

            His inability to get much of it done (stimulus, Dream Act, GITMO) has been due to lack of participation from Congress, not lack of stated vision.

            What do ya'll think?!?

            Question: Is President Obama being somewhat vague in his vision for the next 4 years? How about Romney?!?

            Monday, September 17, 2012

            Could Black Voters Actually Stay 北京体彩网官方网站 Because Of Obama's Embrace Of Gay Marriage?!?

            on that mythical monolithic entity known as "The Black Church".

            Some black clergy see no good presidential choice between a Mormon candidate and one who supports gay marriage, so they are telling their flocks to stay 北京体彩网官方网站 on Election Day. That's a worrisome message for the nation's first African-American president, who can't afford to lose any voters from his base in a tight race.

            The pastors say their congregants are asking how a true Christian could back same-sex marriage, as President Barack Obama did in May. As for Republican Mitt Romney, the first Mormon nominee from a major party, congregants are questioning the theology of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its former ban on men of African descent in the priesthood.

            In 2008, Obama won 95 percent of black voters and is likely to get an overwhelming majority again. But any loss of votes would sting.

            It's unclear just how widespread the sentiment is that African-American Christians would be better off not voting at all. Many pastors have said that despite their misgivings about the candidates, blacks have fought too hard for the vote to ever stay away from the polls.

            Black church leaders have begun get-out-the-vote efforts on a wide range of issues, including the proliferation of state voter identification laws, which critics say discriminate against minorities. Last Easter Sunday, a month before Obama's gay marriage announcement, the Rev. Jamal-Harrison Bryant of Baltimore formed the Empowerment Network, a national coalition of about 30 denominations working to register congregants and provide them with background on health care, the economy, education and other policy issues.

            Yet, Bryant last month told The Washington Informer, an African-American newsweekly, "This is the first time in black church history that I'm aware of that black pastors have encouraged their parishioners not to vote." Bryant, who opposes gay marriage, said the president's position on marriage is "at the heart" of the problem.
            Let me just say this for the record: I'm sorta in-between churches now. When my family moved awhile back, it became a lot harder (okay, impossible) to reliably make the 45 minute Beltway pilgrimage to our old church. So we've been "hunting" for awhile, and as a result, I've visited quite a few churches (black, white, and other) in the past couple of years. Only one had opposition to gay marriage as a common theme among the regular teachings. If you watch Fox News, you are prolly quite familiar with its Pastor, so I'm not gonna throw any shade here. Google it yourself.

            While we enjoyed services there, and thought the children's church was great, the "gays are going to Hell, and no, they can't get married on their way down there!" message got very stale very quickly. Most of the other churches I've visited (including one we're likely to settle in/join soon) don't talk about this issue at all, instead focusing on more pertinent issues like marriage (period!), GED programs, job training, and of course, salvation. Of course this is just my own anecdotal evidence, so I could obviously be missing the boat.

            Of course, the AP article provides little more than anecdotal evidence itself, referring to the opinion of none other than Jamal Bryant, a charismatic young pastor whom I'm also quite familiar with. The irony here is that while Bryant thinks gay folks shouldn't be married, , and likely is divorced as a result of a very poorly hidden series of extramarital affairs, in one of which he (allegedly!) .

            But yeah, eff' the gays getting married.

            Sorry, I just think this is much more ado about nothing. Any Pastor telling his congregation to not vote, over such a small issue that doesn't effect the marriage of straight congregants in any way, shape, or form, is just being ignorant and shortsighted. When black unemployment is as bad as it currently is, staying 北京体彩网官方网站 is not an option.

            Besides, if "preserving the sanctity of marriage" is really that serious, why not just tell em' to vote for Romney.

            Question: Is this much fuss about nothing, or could many black voters stay 北京体彩网官方网站 or vote for Romney come election day?!?

            Friday, September 7, 2012

            Only 96,000 Jobs Added In August.

            Eff' a glowing speech, . Period.
            U.S. employers added 96,000 jobs last month, a weak figure that could slow the momentum President Barack Obama hoped to gain from his speech Thursday night to the Democratic National Convention.

            The unemployment rate fell to 8.1 percent from 8.3 percent in July. But that was only because more people gave up looking for work. People who are out of work are counted as unemployed only if they're looking for a job.

            The government also said Friday that 41,000 fewer jobs were created in July and June than first estimated. The economy has added just 139,000 jobs a month since the start of the year, below 2011's average of 153,000.

            Friday's report provided fodder for both presidential candidates. Republican nominee Mitt Romney has pointed to 43 straight months in which unemployment has exceeded 8 percent.

            At the same time, the report marks the 30th straight month of private-sector job gains, a point Obama and his allies are certain to spotlight.

            The report was discouraging throughout. Hourly pay fell, manufacturers cut the most jobs in two years and the number of people in the work force dropped to its lowest level in 31 years.
            Seriously, no need to spin this one. These numbers were waaaaay below projections, and reinforce the thought that November's election is going to come down to turnout.

            Question: WTF?!?

            Friday, August 24, 2012

            Mitt Romney (Regrettably) Makes A Birther Joke.

            , folks.

            Mitt Romney, who has decried the nasty personal tone of the presidential campaign, seemed to make a joke about President Obama’s birth certificate while speaking to voters here Friday, re-injecting the issue of the president’s birthplace into the campaign.

            “Now I love being 北京体彩网官方网站 in this place where Ann and I were raised, where both of us were born,” Mr. Romney said, standing alongside his wife, Ann, and his running mate, Representative Paul D. Ryan. “Ann was born in Henry Ford Hospital. I was born in Harper Hospital. No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.”

            Mr. Romney is a Michigan native — his father, George Romney, was the state’s governor — and seemed to be speaking off the cuff. But his campaign quickly scrambled to walk back his comments, saying he was simply sharing his Michigan pride.

            “The governor has always said, and has repeatedly said, he believes the president was born here in the United States,” said Kevin Madden, an adviser to Mr. Romney, who served as governor of Massachusetts. “He was only referencing that Michigan, where he is campaigning today, is the state where he himself was born and raised.”

            In his introduction Thursday, Mr. Ryan, too, seemed to emphasize cultural differences with Mr. Obama, taking pains to include his exurban, nearly all-white audience at an orchard and farm here within a circle excluding the president.

            “Remember about four years ago when he was talking to a bunch of donors in San Francisco and he said people in states like ours, we cling to our guns and our religion?” Mr. Ryan said, emphasizing the word “ours.” It was a reference to Mr. Romney’s native Michigan and Mr. Ryan’s Wisconsin, but also, it seemed, to differences based on religion and class.

            “I just have one thing to say,” Mr. Ryan added. “This Catholic deer hunter is guilty as charged, and proud of it.”
            Here's the video. Complete with a rather reviling crowd reaction.

            Romney needs to own this one. As much as he complained about Joe "2Chainz" Biden's pandering comment last week, this is worse.

            And he prolly wonders why he got 0% of the black vote.

            Question: Does Romney need to apologize? Will he?

            Thursday, August 23, 2012

            Romney Has Zero Perecent Of The Black Vote. Zero.

            in the African American community? Or that one very awkward appearance at a Philly public school? Or that paternalistic NAACP convention speech? It was all supposed to help Romney move the needle.

            Yeah, it's .

            After Mitt Romney selected his vice presidential running mate, and just days before the political conventions kick off next week, President Barack Obama maintains his advantage in the race for the White House, according to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll.

            In a smaller sample of voters living in 12 key battleground states – Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin – Obama leads Romney by three points, 49 percent to 46 percent.

            That’s a narrower edge in these battlegrounds than the eight-point lead the president enjoyed in the June and July NBC/WSJ polls.

            Looking inside the numbers, Obama continues to lead Romney among key parts of his political base, including African Americans (94 percent to 0 percent), Latinos (by a 2-to-1 margin), voters under 35-years-old (52 percent to 41 percent) and women (51 percent to 41 percent).

            Romney is ahead with whites (53 percent to 40 percent), rural voters (47 percent to 38 percent) and seniors (49 percent to 41 percent).
            Even though then-Senator Obama took 98% of the black vote in 2008, it's hard for me to believe Romney didn't even pull in 1% in this poll. Which either means it's a statistical anomaly or black folks (not even Republicans) simply aren't down with #TeamRomney.[1]

            What's your read on this?

            Question: Is Romney really getting zero love from black voters or is this just a statistical blip?

            [1] Of greater concern for Romney: He's getting trounced in the Latino, youth, and female vote as well. #PanderBetter

            Friday, August 10, 2012

            Three Really Tasteless Democratic Campaign Ads.

            The combination of close polls and unlimited SuperPac dollars pretty much guaranteed we'd see some extra shady campaign ads this year, which is cool because I really like campaign ads. In recent weeks, but sides of the political aisle have ratcheted up the ratcheness. In the interest of fair time (and because I'm lazy today), here's a trio of particularly reviling Democratic attack ads. Cause I'm just fair and balanced like that.

            I'm sure some of you are gonna accuse me of false equivalence pandering to the handful of Conservative readers of this site. That's not the case. At all. I just call em' like I see em', and these three ads stood out for their tastelessness. I'd say the same thing if these were ads Republicans were running against Democrats. You know, like I do all the time here. #FairAndBalancedAndWhatnot

            Here's the ads.

            1) #TeamObama is under attack for an ad that depicts a man who sorta insinuates that Mitt Romney is responsible for his wife's death after he lost his job due to a Bain Capital decision. No need to BS you, this ad is pure trash. The White House's decision to "play it coy" about this one just smacks of the worst kind of election year baloney.

            2) MoveOn.org's newest ad features an ominous white hand reaching for people's pockets. Beyond being downright corny, it's just too comical to even be taken seriously.

            3) I don't like Allen West. Actually, I strongly dislike Allen West. But this ad is just tacky. I also can't help put notice that all the women getting punched were white. Beyond that little nugget is the obvious question: what the hell does Allen West have to do with boxing?

            Question: What do yo think about these ads?!?

            Thursday, August 9, 2012

            Dear President Obama: "Show Us The Transcripts!!!"


            Now that's what Harry Reid shoulda said. Instead, we got a pointless debate about Romney's taxes which he'll never release, but which probably wouldn't have confirmed anything other than the fact that he's very rich and has great accountants.

            Anyways, turnabout being fairplay and whatnot, wingnuts are renewing their own "show me your papers" conspiracy from 2008. No, they aren't demanding to see a birth certificate (okay, they still are), they wanna see President Obama's transcripts.

            Root seems to be deploying the time-tested "I didn't know him, nor did I know anyone who knew him" line of reasoning that worked so swimmingly for Donald Trump.[1] Hannity, of course, is no innocent bystander here, feigning mild disgust when the interview takes a weird turn into birtherland. I haven't seen two more disgusting individuals on TV since I last watched Love And Hip Hop Atlanta.

            Buckle your seatbelts. Welcome北京体彩网官方网站 to Silly Season, folks.

            Question: Should Romney release the 10 years of tax records? Who's more consistently reviling? Stevie J or Sean Hannity?!?

            [1] BTW, what exactly did Trump's "investigators" find in Hawaii, other than Diamond Head Crater and some awesome pina coladas?!?

            Tuesday, August 7, 2012

            What, Exactly, Is Mitt Romney's "Economic Platform"?!?


            Romney’s offerings are more like simulacra of policy proposals. They look, from far away, like policy proposals. They exist on his Web site, under the heading of “Issues,” with subheads like “Tax” and “Health care.” But read closely, they are not policy proposals. They do not include the details necessary to judge Romney’s policy ideas. In many cases, they don’t contain any details at all.

            Take taxes. Romney has promised a “permanent, across-the-board 20 percent cut in marginal rates,” alongside a grab bag of other goodies, like the end of “the death tax.” Glenn Hubbard, his top economic adviser, has promised that the plan will “broaden the tax base to ensure that tax reform is revenue-neutral.”

            It is in the distance between “cut in marginal rates” and “revenue-neutral” that all the policy happens. That is where Romney must choose which deductions to cap or close. It’s where we learn what his plan means for the mortgage-interest deduction, and the tax-free status of employer health plans and the Child Tax Credit. It is where we learn, in other words, what his plan means for people like you and me. And it is empty. Romney does not name even one deduction that he would cap or close. He even admitted, in an interview with CNBC, that his plan “can’t be scored because those details have to be worked out.”

            Romney’s plan spans 369 words. He would “promote alternatives to ‘fee for service.’” Which alternatives? It’s a mystery. He would “end tax discrimination against the individual purchase of insurance.” That can mean any of a couple of huge policy changes. It could mean, for the first time ever, that employer-provided health plans are taxed — a massive tax increase. It could mean that all spending on health insurance is made tax free — a giant, and expensive, tax cut. Which is it? Romney doesn’t say.

            On financial regulation, Romney would “repeal Dodd-Frank and replace with streamlined, modern regulatory framework.” That is literally his entire plan. Three years after a 北京体彩网官方网站grown financial crisis wrecked the global economy, the likely Republican nominee for president would repeal the new regulatory architecture and replace it with … something.

            On deficit reduction, Romney’s plan “requires spending cuts of approximately $500 billion per year in 2016.” He has not released spending cuts that come anywhere close to that goal. He does have some nice words to say about the Ryan budget, but Romney advisers have told the media that their candidate disagrees with large parts of it, including the Medicare cuts.
            In some ways, I totally understand this approach. Providing specifics gives your opponent more things to pick apart and compare/contrast. Being purposely vague avoids such pitfalls, and allows you to keep your focus entirely on attacking your opponent's specifics, something the Romney campaign's been quite good at, even when they haven't been totally telling the truth. Still, with debate season on the way, Romney's gonna have to say something sooner or later, or he's gonna run the risk of being shown up on a national stage.

            When pressed for details, Romney provides little more than tax cuts and rolling back regulations, apparently unaware that we're in massive debt and a lack of regulations was the primary reason for the economic cliff we drove off of. In a perfect world, instead of parroting the now pointless "eliminate Bush tax cuts for the rich" line that's clearly getting his campaign nowhere, President Obama would mention all the above.

            But whatever mojo his campaign had in 08' is obviously gone.

            Question: Do the lack of specifics in Romney's "economic plan" concern you? Is this a smart campaign strategy? Other than Ron Paul, would any of the various GOP 2012 candidates have played this card any differently?!?

            Wednesday, July 25, 2012

            President Obama Doesn't Care About Anglo-Saxons.


            As Mitt Romney kicks off his European trip Wednesday with a visit in London, the Romney campaign is dismissing a report from the UK's Daily Telegraph that an adviser to the campaign made comments suggesting the Republican presidential candidate's commitment to rebuilding the so-called "special relationship" between England and the United States has to do with a sense of "Anglo-Saxon heritage."

            According to the Telegraph, the adviser suggested that Mr. Obama could not understand the depth of the relationship between the two countries because he cannot fully appreciate the shared "Anglo-Saxon heritage."

            "We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special," the adviser said of Romney, according to the Telegraph: "The White House didn't fully appreciate the shared history we have."

            Andrea Saul, Romney's press secretary, disputed the comments and emphasized that they did not reflect the beliefs of the former Massachusetts governor.

            "It's not true. If anyone said that, they weren't reflecting the views of Governor Romney or anyone inside the campaign," she told CBSNews.com in an email. Saul did not comment on what specifically was not true.

            Per the Telegraph, this adviser and others quoted in the story spoke anonymously because they were not authorized by the Romney campaign to criticize Mr. Obama to foreign media.

            On unnamed adviser in the Telegraph story, allegedly a member of Romney's foreign policy advisory team, also accused Mr. Obama of being "a Left-winger" who is "very comfortable with American decline."

            When asked specifically how policy toward the U.K. would differ under Romney "the advisers could not give detailed examples," according to the Telegraph. "One conceded that on the European crisis: 'I'm not sure what our policy response is.'"
            Welcome北京体彩网官方网站 back Presidential campaign racism, we hardly missed you.

            I'm honestly not sure if this quote moves the needle for Obama. Yes, it's fairly dastardly, and echoes of similarly hamhanded recent sentiments by Romney Advisor John Sununu (who later apologized). Still, in a slightly more politically correct (ie: "he doesn't understand Americans" and "you people") manner, it's not too different from Romney's standard stump speech. Explicitly making it a race statement is obviously tacky, but I don't think anyone who is already against Obama is gonna suddenly switch sides. It's also not too far removed from what's often said on Conservative radio, so, whatever.

            Still, instead of issuing some outright denial, it would be nice of the Romney campaign instead said they take such allegations seriously, and would look into who said such a silly thing. But that, of course, would be too much like right.

            Question: What's the deal here? Should Romney look into who said this or play dumb?

            Tuesday, July 17, 2012

            Completely Superficial Reasons Why President Obama Probably Deserves Another Term.

            and his main squeeze.

            President Barack Obama arrived courtside Monday night to loud cheers and Bruce Springsteen's "Born in the USA" as he took his seat to watch an exhibition basketball game between the Brazilian and U.S. men's national teams.

            Obama was accompanied by Vice President Joe Biden and former White House aide Reggie Love at the Verizon Center in the nation's capital, according to White House pool reports. Some audience members later spotted another member of the presidential party.

            "At USA-Brazil basketball, @Barack Obama & @MichelleObama were just on big screen kisscam but no kiss," CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer tweeted.

            A pool report confirmed that the presidential spectator "smiled," but "didn't kiss" Michelle Obama when the couple were caught on the arena's giant Kiss Cam screens. The crowd booed in response. The president was given a second shot on the Kiss Cam in the fourth quarter. This time, he and the first lady did smooch.

            According to the pool report, the crowd cheered and shouted, "Four more years!"
            Here's the video.

            Yeah, I know already. Likeability has nothing whatsoever to do with ability to properly lead a country北京体彩网官方网站.[2]

            Should Obama not get re-elected in November (a very real possibility), we'll only have these memories to hang onto. Watching Anne and Mitt watch a polo match in Nantucket somehow seems far less interesting.

            Savor the momements, folks.

            Question: Could any other POTUS/FLOTUS pull this off without looking completely corny/contrived?!?

            [1] What's up with them shoes tho, Barack? I didn't know people still wore Brooks.

            [2] Neither does the ability to run a venture capital firm, but who's counting?

            Monday, July 16, 2012

            Who Should Mitt Romney Pick As His Veep?!?


            After a short-lived presidential bid of his own last year, Tim Pawlenty is again being considered for the Republican ticket. His fate is in the hands of Mr. Romney, a rival-turned-friend, who is on the cusp of announcing his vice-presidential selection. Mr. Romney has reached a decision, his friends believe, and he may disclose it as soon as this week.

            The country北京体彩网官方网站 received only an abbreviated introduction to Mr. Pawlenty, 51, a former two-term governor of Minnesota, whose working-class roots, experience outside Washington and evangelical faith have formed the core of his appeal to a broad spectrum of Republicans.

            If Pawlenty is not the nominee, two other experienced and lackluster potential VP nominees include Ohio Sen. Rob Portman and outgoing South Dakota Sen. John Thune – two equally uninspiring but safe choices. More exciting but untested names like those of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio or Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal appear to be dropping further down on the shortlist of potential veep picks.

            The selection of one of the above candidates yields several advantages to Romney – he avoids being “upstaged” by his vice presidential candidate. Certainly not a rock star himself, Romney could be done a disservice by one of the more fiery Republican officeholders that have been mentioned as possible vice presidential candidates who could overshadow his candidacy.

            Furthermore, a Pawlenty or a Thune on the ticket would avoid what some pundits have called the “mistake of ’08.” That is the perception among political observers that Sen. John McCain’s selection of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin in 2008 provided a boost of enthusiasm in the short term for McCain. But Palin’s lack of experience or ability to speak extemporaneously about complex subject matter caught up with the campaign.
            Altogether now.... "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz."

            Question: Any thoughts on who Romney will/should pick for his Veep?!?

            Wednesday, July 11, 2012

            Romney Speaks To The NAACP. Obama Doesn't.

            today in H-Town.

            Mitt Romney is set to make his most public overture to African American voters Wednesday in an address to the nation’s oldest civil rights group at an event that has become a rite of passage for presidential candidates of both parties.

            In his speech to the NAACP in Houston, the Republican presidential candidate faces a daunting task as he tries to appeal to a core Democratic constituency that is largely at odds with his policy prescriptions, suspicious of his record on diversity and civil rights, and largely committed to his general-election opponent.

            The NAACP visit is the former Massachusetts governor’s attempt to move beyond the traditional Republican Party base by trying to deliver a message that the GOP is serious about attracting black voters.

            Critics say the effort is pointless for his chances in November. Supporters say it is important for the future of the party.

            Romney’s campaign began preliminary outreach efforts in May by hiring a senior black consultant to engage African American voters and by visiting a predominantly black charter school in Philadelphia. Campaign officials say those efforts will be expanded in the coming weeks in an effort to wrest as many votes as possible from President Obama.
            Ray Charles can peep the end game here. This isn't about appealing to black voters at all. It's about appealing to suburban white independent voters by appearing to be more "accepting of all cultures". Period. Romney didn't become filthy rich by being a dummy, and he knows that taking photo ops with black people makes for nice optics, which make white independent voters who might be a bit squeamish about the GOP's recent record of race baiting a bit more palatable. That's it, and that's all.

            For anyone naive enough to think Romney will launch into some apology about the Mormon Church's deplorable history with blacks, I have oceanfront property in West Virginia you might be interested in. So yeah, Romney will give his basic stump speech about "economic freedom", prolly pepper in a reference or two about "school choice", he'll probably avoid even remotely mentioning the President by name, and he'll be back in his private jet by the time the 2nd episode of Judge Mathis comes on.

            Lets just hope this doesn't happen in the interim, cause that would be turrible on so many levels.

            "Woof! Woof! Woof Wooooooof!"

            I do, however, find it interesting that President Obama isn't attending this year's NAACP convention. I obviously know why he isn't, but I still find it interesting.

            Update: Here's Mitt's speech. The media's undoubtedly going to focus on the booing, but it only happened a couple of times, most notably when he mentioned repealing ObamaCare. But seriously, what did he expect? It's Obama's signature accomplishment and these are Obama supporters. Still, the reception was mostly warm/indifferent. He also got a standing ovation at the end. So yeah, this was pretty much what I predicted. Don't let the 24 hours news cycle spin this negatively. The NAACP was very polite to Romney, and I give him credit for going there and taking his lumps.

            Question: Does Mitt have a prayer of getting 5% of the black vote? Why is Obama skipping the NAACP's annual pow wow?!?

            [1] My money's on either Megyn Kelly or that chick with the crazy eyes on Fox & Friends.

            Monday, July 2, 2012

            Romney Spokesman Opens Mouth. Inserts Entire Leg. Heck, Both Of Em'.

            In retail politics, there are gaffes, there are misstatements, and then there are things that make you say "Dude, are you effin' serious?" I'm gonna give you guys a guess which category this gift-wrapped Obama campaign ad from senior Mitt Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom falls into.

            Uhhh, what rock has this guy been sleeping under the past few days? Seriously?

            If there's one thing I actually admire about the GOP, it's how they can speak in uniform message about a given topic. Whether they're telling the truth is another story, but the messaging part is something Democrats should study and emulate. Once the SCOTUS ruling dropped last week, Republicans immediately switched gears into the comically distorted "Obama just passed the largest tax cut in the history of the world!" talking point. I mean, it didn't even take 5 minutes before they were turning lemons into Red Berry Ciroc. It was so brilliantly executed that it just might work, you know, given how naive and paranoid some people already are about the Affordable Care Act.

            Yet here comes Fehrnstrom, blowing the entire talking point to smithereens, likely forcing Romney to fire him as soon as his finishes his next regatta, and keeping the story in the news cycle another 4-5 days.

            Of course, this is what happens when you're for something before you're against it. At some point, Romney is gonna have to come up with a more grown-up response for RomneyCare than "it's a state's issue". Maybe this is the time.

            Either way, it's time for Fehrnstrom to hit Monster.com.

            Question: Seriously, what was this poor guy thinking? Is this soundbyte tailor made for a campaign ad or what?!?

            Thursday, June 28, 2012

            ObamaCare Death March UPHELD!!! Open Thread.

            After a false start Monday, today, the actual SCOTUS ObamaCare ruling comes down here in DC. Who knows what'll happen, and honestly, who cares?

            Update: Congrats to the President, and every Real American whose lives will be made betted by this landmark legislation. Props to John Roberts for making the right/brave choice and not buckling to right wing pressure, although he will clearly have a proverbial target on his forehead right now. Middle finger to CNN for totally and completely screwing this entire thing up. Royally. #CNNHeadlines

            Question: What are your thoughts on this ruling?!?

            Monday, June 25, 2012

            Obama's Day In Court Open Thread.

            - The Supreme Court on Monday rejected much of Arizona’s controversial immigration law, but upheld other provisions, giving a partial victory to the Obama administration. The court ruled that Arizona cannot make it a misdemeanor for immigrants to fail to carry identification that says whether they are in the United States legally; cannot make it a crime for undocumented immigrations to apply for a job; and cannot arrest someone based solely on the suspicion that the person is in this country北京体彩网官方网站 illegally.

            - The Supreme Court has struck down a Montana ban on corporate political money, ruling 5 to 4 that the controversial 2010 Citizens United ruling applies to state and local elections. In his original decision, Justice Anthony Kennedy argued that independent campaign expenditures by corporations “do not give rise to corruption or the appearance of corruption.” Ginsberg argued that the Montana case was an opportunity to reconsider “in light of the huge sums currently deployed to buy candidates’ allegiance.” But today’s ruling shows that the five justices who supported the original ruling have not budged. Question: What are your thoughts on these rulings?!?

            Tuesday, June 19, 2012

            Artur Davis And The Conflicting Logic Of Black Conservatism.


            If you're unable to grasp that startling timeline, brace yourself for more nonsense. Davis, who backed (and might I note again, ran for Governor using Obama as an aspirational back story) Obama in 2008 is now solidly behind Mitt Romney, and thinks the GOP is right on the cusp of reclaiming a lion's share of the Negro Voting Bloc™.

            Yeah, makes plenty of sense to me too, Artur.

            Seriously, there's so much wrong with this video, I don't know where to start.

            1) Davis says he thought Obama would "completely change race relations in this country北京体彩网官方网站". This, coming from a grown assed man who grew up in the Deep South. What sorta childlike naive BS is that? And BTW, is Davis suggesting that Obama is somehow responsible for the race problems in this country北京体彩网官方网站, yet he sides with a GOP party that perennially uses race-baiting as a campaign strategy?!? N-Word Please.

            2) Davis thinks Obama has gone too far left, when he expected a centrist? F'real? Enjoy that Single-Payer Healthcare, ya'll. Wait, we don't have Single-Payer Healthcare?!?

            3) Davis thinks Obama ran Bill Clinton against Hilary Clinton? Did he miss what Bill said in South Carolina? Did he that the Clintons ran against Obama?

            4) Davis respects the President, but differs with him on issues of policy? Yet he can't name one reason why he thinks Romney is better for the country北京体彩网官方网站 on issues of policy?

            5) Davis went to Harvard so his math is admittedly shifty, yet he uses Obama's overall vote share in 08', and compares it to his current approval rating to arrive at the "10 million of us have switched sides" figure? Really? My brother also went to Harvard, but I don't think he took that math class.

            6) Bruh, what's up with that haircut? Did you go into SuperCuts and ask for the "HBCU Chancellor's Special" or what?!? Where they do that at?

            7) Davis thinks the GOP can get black and brown votes if the party "earns those votes". Apparently he doesn't realize the GOP goes out of its way to disown those votes, playing a short game that acknowledges white voters are still the biggest bloc. So yeah, that can start that "earning" process anyday now.

            8) Wolf Blitzer... man... you know what... if you gave my 12 year old nephew his own cable TV news show, I'm betting the net result would be roughly the same as The Situation Room. Maybe a few more video games and fart jokes, but basically the same effect.

            Seriously, Artur Davis. Go. Sit. Down.

            Question: What's up with this guy? Does he make any logical sense whatsoever?!?

            Sunday, June 17, 2012

            Obama Finally Channels His Inner N*gga. Puts Conservative Carnival Barker In Check.

            . It's about damn time, Barry.

            Owned! Pwned! Whatever'ed!

            Beyond the classlessness of this moron from the Daily Caller who bothered interrupting Obama, I gotta agree with the action taken here. Sure, it woulda been more courageous to just push Congress to pass The Dream Act 3 years ago when you had all the votes to do so, but better late than never I guess.

            If there's anything unsettling about this, it's that it seems to be yet another example of people who should know better (elected officials, "journalists", talk show hosts) and should act better showing the President (and his wife) zero respect. Wonder why?

            Nah, can't be "The R Word". We're post-racial.

            Question: Did Obama check this fool? What's up with this President being disrespected so frequently?!?