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            Showing posts with label Ad Nauseum.
            Showing posts with label Ad Nauseum.

            Sunday, March 2, 2014

            What's Up With This Mitsubishi Commercial?

            Okay, I've seen this commercial a million times now and I still don't fully comprehend what's going on. The woman appears to be leaving a (her?) suburban 北京体彩网官方网站 sometime late at night, dressed to the nines. She then inexplicably drives into downtown Los Angeles, which everyone knows is full of nothing but bums at 2am. Is she headed to The Standard rooftop? A Clippers game? To feed the 北京体彩网官方网站less? What's she up to, and why does the moon appear to be stalking her?

            Finally, so goes into the 2nd Street Tunnel, hits a roadblock, and needs the navigation system to get out. Huh? The ad ends with her driving on the 6th Street Bridge as the sun comes up. Where was she all that time? The Standard rooftop? LA Live? I don't get it, and I'm so confused.

            Maybe she was leaving some dude's house, and this commercial is a walk, errr, drive of shame 北京体彩网官方网站. Who knows, and what's with the Bobby Caldwell music? If she's being stalked, isn't there a Police song more appropriate for this?

            I just don't get it. Help me out here.

            Question: What's this all about?

            Friday, August 10, 2012

            Three Really Tasteless Democratic Campaign Ads.

            The combination of close polls and unlimited SuperPac dollars pretty much guaranteed we'd see some extra shady campaign ads this year, which is cool because I really like campaign ads. In recent weeks, but sides of the political aisle have ratcheted up the ratcheness. In the interest of fair time (and because I'm lazy today), here's a trio of particularly reviling Democratic attack ads. Cause I'm just fair and balanced like that.

            I'm sure some of you are gonna accuse me of false equivalence pandering to the handful of Conservative readers of this site. That's not the case. At all. I just call em' like I see em', and these three ads stood out for their tastelessness. I'd say the same thing if these were ads Republicans were running against Democrats. You know, like I do all the time here. #FairAndBalancedAndWhatnot

            Here's the ads.

            1) #TeamObama is under attack for an ad that depicts a man who sorta insinuates that Mitt Romney is responsible for his wife's death after he lost his job due to a Bain Capital decision. No need to BS you, this ad is pure trash. The White House's decision to "play it coy" about this one just smacks of the worst kind of election year baloney.

            2) MoveOn.org's newest ad features an ominous white hand reaching for people's pockets. Beyond being downright corny, it's just too comical to even be taken seriously.

            3) I don't like Allen West. Actually, I strongly dislike Allen West. But this ad is just tacky. I also can't help put notice that all the women getting punched were white. Beyond that little nugget is the obvious question: what the hell does Allen West have to do with boxing?

            Question: What do yo think about these ads?!?

            Friday, July 20, 2012

            Ashy Or Classy?!? - Obama And Romney's Dueling Sing-Off Attacks Ads.

            Question: Ashy Or Classy?!? Is it a good idea to use this sort of tactic for a campaign ad? Which of these ads was more effective?!?

            Friday, July 6, 2012

            Ashy Or Classy?!? - Remaking A Strip Club Anthem To Sell Kiddie Products?!?

            Anyone with kids under age 6 prolly knows what Hefty® Zoo Pals® are. For the uninitiated, they're just paper plates, napkins, and cups shaped like animals. They're also pretty flimsy, since the "ears" bend easily, and inevitably result in spilled chips and chicken nuggets that Dad has to clean up.

            So yeah, I don't really like ZooPals.

            What I do, however, like, is 90's Miami Bass music.

            So what do you get when you mix the two? A truly ratchet commercial.

            Sound familiar?!?

            Uhhh, seriously, what ad agency got paid for this? Beyond being somewhat inappropriate, it's also jive creepy/pervy. I'm seriously hoping there's a brotha somewhere laughing his ass off at this, instead of some hipsters getting paid off the "irony" of suburban kids dancing to a booty clap anthem.

            What's next? Remixing Captain Luke for Pampers?!?

            "Face down, a$$ up, that's the way we like to poop!"

            While I sorta think it's cool to flip old songs into commercials and my sons love this ad, I'mma call it Ashy. We're on a slippery slope here, folks.

            Question: Ashy Or Classy?!? Is it cool to remake old songs to pedal cRap music to kids? Was Lil' Mama with the red hair gettin' it in, or is it just me?!?

            Wednesday, May 16, 2012

            Obama Vs Romney In A Political Ad Version Of The Oppression Olympics.

            are far more effective.

            Question: Which ad is more effective in your opinion?!?

            [1] Not much diversity here.

            Tuesday, May 1, 2012

            The Romney SuperPac "Obama's Too Cool" Ad.

            is once again in full swing. Taking a play from the same losing playbook, Karl Rove's American Crossroads SuperPac is now running a near exact replica of that 08' campaign ad, the aptly titled "Cool".

            Okay, here's the funny thing about this latest line of GOP attacks. President Obama really, really isn't all that "cool". Come on, seriously. I've been saying this since the beginning. He simply looks "cool" because a black guy with his worldliness and sensibility has never risen to this level of politics. He looks "cool" by comparison to the ultra-square Romney, brittle and angry John McCain, and Mr. Tan Man John Boehner. He's Stephon Urkelle to their Steve Urkels, but that doesn't make him "cool". Again, what's the basis of comparison?

            Obama is not Mike Tomlin cool. He isn't 65-year old Kappa who dresses 30 cool. He damn sure isn't Montrell Holmes cool. Again, this is by contrast.

            Oh, and BTW, his relative "cool" has nothing whatsoever to do with his policies, which is why ads like this don't ever work. More than anything else, it draws even more attention to Mitt Romney's social awkwardness, without really talking about his solutions to the very issues he claims Obama has screwed up.[1]

            Yeah, that was awk-ward.

            I'll take "relative coolness" anyday.

            Question: Are these "Cool" ads an effective method for attacking the President on matters of policy? Is Romney's awkwardness sorta endearing? Is Obama really that "cool" or does he just look cool compared to the herbs that oppose him?

            [1] Seriously, can anyone tell me, in 3 sentences, what Mitt Romney's economic plan is?!? No Googling, just tell me.

            Monday, April 30, 2012

            The Obama "Forward" Campaign Ad.

            As far as campaign ads go, this one isn't too bad. It lays out a compelling argument for the Stimulus package, Healthcare reform, credit card reform, Wall Street reform, DADT, the war on terror, and more.

            I don't particularly care for the section showing Republican opposition. What's the point? Anyone with a brain knows this happened.

            And oh yeah, unlike some of his competitors ads, this one looks diverse.[1] I'm sure this doesn't matter to some people, but it matters to me. So there.

            As for the new campaign motto... "Foward"... well, lets just say that's gonna be sorta difficult to chant at rallies. I get the point ("progression", "the job's not finished but we're on the right track", etc.) but this just sounds too close to MSNBC's "Lean Forward" slogan to me. So basically, meh.

            Question: What are your impressions after watching this ad?!?

            [1] Trumpeting the Sotomayor SCOTUS appointment seemed a wee bit tacky, but hey, why pass up the opportunity?

            Wednesday, March 21, 2012

            AB.com Link Dump - 3.21.12

            - "Radio host Larry Elder stopped by Good Day LA on Tuesday, where he offered his perspective on the case surrounding Trayvon Martin and his alleged shooter, George Zimmerman. Elder, however, offered perspective that shifted from the common narrative surrounding the teen’s death. This morning, Good Day LA shared a poll showing that 89 percent of the show’s viewers agreed that the Justice Department should look into the Trayvon Martin case. “There’s a big outcry,” Elder observed, “and I think, for PR purposes, we have to look as if we’re concerned about whether or not this 17-year-old was killed."

            - "According to phone logs, Trayvon Martin‘s 16-year-old girlfriend was on the phone with him moments before he was shot. ABC News is reporting the details the girl, who wished to remain anonymous, told Martin’s family attorney. She recalls Martin saying a man was watching him — and that she told Martin to run."

            - "Today, GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum chastised President Barack Obama for allowing his teen daughter Malia to take a trip to Mexico despite travel warnings issued by the State Department. Santorum told Glenn Beck that it’s important for the President and his administration to set an example for others."

            - "The attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, figure prominently in the still-evolving portrait of Robert Bales, the Army staff sergeant being held in a massacre of 16 villagers in southern Afghanistan. Like many others, Bales enlisted out of a sense of civic responsibility, his friends and attorney have said. But Bales’s decision to join the Army also came at a pivotal point in his pre-military career — a career as a stock trader that appears to have ended months after he was accused of engaging in financial fraud while handling the retirement account of an elderly client in Ohio, according to financial records."

            - "Top-seeded North Carolina is preparing "100 percent" to play without point guard Kendall Marshall on Friday in the NCAA Midwest Region semifinals, coach Roy Williams said Tuesday. There is still a chance that the Cousy Award finalist -- who had surgery Monday to insert a screw into his fractured right wrist -- could play against 13th seeded Ohio. But right now, Williams said, he has "no idea" what factors will indicate whether Marshall can play, because he's in uncharted territory."Question: What do you think about these stories?!?

            Friday, January 13, 2012

            When Rappers Do Local Commercials.

            ? Do you really wanna take tax advice from The Baddest B*tch? Ionno.

            T-Pain doesn't actually appear in this lame ad for a SoCal casino, but his song appears to be butchered by someone, since his fee was probably too high. Personally, I blame AutoTune for this foolishness.

            Not to be outdone, real life pimp and sometime rapper Suga Free delivered this local gem. I don't know if this is real or not, but it seems like it is. Not that that's a good thing.

            Question: Did that bama ask her for $5? Who thought these commercials were a good idea?

            Tuesday, December 20, 2011

            Literally Ashy Or Classy?!? - Palmer's Cocoa Butter For Men Commercial.

            As a medium brown brother with combination skin, I love me some Palmer's Cocoa Butter[1]. I mean, love it, especially after shaving. At this time of year, slathering a bit on can help keep the ash away. It's like Kryptonite for ashy skin. Of course, the problem with cocoa butter is the smell. It's overpowering. It's hard not to notice. You smell oily. And yes, my wife hates it.

            Married Dude Problems.

            Anyways, when I heard sports talk radio commercials for a special brand of scent-free Palmer's Cocoa Butter just for men, I rushed right down to my neighborhood CVS, which, of course, doesn't carry the product. If you know where to get it, holla at me. I'd hate to order something so frivolous online, but I also can't drive around all day looking for it.

            So, I'm Googling the product, and I come across this f*ckery...

            Look, I'm not much of an NFL fan, so I can't tell you if the McCourty twins are gainfully employed with a real team, or one of those Arena League outfits. What I can tell you is that whoever their agent is, that bama needs to be fired.

            Seriously, what's the point of this ad? Do they simply want to portray these twins are two shiftless footballing Negroes who can barely read? Because if not, they might need some help with voice inflection or something. And oh yeah, don't think I missed the subliminal message at the end. Did you?

            Sorry, this might just be the Ashiest commercial I've ever seen. Literally.

            All jokes aside though, if you know what store carries that product, holla at me.

            Question: Literally Ashy Or Classy?!? Do these guys need a new agent? Are they even in the NFL?!? What's up with the Jungle Fever-ness at the end?

            [1] Despite the preponderance of such things around here of late, no, this isn't a paid plug. I just really like the product, and my wife really hates the smell. So somebody help me find this, please!!!

            Wednesday, October 26, 2011

            Quite Possibly The Worst Presidential Campaign Ad Of All Time.

            , weird red eyed sheep, to decry opponents as weak on crime, , theatrics to liven up plan vanilla candidates, and just .

            This ad, courtesy of The Campaign To Elect Daddy Green, just might be the weirdest thing I've ever seen. Period.

            What is this? A ploy to "Real Americans"? An appeal to folks who smoke, crack fiendishly, outside office buildings in the dead of winter? An ad for Crest White Strips™? Foreshadowing an upcoming subject on How To Catch A Predator? And what's up with Cain's protracted sh*t-eating grin at the end?

            Uh, seriously HERB, WTF?!?

            Question: What was that?!?

            Tuesday, April 5, 2011

            Ashy Or Classy?!? - Tim Pawlenty's Fear Mongering Campaign Ad.

            Okay, I get it Tim Pawlenty. You wanna be President. I also admire your self-awareness. You're clearly not Mr. Personality. You have negative swagger. You look like a poor man's Chris Collinsworth. You're routinely polling in the single digits, despite having unofficially started your 2012 campaign, ohh, about 5 minutes after President Obama was inaugurated.

            So, I understand the need to jazz things up a bit, but this sh*t right here, this is just a wee bit over the top, no?

            Lighting bolts over the White House? Ominous music? 1984 style Big Brother clips of Obama? Extreme closeups? Misleading job loss numbers? Crying white women?

            [Editor's Note: I love how they spliced in the quick clip of the two sistas at the 0:28 mark. Can't be all anti-Obama without showing a couple of (alleged) black supporters.]

            Who edited this sh*t? It looks like and end-of-world disaster movie. I suppose you were going for the whole 2012 approach, but come on man, really? Isn't the whole Armageddon angle a bit played out? Perhaps scaring people isn't voting for you isn't the best idea anymore.

            It's hard to believe that once, long ago, I thought Pawlenty posed the biggest threat to Obama in 2012. He was a Republican Governor who did a moderately good job of running a large Midwestern state. He was semi-reasonable. He had few skeletons in the closet. He seemed formidable. Then he started paling around with the Tea Party, spending too much time on Fox News, and generally morphed into a real douchebag.

            I guess I get the need to distinguish yourself from your competitors, but Pawlenty's gone about it all wrong, and likely has no political future to speak of as a result. So, I suppose I get this latest fit of desperation. But ultimately, much like his Presidential aspirations, it all equals a massive #fail in the end.

            Nice try, T-Paw. Now how about presenting some actual solutions instead of trying to mortify folks?

            Question: What do you think of this campaign ad? Is Pawlenty simply tapping into the angst that "Real Americans" feel, or is he going a bit over the top with all this cinematic fear mongering? Who has a better chance of winning the GOP nomination: T-Paw or Snooki?!?

            Tuesday, December 21, 2010

            Ashy Or Classy?!? - Pajama Jeans.

            somehow managed to escape me for this long, but I peeped this commercial the other morning. Jesus, is this what it's come to? We as a nation are so fat and lazy that we can't even manage to bend over and pull on a proper pair of jeans? F'real?

            "Fits Every Figure Perfectly!"

            I'mma call fraud on this commercial. They know good & damn well these cheesy pants ain't gon' make the average woman's butt look that nice. Shame! Shame! Shame! $40 for some skintight sweat pants. Shame!

            Showing women who probably look good in regular jeans as representative of how good these Garanimals would make the average woman look is just plain ole' deceptive marketing. Sorta like how those Shakeweight and Bowflex commercials show people who've had 6-pack abs since the cradle in an attempt to make the average working stiff believe he too can get buff in just 20 minutes a day.

            The average Lifetime Movies For Women watcher wearing these Pajama Jeans isn't gonna look nothing like that. Au contraire, they'll probably just look pathetic and out of shape. Sorta like this woman.

            Get that lady some d*ck True Religion jeans and a gym membership, please.

            I've got a new slogan...

            Pajama Jeans: For The Chick Who's Officially "Let Herself Go"

            Sorry ladies, but these are undeniably Ashy.

            Question: Ladies, would you rock a pair of Pajama Jeans? Fellas, would you rock a pair if they made em' for men?

            Wednesday, November 17, 2010

            Ashy Or Classy?!? - T-Pain's Toshiba Commercial.

            I'm all for rappers and singers getting that endorsement money. Reality is, nobody sells records nowadays. You have to give away 20 songs (ie: mixtapes) for everyone 1 that you sell. With record companies insisting on those dreaded 360 deals, the pressure is on recording artists to capitalize on their notoriety any way they can.

            All that said, I'm not so sure if I like this T-Pain Toshiba commercial.

            Unlike his other forays into mainstream American culture (ie: "I'm On A Boat"), I just can't co-sign this coonery. Making a mockery/self-parody of autotune (ie: that beer commercial he had awhile back) is one thing. Talkin' reckless and ignorant about technology you know nothing about, all while spitting food on good well-meaning white folks is another altogether. Whereas it seemed like T-Pain was in on the joke before, it's almost as if he has no idea the joke's on him this time.

            Sorry, this sh*t is Ashy as hell.

            T-Pain, go sit down somewhere and read a d*mn book!

            Question: Ashy or Classy? Is this commercial just good clean fun or borderline coonery?

            Wednesday, October 27, 2010

            Ashy Or Classy?!? - Lebron's New Nike Commercial.

            about Lebron James' new Nike commercial, which takes some subtle jabs at his critics, all in the name of (of course) peddling overpriced sneakers.

            LeBron James turned the negative feedback he received from his decision to sign with the Miami Heat into the theme of his new Nike commercial. James asks several questions in the new ad, beginning with "What should I do?"

            What do you think about & , are you interested in after buying , you can enjoy at our sites.

            Throughout the commercial, James brings up the variety of different criticisms he took for his decision. He even gives a shout out to Charles Barkley, who called James out for saying that race played a factor in the negative backlash. The commercial ends with the most significant question: "Should I be what you want me to be?"
            No need to lie, I think this commercial's pretty cool. It shows a rare sense of self-awareness (I know, this probably wasn't his idea) and self-deprecation from a guy to whom those are usually foreign concepts.

            Silly as it might sound, this commercial had its intended effect: it actually sorta made me like Lebron. While I won't be dropping $200 on his shoes, I've already paid to see him a couple of times this coming season. Sure, I'll boo him like I always do, but maybe, just maybe this commercial's a step in the right direction.

            Ehhh, who am I kidding? is actually what got Lebron back on my good side.

            Question: Ashy or Classy? Are the subliminal jabs at his haters (ie: Charles Barkley) in this ad a good idea or not?

            Sunday, October 3, 2010

            Greatest Commerical Evar?!?

            You've prolly seen this ad during commercial breaks recently. I can't quite tell you why I enjoy it so much, but I do. My wife and I rewound and re watched this one for a solid 5 minutes the other night.

            I clearly don't have a gig on Madison Ave, but it would be hard for me to believe an as like this would have been made pre-Obama. A brownskinned man and a brownskinned baby? Given the typical racial politricks played out in most ads, that sh*t's largely unheard of.

            Maybe I just like this spot because it looks a lot like my life, complete with the insolent child who throws veggies across the room. Heck, my son even has that very same red shirt. It's lovely.

            I know some of my readers are wondering why this is such a big deal. Should it really matter if the Dad and son and Black? Isn't this whole father/son dynamic universal? Of course it is, but when's the last time you saw a commercial of this sort? If casting didn't matter, this ad wouldn't be such an anomaly.

            As is, by showing a side of Black America (ie: mine) that seldom registers a blip on our nation's cultural radars, Target (and whatever ad agency made this spot) gets 3 thumbs up from AB.com. Well done.

            Question: Do you love this commercial as much as I do?

            Monday, May 10, 2010

            Ashy Or Classy?!? - Swagger Wagon.

            Like most other cultural art forms that have been co-opted and made mainstream, hip hop's ascendancy into everyday American life sometimes produces some cringe-worthy results. From Tony Randall rappin' about Ritz crackers, to complete and utter obliteration of the term "bling bling", sometimes its hard to tell is people are paying homage or picking fun.

            Watching the latest in Toyota's line of "Sienna Family" commercials, I'm still not so sure how to feel.

            I have to give credit where it's due. This commercial is sorta edgy, yet still so whimsical that it's clear the directors didn't want it taken that seriously. The mock music video imagery, the mean muggin' Dad, Mom makin' it rain and brushin' her shoulders off, and the Young Money-style sonic backdrop make this pretty eye and ear-catching.

            Still, it's hard not to look at this and cringe a bit. I mean, come on, isn't the whole "suburban white folks rappin' like Lil' Wayne" thing a bit tired by now? Didn't "Lazy Sunday" more or less signal the climax of this weird genre of parody? When I saw Natalie Portman rappin' and cussin' like a sailor on yet another SNL Digital short, I figured the shark had been jumped.

            Enough already, we get it. Middle-aged suburban white folks channelling their inner Nicki Minaj[1] is (posed' to be) funny. Ha ha. Enough already!

            Much like those tired "white folks do this, black folks do this" jokes that Negro comedians still traffic in, I can't help but feel like this kind of satire is rooted in some very outdated notions about race in America. When 75% or rap albums are still being purchased by suburban teens, the notion that these same kids rapping would be a laugh-inducing novelty a decade later just seems silly.

            Enough already.

            And while we're at it, for the 4,080th time: the word "swag" is played.[2]

            Question: Is there a thin line between parody and outright making fun of something? Is the Swagger Wagon commercial marginalizing hip hop culture in an attempt to be edgy? Are other musical folks like country北京体彩网官方网站 and rock and roll similarly parodied and made fun of? Can Mama flow, or is it just me?

            [1] Oddly, I thought the Mom in this commercial had a decent flow.

            [2] The word "played" is played too. I know.

            Monday, March 15, 2010

            Too Much Glenn Beck, And Too Little Common Sense.

            "Crisis Garden"?!?

            See what happens when you use irrational fear of The Beige One to scare poor trailer park dwellers into buying gun, anno, and overpriced gold? Now seemingly another post-apocalyptic cottage industry is springing up preying on the poor sheep listeners of Conservative media everyday. And now, you got these morons peddling seeds for $150. Seeds!!! Yeah, the same packs of seeds you could go down to Duane Reade and get 5 for $5.

            I'll tell ya', this goes waaaay beyond a typical Grand Hu$tle, all the way into "someone oughta call the Better Business Bureau" territory. Pity the poor sap who just spent part of his refund check on this nonsense.

            Question: Are "Survival Seeds" the final frontier in "The Fear Of A Black Prez Industrial Complex", or is something even more inane still out there, just begging to be sold next? What will it be next? Air? Dirt? Sunlight? Can Obama actually take people's sunlight?

            Tuesday, March 9, 2010

            McDonald's Is Killing The Black Community... Softly.

            Give it to the fine folks at McDonald's. In these trying economic times, they prove their marketing savvy by creating some of the most catchy, albeit stereotypical commercials to keep Black folks coming back for more McRibs and Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits[1]. Case in point is the latest installment in their "R&B McNuggets" series, which combines three things Negroes simply can not resist: Chicken, R&B Music, and Lightskinnded Women. Witness this...

            Here's the original, in case you missed it, which I seriously doubt.

            Personally, I think Bootleg Trey Songz and Trophy NBA Wife are getting a little stale. How bout' we give these folks a shot?

            Hypertension and Bad Gospel Sangin'. A Match Made in Heaven.

            Yup, I'm Lovin' It Too.

            Question: Are these R&B McNuggets commercials stereotypically racist, or merely givin' the people what they want? Who exactly are the two folks in this ad? They look sorta familiar.

            [1] As if.

            Sunday, February 7, 2010

            The Worst Athlete Commercial Evar?!?

            You'll surely see some bad commercials during today's Super Bowl, and even though Peyton Manning has the game on lock, you'll prolly also see some bad ads featuring fellow athletes.

            Nothing, however, can top this Scottie Pippen gem from the early 90's.

            "Ladies, let's have a party!"

            Man, I've heard of food as pRon, but using a giant sub as a phallic symbol is a bit much, no?

            Peep this, and more cheesy NBA player commercials, over at .

            Question: What's the worst athlete-endorsed commercial you've ever seen?