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            Showing posts with label AB Guest Post.

            Wednesday, December 31, 2014

            AB.com's Happy New Year Open Mic.

            I hope everyone had a great holiday. My New Year's Resolution is to get this blog back on track next week when vacation is over. I might even bring back some of the old "features" that made this blog what it (once) was. So bear with me.

            You'll see more ads... errrr... posts.. here soon. Sit tight.

            Question: What are your New Year's Resolutions for 2015?!?

            Wednesday, August 29, 2012

            AB.com Guest Post - One Racist Apple Don't Spoil The Whole Bunch.

            has a few words on the matter. As usual, show our guest some love, you know where.]

            Everyone has that member of the family that always says or does the wrong thing. Calling the Hawaiian wife of your cousin ‘Oriental’ at a cookout or brings up the time you went 北京体彩网官方网站 with someone in Cam’ron’s entourage at your wedding. Everyone has that crazy member of their family.

            Even the Republican National Committee.

            Last night, ironically the night they let all the non-white men speak, , with the charming explanation, "this is how we feed the animals." The attendees (it is not known whether they were convention representatives or guests) were thrown out and the convention condemned the incident.

            Okay, a couple of people in the hall got overserved and did their worst Don Rickels impersonation. They were dealt with, that is that. Right?
            Which is true (although he changes the two pigs to one since two would be a trend), that one or two dopes in a large group don’t speak for said group.

            Except when the aforementioned crazy aunt says or does something foolish, the non-crazy members of the family do their best to rectify matters. If I have a family gathering and one of my guests throws a ball through a window of a neighbor, it is my responsibility as the host to at the very least to pay for repairs. For such an insulting display, allowing the miscreants to go unnamed and tossing them as if they got too drunk and puked in the corner doesn’t seem to match up. Are they tossed for the duration of the convention? If they are a part of the convention, have they had their credentials pulled? If they are members of the party, will they be allowed to hold any positions of authority?

            In contrast, look at how the Republican Party treated Rep. Todd Akin after his ‘legitimate rape’ comments. Everyone from Mitt Romney down to the guy who empties the wastebaskets in Reince Priebus’ office denounced Akin and asked him politely to leave the planet Earth (or at least the Missouri Senate race).

            I’ve said to friends in the past I would like the opportunity to vote for a Republican in my lifetime. Meaning not only would I live in a geographical area when the Republican candidate was the most attractive one for me, but that I wouldn’t feel like I was voting for a group who actively dislike me merely due to melanin content. Every time the Republican machinery misses an stress free opportunity to apologize for their crazy aunt, I move farther and farther away from that possibility.

            Question: Should the RNC formally address this incident, or is it their responsibility to apologize for this moron?!?

            Tuesday, May 22, 2012

            AB.com Guest Post - Black Gays... Caught in the Middle?

            of Obama.

            Still, African Americans consistently poll lower than on LGBT issues compared to whites. This can largely be attributed to the prominence of religion in the black community. Analysis of Prop 8 results showed that how someone voted. The media naturally went for the convenient and more sensationalist angle.

            The movement for gay rights has many parallels to the civil rights struggle of the mid-20th century. Gays want equal access to housing, employment, and benefits that straight people have. Like blacks, gays have been smeared as sexual predators, dysfunctional, and dangerous for society. LGBT people deal with insulting stereotypes in the media, although things have improved considerably in the last ten years. It’s not hard to see why prominent activists like .

            But gay is not the new black. Blacks are still black, gays are still gay, and some of us are (gasp) both. White gays don’t have to contend with racial profiling or the numerous ways our criminal justice system targets people of color. If they can pass for straight, harassment and discrimination become nearly non-existent[1]. And for all the press about black homophobia, black gays have experienced racism in so-called “safe spaces”. For all the supposed progressiveness of the gay community, the bars, clubs, and events can be .

            This leaves black gays in a precarious position. As far as the media is concerned we might as well not exist. To (some) black people our sexuality is a result of . To (some) gays our race is a punchline for their hipster racism. We’re horrified by the bigotry displayed by white gays in the wake of Prop 8 and saddened by the familial relationships damaged by daring to live our lives authentically.

            So the effects of Obama’s endorsement of gay marriage could a huge boon to us. Maybe more blacks see our relationships as worthy of respect. Maybe certain activists will stop throwing tantrums at every slight disappointment by what is unquestionably the most pro-gay president in history. Certainly it’s prompted many conversations in barber shops, bars, and churches.

            Question: What do you think?

            [1] This shouldn’t suggest that being ‘in the closet’ makes being gay a walk in the park. The deception brings on a host of other issues and complications.

            Friday, March 30, 2012

            Is Menopause a Requirement to be a Black Woman in Congress?

            is a longtime contributor here. We go back like Kevin Willis' hairline (Google it). So when she wanted the opportunity to expound on my epic rant about Black Congresswomen, I ceded the floor. The lady is speaking. Show some love, you-know-where.]

            Like many women, I have been set off by the recent barrage of legislation attacking women’s health. As a uterus-carrying citizen of this great country北京体彩网官方网站, I don’t appreciate old, White men trying to dictate what I can and cannot do with my body. I’ve donated to Planned Parenthood and the National Organization of Women, and I’ve used social networking as a platform to inform and educate people about the current state of women’s affairs.

            Female politicians of the Democratic variety have also spoken up and out about the so-called “War on Women”. Hell, even Obama made a mention of the state-level attacks on reproductive rights. Alas, through the weird-17-minutes-of-attention this news is getting, something is missing. Actually, SOMEONE is missing.

            Black women were the highest demographic of voters in the 2008 elections but we’re not well represented in Congress. While African-American women on the state level have made their voices – and actions – heard concerning this current wave of abortion rights legislation, I can’t say the same for Congress. I’ve seen more of them during the Trayvon Martin saga than I have standing up for the right of a woman to control what way her fallopians flap in the wind. Frankly, it pisses me off. While I appreciate the OG-Triple-OG Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) for walking out of Darrell Issa’s birth-control panel, I haven’t seen any other stance since.

            African-American women are dying from cervical cancer at a higher rate than White women. We are the most new cases of HIV and we’re diagnosed later for breast cancer and die faster from it. We are perishing from the issues that Republican lawmakers and overzealous non-profits (see: Susan G. Komen) are playing games with. And what do I see? Not one prominent African-American female politician standing up for these issues. I want to hear voices, not see your face in the still photo from an impromptu press conference. I want to hear you yelling from the rooftop that Black women’s lives are at stake if we continue to wage these attacks on women’s rights.

            So the more I think about it, the more I realize that it is time for some fresh meat. Maybe these women’s are disconnected from the needs of the new generation of Black women. What’s the last piece of crucial legislation that any of these women have championed that concerns women’s rights and issues?

            Why are they continuing to reinforce the stereotype that Black women put their race first when it comes to public policy? Yes, I’m Black but I’m a woman. I bare children. I raise families. I support husbands and partners. I love. I want to live. Those ideas are not generational. But maybe our concerns are. Frankly, I don’t look at these women and say “Yes, they speak for me!” I’m 24 … how can they?

            Question: What do you think?

            Wednesday, March 21, 2012

            AB.com Guest Post - Herman Cain: Flat Taxes And A Return To Gold.

            . Follow her on Twitter @ladylibertine27]

            In December, former Republican primary presidential candidate Herman Cain ended his run for office amid multiple allegations of sexual harassment and adultery. Since then, he launched another type of campaign the following month.

            Cain has been on a public policy PR blitz, touring the country北京体彩网官方网站 on a bus emblazoned with his face and the catch phrase “Cain’s Solutions Revolution.” His primary solution, the now infamous 9-9-9 tax plan, has been widely panned by both Republicans and Democrats alike. Still, Cain pushes on, touting the economic recovery it will supposedly unleash. In this economy, where unemployment remains stubbornly high, Cain and his flat-tax brethren Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich support both a return to the gold standard and the lessening the tax burden for ‘job creators,’ in the hopes that all that spare cash will find its way into new business ventures… trickle-down economics for a new generation.

            Flat-tax advocates rejoice at the prospect of 9-9-9, but Washington D.C. tax maven and founder of Grover Norquist sees danger. “I’m very concerned about three different taxes,” —every one of them can grow.” The author of the notorious no-new-taxes pledge signed by many prominent Republicans, including Cain, Norquist is the man largely responsible for last summer’s deficit gridlock in Washington. In an August Fox News debate with Bret Baier, every one of the eight Republican candidates—again, Cain included—said they would refuse any budget deal with spending cuts and tax increases, even at a ratio of 10 to 1. Norquist lauds Cain’s efforts to highlight the issue, but would not support 9-9-9 himself if put to a vote:

            Look, I applaud Herman Cain’s statement that the present system is too high, it’s too redistributionist, it moves money from one side to another. Let’s take rates radically down, let’s end this double- and triple-taxation of savings. But the way he does it creates these new taxes like a VAT [value-added tax] and a retail sales tax that have a dangerous history of growing.
            Perennial Republican contrarian and presidential candidate Senator Ron Paul shares Norquist’s views of the 9-9-9 plan, calling it “dangerous” and “regressive” on CNN in October. Said Paul:
            What 9-9-9 does is it compromises in the worst way. It gives you a sales tax AND a flat tax AND opens up the door to a value-added tax. I think it’s very, very dangerous… Because it’s so regressive, it’s going to—if we ever came close to it, it would be very, very unpopular.
            Paul went on to criticize Cain for his long ties to the Federal Reserve banking establishment, a favorite Paul punching bag. Herman Cain spent seven years with the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, as the chairman of its Omaha Branch from 1989 to ’91, the deputy chairman of the Fed Kansas City from ’92 to ’94, and its chairman from ’95 to ’96. Though Paul and Cain disagree over taxes, they find common ground on the issue of the gold standard. According to Cain, “We should have never gotten off the gold standard because when we got off the gold standard, that then allowed Congress to inflate our currency whenever they overspent.”

            This rhetoric has rubbed off on Newt Gingrich, whose candidacy Cain officially endorsed in January just days before the Florida primary. Cain, Paul, and Gingrich have all had their fifteen minutes in the primary spotlight, but none have been able to gain major traction.

            Thursday, December 22, 2011

            AB.com Guest Post - A Flag, A Noose, and a Blank Stare.

            the guy sent to “educate” me. Queensland, Australia? Really? (shrug)

            Monday, December 5, 2011

            AB.com Guest Post - The Day The Cooning Died: Herman Cain “Suspends” Presidential Campaign.

            did. Here are his thoughts, which are pretty much my thoughts as well. As usual, show our guest some love, you-know-where.]

            So it was with great anticipation that I awaited Herman Cain’s big announcement today. Not that I supported him, his platform, or anything he had rto say. Instead, the blog author in me wanted to see if this most recent gift from the political comedy Gods would fade to Black. Would he stay? Would he leave? Would he join the Miami Heat? These were all the thoughts twirling around in my head. I figured as much as he loved the media attention, there was no way that he would drop out of the race. Let’s face it, Herman Cain is like Sarah Palin with a penis; the more face time they get on camera, the more money they make. Sure they say that their aspirations are fueled in the interest of we the people. But I’m sorry, ain’t n’aan one of them fools ever paid a bill in my household. Instead, in their infinite narcissism their’s no such thing as bad press, if it makes you money.

            As the time drew closer, I wondered if Herman Cain would disappoint me by actually dropping out. Sure his campaign was now all but in full Rigor mortis since Ginger White announced their thirteen year affair. An affair which saw the exchange of money all unknown to Mrs. Gloria Cain, the wife of my latest political humorist motivation. An affair within which Cain has denied any sexual improprieties. I suppose one can conclude that it was strictly platonic, and Ginger wasn’t one to be doing something strange for a lil’ piece of change. But after all the hype of all the speakers and prayer leading up to Cain’s appearance all with the carefully planned embrace of wife Gloria in tow. Herman Cain did what I feared: he dropped out. Then again, maybe he’ll be back. He did after all “suspend” his campaign, no? Maybe that’s me not wanting to see him go; he can come back, no?

            So what did Hermsan Cain do today? Well, aside from suspending his campaign, and setting Black folks back seventy five years when it comes to politics, he failed. He failed to convince anyone that he was indeed serious about running for president. He failed to shake all accusations that he was in it to sell books and make money by promoting his so-called Plan B of setting up a website to solicit donations. Donations from the very people who he successfully tricked into believing that he was the real deal. Let’s be honest: Herman Cain took a lot of money from white folks and ran. And even in the end, as his arrogance became a bit too overbearing for Black folks like myself. He reminded everyone that he was Black by referencing an era of segregation he grew up in. An era which he most recently proudly described himself to be a bystander who proudly sat on the sidelines, while others toiled. Yes Herman Cain has made many mistakes as he said in his speech today.

            The ultimate mistake he made, however, was not a thirteen year affair with a woman outside of his marriage. That wasn’t a mistake, that was a choice. His mistake however, was thinking that he would be able to to continue lying and gaining favor with the very people who supported him. But then again, that might not be a mistake because they are in fact who they are. Just like Herman, they’re ideologically bankrupt, and as he has shown, they tend to place a premium on ignorance. That being said, you can best believe there’ll be no more Herman Cains coming forth to represent the GOP in politics on a national stage. I could be wrong, but the antics of Mr. Cain, in my opinion, has made it harder for members of the Black Republican fold to ever be trusted. But then again, even they may be of the opinion that what happened to Cain was indeed the result of Liberal racist attacks meant to destroy the character of a Black man who happens to be a Republican. The funny thing, is that let them tell it, racism is dead. However, the racist Liberal media is alive and well.

            Sorry Herman, you can blame the media, you can blame it on racism, but at the end of the day, you have nobody to blame but yourself. As bad as I hate to see Herman go, as a Black man, I am relieved to know that we will no longer be witness to his cooning, and the shucking and jiving Minstrel we have known him to be.; and that he has become. He can say that his string of allegations has been painful for his family, and this might be true.

            But the existence of the Herman Cain campaign as it were, was a big insult to the intelligence and aspirations of Black folks across America. You can cite all his accomplishments in life if you like, but life was a lot better for us all before this clown came into our lives. And here’s to hoping nobody gives him a Reality TV show. Lord knows I can’t handle him or Eddie Long getting one called, “Pimpin’, Preachers, & Politicians: The Lyin’-Ass Negro Show”.

            If you feel like watching the 10lb bag of fail that is his drop out speech, catch it below. Good bye Mr. Cain, and I wish you and yours well. It was fun while it lasted, but thankfully, the foolishness has come to an end. It’s just too bad that your dropping out had nothing to do with the idea that someone not wanting to see you become president. No seriously, nobody really thought you would have won the nomination, much less become president. C’mon, Herman; even you knew it .

            For me, I would have rather seen you exit stage left upon the realization that America finally understood you to be the idiot that you are politically. Instead, you go out for being an arrogant buffoon without any game or ability to pull the ladies; as well as, being an “alleged: serial sexual harasser, and thirteen year trick daddy juiced by a white woman. But I understand: when it’s time to go, it’s time to go. Heaven forbid if a mulatto child who repeats the phrase 9-9-9 should surface any day now asking why you weren’t at his birthday party with the black walnut ice cream. If character is what’s seen when nobody is looking; unfortunately for Herman Cain, we’ve seen enough. And sadly depending on how you l;ook at it, we know just who he is.

            Question: What's next for Daddy Green? Is the joke actually on us (and his wife)?!? Was his "Plan B" actually his "Plan A" all along? Is it somewhat ironic that by "suspending" his campaign, he can use your hardearned taxpayer dollars to help pay off his campaign debt?!?

            Tuesday, October 18, 2011

            The Top 5 Secrets to Online Dating Revealed

            who brings to us this guest post on being successful in online dating. As usual, show our guest some love, you know where.]

            We use the internet for everything short of brushing our teeth for us, so why not use it for searching for someone with whom to share a meaningful relationship? Maybe dating the conventional way has been less than successful for you and the idea of venturing into cyberspace for that special friend has crossed your mind…so if you’re ready to give it a try and dive head first into the massive online dating pond, be sure and check out the top five secrets to making the experience of fishing for the perfect catch worthwhile:

            Secret #1: Post a picture. Let’s face it—faces are important, and no one wants to end up with what’s behind mystery door #3. A clear, up close, solo photograph of yourself is the first thing that singles will notice and it will guide them to check out your dating profile. In fact, online singles with a profile picture get about eight times the response of those who don’t post a picture. So even if you’re uncomfortable about your looks, this will be your chance to be brave and get over some of your insecurities. You can find some decent human beings who will be interested in what you have to offer on the inside—not on the outside.

            Safety tip: Never meet an online friend in person if they don’t have a picture. It’s important that you know what your date looks like to be sure that they are who they say they are.
            Secret #2: Just be yourself. One of the most important rules when it comes to dating by any method, being yourself is going to be your best bet when trying to get lucky in love. Remember that honesty is the best policy—this means don’t tell someone you drive a Ferrari when you’ve got a Ford Focus sitting in your garage. Be truthful when disclosing pictures, info on your profile, and through exchanges with cyber singles. If online communication should happen to flourish into an in-person meeting, you’re going to feel pretty ridiculous when trying to explain the extra 50 pounds that you photo-shopped out of the picture on your dating profile. Remember, the truth always comes out in the end.
            Safety tip: If you are engaging in contact with someone via online dating site, watch for inconsistencies in their stories and information. If you pick up on any lies, it is best that you cut the communication—you don’t want to fall into the trap of a lying, cheating con artist.
            Secret #3: Keep the communication cool. Online dating offers many unique tools that you can use to interact with internet singles—online chat, email, webcam chat, etc. In these first communications with someone who could be a potential match, it is important to treat the conversation as you would on a traditional first date. Make sure to keep the topics light—don’t cover anything heavy such as your ideas on how to handle the country北京体彩网官方网站’s debt crisis, your crazy ex or the diagnosis from your latest doctor’s visit.
            Safety tip: When chatting up singles on the web, be sure to never give out personally identifying information. This includes your 北京体彩网官方网站 address, place of business, phone number, personal email address, etc.
            Secret #4: Know when to call it quits. Most online singles will engage in communication over the internet and phone for about three weeks before going on their first face-to-face date. If you find that you’ve been going strong for three months and there’s no sign of taking things to an in-person level, there’s a good chance that you’re never going to see your online friend offline. So if you’re looking for more than a pen-pal, consider saying goodbye.
            Safety tip: It is important to watch for signs of an online scammer who is looking to gain access to your wallet or someone who may have a wedding band around their left ring finger and a spouse and kids in the next room. If anyone should make you feel uncomfortable or give you a shady vibe—listen to your gut and cease communication. Anyone pursuing you for the right reasons will understand and respect your need for protection.
            Secret #5: Go on a safe first date. With the millions of singles signed up to online dating sites, there is a good chance of meeting someone who is legit enough to hang with the likes of you. That being said, there is also a chance of running into someone who would better the world by being locked up in a padded cell. So when the time is appropriate to stage a first in-person date, your chances of success grow when you play it as safe as possible.
            Safety tip: Always meet in a crowded, public place and be sure to let a friend or family member know where you’re going and who you’ll be with. Remain aware of your surroundings—as much as you think you might need a cocktail to soothe your nerves, be sure to keep the alcoholic beverages to a minimum. And lastly, have fun and enjoy your date!
            Question: Have you tried internet dating before? If so, what has your experience been like? Is it easier than the traditional dating scene? Care to share any success or horror stories?

            Monday, October 3, 2011

            AB Guest Post - Herman Cain Tries To Win Over Black People By Insulting Their Intelligence.

            into not seeing conservatism and the Republican Party as viable political options.

            Which ... OMG? Really? That old lie that pretends like the 1960s and 70s never happened? But then, maybe Cain wasn't trying to win over any black people to the GOP with that statement. Maybe that was really about making white conservatives feel better since the GOP is routinely accused of harboring, defending and protecting bigots within their own party, rather than running them out of town.


            Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said during an interview that aired on CNN's The Situation Room on Wednesday evening that some members of the African-American community "have been brainwashed into not being open-minded, not even considering a conservative point of view."

            He went on to say: “I have received some of that same vitriol simply because I am running for the Republican nomination as a conservative." He added, "So it's just brainwashing and people not being open-minded, pure and simple."
            The reason why Cain has to deal with the vitriol is because of all the bigoted things certain members of the GOP have said and done. The fact that he refuses to acknowledge that the GOP welcomed the racist Democrats who refused to reform their racial views with open arms as part of their "Southern Strategy" is insulting. That he believes we should pretend Democrat and former President Lyndon Johnson didn't say the Democrats would lose the South for decades if they backed things like integration, Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act. That the majority of members of the Congressional Black Caucus are Democrats and the first party to put up a viable, black presidential candidate in the modern era was the heavily flawed but at least able to acknowledge racism is real, Democratic Party.

            Yes. Folks were "brainwashed." With access and input and jobs and favorable legislation. I have this CRAZY theory that if the GOP gave more black people access, input, jobs and favorable legislation they'd be nicer to Herman Cain and maybe even consider voting for him. But all I ever here is how black people are "brainwashed" into disliking someone who runs with a party that makes excuses for their bigots and routinely sets up what few black candidates they have to fail. I'm sure Cain remembers that NOT-TO-LONG-AGO the GOP burned Michael Steele not once, but twice. First with their lack of funding, organization and support when he ran for Senate in Maryland. Then a second time when they tried to bully him out of running for RNC chairman again AFTER stripping him of some of his powers. Never mind all the times he had to walk back statements about Rush Limbaugh because, heaven-forbid someone say a critical thing about that bag of wind while also being a Republican.

            So, I'm supposed to pretend like Tom Delay blocking former Rep. J.C. Watts from heading up any committees in Congress, then backing a pro-abortion Republican against Watts in his primary to force Watts out of his seat didn't happen. And I'm supposed to pretend like all the times Gen. Colin Powell was shoved into a wood chipper by former Vice President Dick Cheney didn't happen? I'm supposed to pretend like NONE OF THESE THINGS HAPPENED?!

            The GOP barely supports their own, 北京体彩网官方网站-grown black conservatives, but you expect black voters to make a huge shift out of "open-mindedness?" Maybe Cain should get into a time machine and talk to himself from back in 2008.


            It doesn't look like some black people are brainwashed, but that maybe Herman Cain has been brainwashed, or just maybe, he's being disingenuous and trying to appeal to a segment of white voters who think black people are just making this whole "institutionalized and systematic racism" thing up.

            Pandering is as pandering does.

            Question: Are black folks "brainwashed" because they vote for Democrats year in and year out? Wouldn't that mean that Southern whites who vote for the GOP every year are equally lobotomized? Is Cain's recent surge in the polls a reflection of his fitness to run the country北京体彩网官方网站, or merely a case of racial pandering to wake up Romney and Perry?!?

            Wednesday, June 15, 2011

            AB.com Guest Post: So NBA Fans, Where Do We Go From Here?

            ... not so much. Show our guest some love you-know-where.]

            I need you all to help me on this. Please.

            We just witnessed one of the strangest and craziest NBA seasons I've ever seen. We had our first true villain person and team that I can vividly remember since the Bad Boy Pistons in '89. We had a 7-foot German wear the white hat and unite America like Rocky Balboa did the Russians versus Ivan Drago in Rocky 4. Whether you had a dog in the fight, or you were simply pulling for a team to win or lose for whatever reason you decided, there was never a dull moment in these playoffs. Awesome job by David Stern and the goons who run The Association.

            However, after Mark Cuban brings his Mavericks caravan from Dallas City Hall, down Young Street, onto Houston Street and end at the American Airlines Center...the NBA season is officially over. What in the hell do we have to look forward to?

            Unless you hate LeBron Raymone James that much that you can hate the man for the next 4-6 months so that it can sustain your happiness (and there are many of you that will) then this particular NBA off-season is about to suck. We're already dealing with the NFL and their lockout issues and the NBA is about to share a similar fate, and to be truthful the reading I've done would suggest that the NBA owners and players are further apart than their football counterparts. To be clear though, I don't believe the NBA will lockout. Simply because unlike the NFL owners, the NBA owners LITERALLY can't afford to go without games. However, a delay in the start of the season? I wouldn't be surprised one bit.

            "But Ed, what about the NBA draft?"

            What about the NBA Draft...have you actually seen the players coming through in the 2011 NBA Draft class? After the 4th pick in the draft, Kemba, and The Jimmer, I don't think the majority of you people can name anyone else in the draft. I'm going to watch the first 30 minutes of the draft, see the first four picks, then I'm going to LA Fitness, going to the bar, or hoping on the PlayStation Network to play Call of Duty Modern Warfare with the homies Elgie and Reggie.

            Oh, so you're into free agency? Players moving and shaking across the league? Yeah, okay. Even if the NBA owners have the money to acquire talent (Hint: The owners always complain they don't have any money, then they sign free agents to egregious contracts so...yeah, signing will happen) have you actually SEEN the free agent list? Snoozefest.

            Tim Duncan (not going anywhere)
            Ray Allen (not going anywhere)
            Marc Gasol
            David West (not going anywhere)
            Wilson Chandler
            Tyson Chandler
            Jeff Green
            Rodney Stuckey
            Tayshaun Prince

            Like I said, snoozefest.

            [Editor's Note: Stop sleepin' on Wilson Chandler. Totally underrated.]

            Plus, there's no NBA Summer League going on in Las Vegas and Orlando this year (very underrated vacation getaway, cheap places to stay and cheap entry to watch future NBA stars) and there's no international competitions going on in 2011. Maybe I'm spoiled, but man I'm going to have to start watching 3-on-3 hoop tournaments here in Cincinnati. The Hoopla tournament, or the Hoop-it-Up...do they still run those?

            Anyway, I'm going to try and push this into a positive...I will be the livest Call of Duty player of all-time. Maybe save some money and be a productive citizen. Mentor some kids or something...I dunno. I need help.

            Question: How will you cope with the looming lockout in the NBA, and the NFL's ongoing labor strike? Got any suggestions for desperate fans like us?

            Wednesday, June 1, 2011

            AB.com Guest Post - Sizing Up The GOP 2012 Candidates.

            , sizes up the field in today's Guest Post. Show our guest some love you-know-where. And with all due respect to Lupe, these folks aren't Lasers. They're Losers.]

            It's Tuesday, for most people it's just another day closer to Friday. For those a little more politically minded Tuesday may most often be associated with "election day." Recently we've seen the ; no doubt a referendum on the Ryan budget. In my neck of the woods, in Jacksonville, Florida, a Tuesday election a few weeks ago made history as the city elected it's first Black mayor ever in . But this Tuesday it's not about a special or historic election. It's about speculating on what could become a historic election and possibly why making history in 2012 could be really bad for the country北京体彩网官方网站.

            Allow me to explain.

            As early as tomorrow former Democratic golden child John Edwards could be indicted on Federal charges on accusations of misusing campaign money to cover up his love child with Rielle Hunter during his 2008 bid for Presidency. Edwards' fall from grace in the matter of three short years shows just how vicious and volatile the political arena is -- especially when you're doing wrong -- and further underscores how reputation and not issues matter more in the early days of stumping.

            GOP Hopeful 1: Newt Gingrich. The former Speaker of the House announced his candidacy on twitter, youtube, and later FOX. When he announced he was framed as the savior of the GOP, sure to win the Presidential nomination on name alone. I mean the man did serve as House Speaker during one of the most progressive times in our Nation's economic history; 1995-199. But as I said it is reputation that matters more than issues right now, and Mr. Gingrich has quite the reputation.

            Immediately after Gingrich announced his candidacy for President there were numerous articles about how he would have to overcome his past womanizing ways which include several marriages and adultery. Then there was that whole unpaid Tiffany's bill and lest not forget his calling Obama "the most successful food stamp President in modern American history."

            Gingrich may have good ideas to move the country北京体彩网官方网站 forward but his past haunts him in ways that overshadows any progressive possibilities he may posit for the country北京体彩网官方网站. It's kind of like all the rump shaker videos Uncle Luke made in the heyday of rump shaking that live forever on video, forever hanging over his head, quickly killing any and all aspirations of becoming Mayor of Miami despite his well crafted platform and quick study of local policy.

            But Gingrich isn't the only candidate for 2012 with a troubling reputation. There are also the warrior women, er ugh... Momma Grizzlies, as well as my main man Mitt, three times a charmer Ron Paul, the nobody's heard of me or what I've done Tim Pawlenty, and Rick Santorum, and "The Herminator."

            GOP Hopeful 2: Sarah Palin. The former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate launched an ambiguous bus tour over the weekend. She showed up in Washington D.C. Sunday for the Rolling Thunder rally but then she didn't talk to press. She unveiled a feature length film about herself, her lifestyle, and her beliefs for America, plans to speak in New Hampshire, but remains mum about whether or not she'll run. Known as the pretty lady who knocked the popularity from Barack's black man running for President schtick, Palin as of late has been more of a rabble rouser; a Flavor Flav of politics if you will, than a potential Presidential candidate. She gets the crowd hype until the real contenders come out and rock the mic.

            There's no doubting Palin's popularity or influence. One tweet, one status update, one snarky remark caught on camera and she's viral all over again. But that's just it. Palin's popularity works both for and against her. It helps justify her stepping down as Governor of Alaska to make more money as a reality TV star, political pundit, and all out political celebrity. However, it doesn't help her in the fight to become President of the United States. As we all know popularity and populism does not a President make. She must also be well read, understand that the conflicts in the Middle East are not the same, and that just by making an appearance in Jerusalem does not mean you are equipped to take on the endless task of coercing Israel to talk to the Palestinians about being peaceful one week at a time.

            GOP Hopeful 3: The same goes for Michele Bachmann. She may be serving in Congress as a Representative of the smartest people in the country北京体彩网官方网站 but as many of the last policy fights have shown becoming a member of Congress is not about being smart. Becoming a member of Congress has nothing to do with intelligence but everything to do with timing, money, and backing.

            At this time Bachmann is another Flavor Flav for conservatives. She gets the crowd hype, but even when she is the main attraction she loses credibility quickly when inaccurately quoting history. That leaves me (and hopefully you too) to wonder "How accurate will she be if elected Commander in Chief in coordinating the future?" If you can't get right what's already happened how will you ever have the foresight to get right what remains unknown? Say what you want about me for holding the past against her but it's her job to know the history of the country北京体彩网官方网站, to know the constitution, so the mistakes of our past do not become the mistakes of our future. Unfortunately it's frighteningly obvious that she does not know her history and therefore should not be trusted with crafting the future.

            GOP Hopeful 4: Mitt Romney. He's run before and lost. Now he's polling ahead of all the others in another campaign to lead the country北京体彩网官方网站; but there's just one small problem. He passed Obamacare before Obama and therefore can't be trusted among conservatives to remain conservative because he may do something socially progressive, he may do something to benefit the underserved and oft forgotten people of this country北京体彩网官方网站 which is wholly unconservative. Talk about a past reputation coming back to bite you in the butt when you're trying hard to land at the head of the pack instead of dusted in the back on your bum.

            GOP Hopeful 5: Ron Paul suffers from what I like to call RPS or Ross Perot Syndrome. Good Intentions. Bad Judgement. Someday soon he and his son Rand will know that their libertarian, sometimes racist positions on issues may be good enough to win them seats in Congress and launch political careers but remain too polarizing to ever be taken seriously by mainstream America. Then again, I could be wrong as I received four emails at work over the weekend for not covering Ron Paul in a story about GOP 2012 candidates.

            GOP Hopeful 6 & 7: The reputations of Tim Pawlenty and Rick Santorum are that they are the former Governors of Minnesota and Pennsylvania respectively. While they have executive experience there is nothing about them that screams controversy, or groundbreaking policy. They are at best forgettable candidates in a field of prospective nominees more colorful than they could ever imagine to be.

            GOP Hopeful 8: That leaves us with Herman Cain. That black man running for President on the Republican side with a strong Tea Party backing. Reading his background he immediately reminds me of Joe the Plumber. An entrepreneur, albeit a much more successful one, whose gripe about universal healthcare in '90's was that he could not afford to provide it for his employees. (The gripe of all entrepreneurs) This gripe he publicly made known to then President Bill Clinton and now thanks himself for singlehandedly helping to kill "Hillary Care" which catapulted him onto national political stages.

            Herman Cain did well at the Republican debate nobody watched but does that mean he can argue politics against the man who turned the phrase "Yes We Can" into an iTunes chart topper (with a little help from Will.I.Am) for the iPod generation to listen to while they wait for the bus?

            Right now the GOP 2012 field is filled with candidates who all undoubtedly believe they can and will unequivocally defeat President Obama, Obamacare, his job killing agenda, and his indecisive foreign policy. It is great for them to hold on to these beliefs as one day, some day, they may turn into reality, however in my eyes GOP 2012 looks like a field filled with dreamers who have yet to learn that everything old is new again and in terms of their past behavior, and reputations, that does not bode well for their future aspirations of leading the free world.

            Question: Of the Candidates listed do you think any of them should run for office? Who would you like to see run for office?

            Friday, February 25, 2011

            AB.com Guest Post - Halle Berry, Interracial Marriage, And The "One Drop Rule".

            ) no longer automatically feel the need or desire to identify just as one race. A fascinating recent NYT article (login required) discussed the .

            One in seven new marriages is between spouses of different races or ethnicities, according to data from 2008 and 2009 that was analyzed by the Pew Research Center. Multiracial and multiethnic Americans (usually grouped together as “mixed race”) are one of the country北京体彩网官方网站’s fastest-growing demographic groups. And experts expect the racial results of the 2010 census, which will start to be released next month, to show the trend continuing or accelerating.

            Many young adults of mixed backgrounds are rejecting the color lines that have defined Americans for generations in favor of a much more fluid sense of identity. Ask Michelle López-Mullins, a 20-year-old junior and the president of the Multiracial and Biracial Student Association, how she marks her race on forms like the census, and she says, “It depends on the day, and it depends on the options.”

            They are also using the strength in their growing numbers to affirm roots that were once portrayed as tragic or pitiable.
            “I think it’s really important to acknowledge who you are and everything that makes you that,” said Ms. Wood, the 19-year-old vice president of the group. “If someone tries to call me black I say, ‘yes — and white.’ People have the right not to acknowledge everything, but don’t do it because society tells you that you can’t.”
            This is all quite fascinating to an Oldie McOldster such as myself. However the data also shows something else which gives pause to the congratulatory “Aren’t we so past race?” tone of the article. This new mixing bowl is primarily between Whites and Asians or Whites and Hispanics. Blacks are still the fly in the buttermilk-though the buttermilk might have a slightly different tinge.

            Black and White Americans simply do not marry each other at very high rates. In fact the rates are low-extremely low.*

            According to this study:
            • Out of every 1000 married black men, 76 are married to a white woman. That’s 7.6%.
            • Out of every 1000 married black women, 35 are married to a white man. That’s 3.5%.
            • Out of every 1000 married white men, 3 are married to a black woman. That’s 0.3%.
            • Out of every 1000 married white women, 7 are married to a black man. That’s 0.7%.
            • Overall Whites (especially White women) had the lowest rate of intermarriage while American Indians had the highest.
            Check out this graphic.

            Of course you would never know this if you stuck to reading some of the more negative black blogs. A number of black men and black women evidently hate each other. Many bloggers routinely insult the opposite gender as being damaged beyond repair, ugly, incompetent or unfeminine, lazy or b***hy and downright undesirable. Some bloggers seem to think that black men or black women are the alpha and omega of all evil in the world. What is their solution? Get a white spouse.

            I can’t gainsay whatever preferences any individual may have. Life is short.
            But do you need to badmouth your own? Probably not. And is marrying someone white a realistic option for most black people? The numbers say definitely not.

            Generally speaking, D’eAndre is not marrying Becky. Kaitlyn is not stepping down the aisle with Malik. Chad is not marrying Jasmine. It’s time for people to be realistic. Whatever issues you may have in your romantic life, chances are quite good they start with you. Changing the color of the person you sleep with without changing yourself won’t solve your issues. And if you can’t get who you want, it’s not the fault of the other racial group or your same race/opposite gender counterpart. This unseemly paranoia and rage that some people have about “Those dirty (insert group here) are stealing all of our (insert group here)” must end. It serves no useful purpose other than scapegoating and guilt tripping –no matter who does it.

            Question: Why are so many people obsessed with Black/White intermarriage despite its rarity? Why do some Black people think a white spouse will be a better deal? What do you think about people with a black parent identifying as multiracial? Will “whiteness” ever include people with black parents? Is Halle just in denial about her daughter’s race? Has the One Drop Rule outlived whatever usefulness it might have had?

            *The study counted Hispanics separately as either white Hispanics or black Hispanics which I thought was sort of problematic as I know some people of Hispanic origin who reject American style racial classifications. The numbers for whites and blacks are for people of non-Hispanic origin.

            Thursday, February 24, 2011

            AB.com Guest Post: Is Embarrassing Your Kid For A 1.22 GPA Good Parenting Or Child Abuse?!?

            goes in on a strange case of a Florida mother using unconventional methods to get her son to do better in school. As usual, show our guest some love you-know-where.]

            What do you do when your 15-year-old has a 1.22 grade point average, doesn't give a damn about school, and is dangerously on the verge of becoming yet another Black man caught up in an already overcrowded prison population should he continue his behavior? Aside from asking if his ass even goes to school, or is he mentally capable, what do you do? I tell you what you don't do; you don't sit around "Waiting for Superman". Like 33-year-old, Ronda Holder, you , like this:

            Head hanging low, he stood near an East Tampa street corner for nearly four hours Wednesday afternoon.

            James Mond III, 15, wore a sign around his neck with a message:

            "I did 4 questions on my FCAT and said I wasn't going to do it … GPA 1.22 … honk if I need (an) education."

            People honked. Lots of people.

            This was his mother's idea. Ronda Holder, 33, a Tampa hair stylist, said she wanted James to realize the importance of an education, afraid he will otherwise wind up on the street.

            "I don't want any of my kids to stand by the side of the road asking for change," said Holder, the niece of a former Tampa police chief.

            By Thursday, her plan had a life of its own. A local TV crew turned James' punishment into evening news. Franklin Middle School enrolled the teen in after-school tutoring. The Department of Children and Families came to Holder's 北京体彩网官方网站 to interview James.

            DCF spokesman Terry Field said the punishment might legally be considered bizarre, a form of maltreatment.

            Experts cautioned that the punishment was extreme and likely ineffective.
            Oh yeah, there's always some expert willing to talk out of his or her ass about "effective parenting". And there's always some prick suddenly concerned about the actions of single black mothers enough so to call the man on them. Yep, these are the same idiots who wouldn't have said jack if this kid was white. Or who would be quick to question the whereabouts of his parents had his black ass gotten arrested doing dumb shit as some do? Oh how judgmental, are we?
            It was the mother's latest attempt to get her son to take his schoolwork seriously. Neither she nor the boy's father, James Mond Jr., finished high school.

            She said they have offered James help, asked to see his 北京体彩网官方网站work, grounded him, lectured him and taken away his cell phone — all to no avail.

            "He'd tell us, 'That school doesn't give 北京体彩网官方网站work' or 'That teacher has a problem with me,' " Mond Jr. said.

            James did poorly in math, poorly in history.

            But when his latest report card showed an F in physical education — James says he's "not an outdoor person" — things had gone too far.

            Mond Jr. said he had a meeting Tuesday at Franklin Middle School with James, a teacher, the guidance counselor and the vice principal.

            In that meeting, the eighth-grader offered none of the excuses he'd given his parents, Mond Jr. said.

            "He just sat there looking up at the roof like he wasn't listening," his dad said.

            Holder decided that was it. Using white poster board and a marker, she made the sign at 北京体彩网官方网站 Wednesday, took it to Franklin and called her son out of class. She made him wear it as they exited the campus and then took him to the corner of E Hills?borough Avenue and N 22nd Street.
            Oh wow, and his dad is involved? Holy shit! You mean this kid actually knows his father, and his father cared anough about his well being to attend the parent-teacher conference? Um, yeah, he must be a white man. And the father and mother never finished high school, but yet they want their son to do better? Un-friggin-real! You mean they're not just gonna accept mediocrity and failure as all poor black folks do? They actually want the best for their child?
            Child care experts said this may not be the way to reach him.

            "It definitely would fall within the category of emotional abuse. It's shame, embarrassment and humiliation. This will be a lifelong memory for him," said Arlinda Amos, a licensed clinical psychologist and ombudsman for the Hillsborough Children's Board.

            "It's such an unfortunate strategy, and of course it's ineffective," said Dr. Peter Gorski, a developmental and behavioral pediatrician at the Hillsborough Children's Board and the University of South Florida.

            "The key to motivating children is to balance responsibility with support, and balance is the important part."
            Whatever expert; tell that to the judge who ordered a convicted shoplifter to stand on the street corner wearing a sign that said, "I stole from Wal-Mart". But I understand; poor black folks don't know any better.
            The father feels he's done that.

            "I talk to my son," said Mond Jr., 33, a landscaper from Tampa. "I told him he needs to go to the teachers and request extra 北京体彩网官方网站work for the weekends to try and pull his grades up."

            The mother defends her actions.

            She has six kids, all in school. The others get good grades, she said. Who's to say her idea won't work?

            "They can't judge all children on just one thing," she said.

            "If it doesn't work on one child, they don't know if it's going to work on this child. We'll see if it works."
            Oh so now this kid is gonna grow up to be emotionally fucked up because of what his mother did, right? So what if his GPA improves. What's important is his emotional stability when he gets older. I mean the last thing we'd like to see happen is this poor kid become a raging alcoholic strung out on crack all because his parents cared about his education just a tad bit too much.
            James understands where his mother is coming from.

            Still, if he had kids, he wouldn't use the tactic on them, he said.

            "She was trying to teach me a lesson," he said. "I should have been working harder than I was in school."

            He pledged to improve his grades if it freed him from the sign.

            The principal said "he is a really sweet boy," said Linda Cobbe, a spokeswoman for the Hillsborough County School District.

            People might wonder if James has a learning disability. He has never been tested, his mother said. Until the middle of seventh grade, his grades were fine.

            On Thursday, amid attention over the sign, she got a letter from her son's history teacher claiming his grades are improving. He got a D on his last report card, she said.

            Holder was glad the school offered him tutoring this week but couldn't hide her contempt that someone reported her to the DCF.

            She said she fails to see how her fighting for her child's education falls into the category of child abuse.

            "You can't resort to spanking," she said. "I want my child to have an education and have his children be able to look at him and say I can get an education, too."

            People can criticize her all they like.

            "This is one child who won't be lost to the streets."
            I think the best thing that could have happened to this kid was that the news crew caught him out there. Nothing like being ridiculed or reminded by your friends for having to stand in public telling the world that you're a failure.

            I'm guessing standing on the corner for four hours with a sign soliciting your embarrassment at 15-years-old, is much better than the embarrassment of picking up trash in public while wearing prison gear when you're older.

            Personally the tragicomedy of this woman's actions should be appreciated and not condemned. Bet hey, that's just me; and I damn sure ain't no clinical expert. I'm just a parent. And like Ronda Holder, I care about the education of my kids.

            Question: What do you think about this mother's method of getting her kid on the right track? Is embarassing a child into doing better is school going to work, or is he only going to rebel? What would you suggest if this were your nephew?

            Friday, February 18, 2011

            AB.com Guest Post - Facebook, Twitter & Texting: The Miseducation of The Young Money Generation.

            weighs in with an interesting observation on kids nowadays. As usual, show our guest some love you-know-where.]

            In my family, I happen to be the oldest of all my siblings.  On the opposite end of the spectrum from me is my kid brother who just recently graduated from high school.  Let me tell you about this character.  As a star athlete, my little brother was one of the most popular kids in his high school.  And the fact that he can dance like Chris Brown and Usher all but secured his permanent status among the "cool kids" and guaranteed his inclusion at all the parties where "anybody who's anybody" was sure to be in attendance.  In short, he was your quintessential teenager living the American dream.  Similarly, his entourage of young men and young women were equally as popular and successful in the high school universe. 

            All of them, including my brother, can recite the lyrics of the latest Drake or Nicki Minaj song at the drop of a dime and will argue with you to no end as to why they are the greatest rappers of all time.  In addition to music, all of them, including my brother, have all the latest gadgetry when it comes to electronic communication tools.  Blackberries and i北京体彩网官方网站Phones come standard issue with this group, and each device is, of course, equipped with the most current software applications for Facebook, Twitter, Blackberry messenger, AOL instant messenger, text messaging, etc.  You name it, they've got it.  If a kid so much as picked his nose in the back of Mr. Wilson's math class at 10:16am, by 10:17am 1500 other kids all over the school had status updates and live stream video of the same event.

            This generation's rapid adaptation and instant utilization of state of the art communication devices and electronic media is arguably unparalleled by any prior generation in American history.  There's just one minor problem for my kid brother and his generation of IDK LOL OMG bandits: these kids can't f***ing read!!!

            Don't get me wrong, of course they can literally "read," but it's more like "reading" in the sense that somebody who can type the letters "IDK my BFF Jill" can "read."  If you tried to push them for actual coherent sentences with a noun and verb then Houston, we've got a problem.  At first I thought it was only my kid brother who had trouble with reading and writing at a high school graduate level, but then I started looking at his facebook wall and I quickly saw that he was not alone:

            • Kid A: "That sho was wacc foo."  [she's trying to say "That show was wack, fool."  I can let the "foo" slide but how do you misspell "Wack"???  That means you can't even get your insults right.]

            • Kid B: "Ha ha, sho was what u up to?" [this kid's trying to respond to Kid A with "Haha, it sure was.  What are you up to?" Notice there is no period at the end of the first thought.  Just one run-on stream of communication. Very common.]

            • Kid A: "Jus chillin tell i go to the mall." ["Just chillin' until I go to the mall."]

            • Kid C: "U2 don't no nothin about the mall." ["You two don't know anything about the mall."]

            • Kid A: "No U don't no nothing about the mall!" ["No, you don't know anything about the mall!"  Sometimes you can have a brain fart and use the word "no" when you meant to type "know" but this kid particularly bothered me because she used the incorrect usage immediately after she used the correct usage, indicating that in all likelihood she is probably unaware of when to use the word "know" at all]

            • Kid B: "haha, ur both wacc." ["Haha, you're both wack." Again, they're killing me with this "wacc" business.]
            For fear of sounding like a "back in my day we walked uphill to school both ways" speech, I'll refrain from the condescending generational comparisons.  Besides, knowing how to speak the King's English has less to do with one's generation and more to do with proper parenting and schooling.  From that standpoint, I have to place a majority of the blame for my brother's shortcomings squarely on myself;  I've been away from 北京体彩网官方网站 for some time but there's no reason why I should have a bachelor's degree and a law degree and my own kid brother is struggling to read at a junior high/middle school level after having graduated from high school.  (I would go in on the school system but that's another post for another day)

            I will say, however, that one thing I've noticed about my brother's class is that they're all about the instant messaging.  Their communications with each other are limited to 140 characters or less.  That's cool if you already know how to read and write on an adult level, but if that's ALL that you know then that kind of limited interaction doesn't exactly develop critical thinking, let alone the ability to form complete sentences.  And for many of the young Black youth who are already at a disadvantage from under resourced schools and lack of educational encouragement in the 北京体彩网官方网站, it is particularly damaging.

            This isn't to say that Facebook, Blackberry messenger, Twitter, etc. don't have their purpose.  Of course they do.  But keep in mind, when all these quick communication tools were developed, they were originally aimed at helping to provide a quick means of communication for those of us who were already educated with regard to formal communication.  Naturally, we would never use shorthand "IDK's" or "NVM"s in our professional communications with clients or bosses or in our final exams to our professors.  We know when to turn it off.  These kids don't.  And the more technology advances, the easier it is for them to fall into this trap.

            Fortunately, my kid brother has a family who actually gives a damn about whether or not he is reading and writing at an adult level, but I know that there are plenty of families out there who don't.  That's why it is incumbent upon us, as a community, to really start taking an active role in making sure that our youth are being educated properly, especially in something as fundamental as knowing how to read and write.  In this new era, we can no longer sit back and assume that the schools will take care of everything.  They can not and they are not.   These new millennium kids are going to require the whole village.  I'm not saying that you have to quit your day job and go volunteer full time down at the Y, but certainly we can all make a conscious effort to do our own part:  talk to the youngsters in your family more often; make them write you on a regular basis; when they do write, make them write out actual e-mail messages as opposed to short text messages; don't allow them to use shorthand with you; ask them what they're learning in school.

            Encourage them to aim higher and do better...because, contrary to popular belief, there is no app for that.

            Question: What's up with kids nowadays? Has greater technology resulted in dumber kids?

            Thursday, February 10, 2011

            AB.com Guest Post - Did The Black Eyed Peas Kill Hip Hop?!?

            goes in on the strange phenomenon of the Black Eyed Peas, and whether they're actually good for hip hop. As usual, show our guest some love you-know-where.]

            Like everybody was doing Sunday, I was watching the Super Bowl, loving the commercials (s/o to Em for his Chrysler commercial showing Detroit, it is much needed in this day in America), and eating lots of food. Unlike many of the Super Bowl fanatics, I just could not stand watching Bill O’Reilly giving his no-spin zone to Barack Obama because Bill O’Reilly loves going after people he knows he can control and get away with it (try that with those protesters in Egypt then I will give you some type of credit.), nor did I watch the Super Bowl halftime show with the Black Eyed Peas because I have a disdain for people who sold out on hip-hop. Here is my gripe on “The Black-Eyed Peas.”

            Me and my blogger brother in the N.C, Citizen Ojo, were having a nice conversation about this during the Chicago Bears-Seattle Seahawks NFC Divisional Playoff Game. Decades ago, I really thought that the Black-Eyed Peas were going to be the West Coast version of my favorite group “A Tribe Called Quest.” Not because the elements that were similar,(Will.I.Am being the next Q-Tip, Taboo and Apl.de.ap being the next Ali Muhammed and Phife Dog) but because they were different in their own way of race (one black, one Filipino, and one Hispanic). I remember the first album called Behind The Front due to their hit “Joints & Jam” with artist Kim Hill.

            It is still to me a bonafide hip-hop classic in many cases. In 2000, they collabed with singer Macy Gray on “Request Line”. It was a pretty nice song that hit #2 on the Rap Singles chart. Yes the same time the Hot Boyz (Juvenile, B.G., Turk, and some lil knucklehead name Lil Wayne) was blazing the whole U.S. The same year Bad Boy was at their peak. So the question to me from 2000 to 2001 what happened?

            [Editor's Note: I also liked Behind The Front. A lot. Sure, the Peas were a little deficient on the mic. Okay, a lot deficient. But their style of eclectic and diverse hip hop was refreshing. I'll also note that their sophomore album, on which they tried to go more "hip hop" with production by DJ Premier, caught a serious brick sales-wise. That pretty much explains all you need to know about their subsequent shift in musical focus. I can't hate the players, or the game. I do, however, hate the music.]

            Well development at Interscope came. Dumped Kim Hill because she wasn’t black enough and got a singer that was not black at all to coincide with the Rainbow Coalition that was already happening. Fergie did so much up and down to this group. She gave them international appeal and killed the group once coined “one of the last few rap crews in the game.” What happened is that they became more pop than hip-hop.

            Sometimes I really think the Black-Eyed Peas played a part of the “Who killed the hip-hop group?” theory. It was a big….and quick decision to either get back into hip-hop or go pop. Well, three double platinum LPs, a song (and parody thanks to Aaron MacGruder) for our nation’s president, and many tours around the world, we see where this group went.

            Now I am sitting here thinking three things. “Was it worth it?” “Would I still think of "Joints & Jam" the same way I think of "I'mma Be? “Are they the expanded version of A Tribe Called Quest?”

            ….Well I don’t know, but I tell you my friends. That playing College Football 2010 on PS3 was worth playing than the halftime show.

            Question: What do you think about the Black Eyed Peas? Did they sell out, or cash in? Is there a way to maintain your artistic integrity and still move units?

            Friday, February 4, 2011

            The Single Files™ Episode 3 - OneChele Returns.

            . She's also that you'd probably enjoy. Today, she weighs in on the silly power struggle over who's supposed to call who, and when. Damn, I'm happy I'm married and don't have to deal with that sh*t no more. Show our guest some love you-know-where.]

            Someone please cue up Prince’s version of "How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore" and hum along with me, won’t you? No? Okay, I’ll get to my point.

            Over in BougieLand, we have frequent (far too many probably) discussions about relationships. Recently we had a girl write in and ask for advice. No I’m not a relationship advisor, I sometimes play one on the blogosphere. This young lady met a guy, they vibed, exchanged phone numbers. He texted and called for four days straight and then… nothing. It was a few days later and she had heard nada. She asked what she should do.

            A seemingly innocent question erupted into chaos in the comment section. A majority of the females said for her to forget about him and move on. If he wanted her, he would call. Since he hadn’t, he didn’t. They further went on to caution her not to call or initiate anything so that she wouldn’t be stuck in the role of aggressor. The men overwhelming thought she should at least call and say “Hey”. They said sometimes if a man has done all the initiating, he would like some sort of a sign (like a phone call) that he’s not the only one with some stake in the game.

            in which I shared my thoughts that men should be the hunters. Women shake a tailfeather, men chase – basically. If a rabbit jumps in a man’s lap begging to be stew meat, that’s one desperate rabbit. It was a metaphor. Please don’t come at me y'all – where’s your feminism?

            But a phone call? That seemed a simple enough request. But then I recall the lifelong drama over phone calls. It was bad enough “back in the day” when a man said “I’ll call you” and didn’t. One of my all time pet peeves. Don’t even put it out there if you don’t plan on calling. Just say, “It was nice seeing you” “Had a great time” or even “Drop dead” – all of that is better than “I’ll call you later” followed by silence.

            But now with the advent of texting and tweeting and emailing and whatnot… you have to conclude that if you don’t hear from somebody – they are just not that into you. Other red flags? If you leave a message for someone and they return it with a text. And now you have the young ‘uns that say they “don’t talk on the phone” at all. They only text. What part of the game is that? You can’t get the same inflections, tones and nuances from 140 characters that you can infuse into a five minute conversation.

            But I’m old school.

            Question: Does the balance of power in a relationship really hinge on who initiates the most phone calls? Ladies, if a guy suddenly stops calling, do you call him? Fellas, how long do you typically wait to call/text a lady after you meet her for the first time?

            Thursday, February 3, 2011

            AB.com Guest Post - Stuff Black People Need To Let Go Of.

            goes in on some stuff black folks just need to leave behind this year. In the spirit of Black History Month, maybe we all need to collectively stop "keeping score" of this stuff, and just move on. As usual, show our guest some love you-know-where.]

            February is the month of the year set aside to school the country北京体彩网官方网站 on the contribution of blacks. This is usually done by pandering to black audience via shoddy documentaries that repeat the same black history fact over and over again, showing “black” movies that are about black historical figures, and there is usually a gospel choir or four involved too. So it’s Wu Young to the rescue. I’m going to try to hip the world, meaning the Thirteen of you who read this to some new black facts and issues facing us. So throughout this month most of my posts are going to be extra black. Blacker than the middle of your eye. Blacker than Crunchy Black, Flavor Flav, and Yaphet Kotto floating on old tires in the middle of the ocean at 2:32 a.m. with heavy cloud cover and a slight northeasterly breeze. I hope y’all enjoy the next 20-some days.

            A few weeks ago the nation, along with Toronto, Canada and Hiroshima, Japan celebrated Martin Luther King Jr's Birthday. It goes without saying but MLK was a peace loving cat. During the days following MLK day I thought about a few issues that MLK would stand behind and all I could come up with was keeping score. MLK obviously had to know how to endure things and let things go while he was striving to carve out a place for minorities, and the nations poor. Dude honestly turned the other cheek like no other. He simply didn’t keep score; he just played the game in front of him to ensure victory.

            You see I'm the type of guy that holds a grudge. This is quite the character flaw but I'm working on it. In my quest to amend my little character quirk I began to realized that keeping score and holding grudges just takes too much damn energy. Energy that I can ill afford to misplace or squander of bulls*ta** things that I cannot do anything about.

            On another blog that I read often I made the comment the we, members of the Legion of Those Who Are Darker-Hued [1] have a penchant for keeping score on issues, people, and things that we feel that have slighted us in the past. This due to our troubled history in the Diaspora, specifically these United States of America. The bulk of our time here has been one tiring up hill struggle after another. These struggles have shaped our racial persona in every way possible. It is the basis of the way we walk, talk, eat, pray and treat our fellow Americans who aren't members of the Legion of Those Who Are Darker-Hued and our fellow Legionnaires.

            So anyhow, like I said MLK was all about peace and part of being at peace deals with letting things go. So after some thought, I decided to jot a few things down that I, as a member of the Legion think that my fellow legionnaires should stop keeping score on.

            Black men ain't.../Black women ain't...

            As far as counterproductive conversations go this one may be the absolute pointless.[2] Guess what? This conversation, no matter how it starts, only leads to hours of mindless disappointment with no clear resolution. (Kind of like playing Metroid or watching one of those Tavis Smiley style town hall meetings that they have on C-SPAN with all of the self-appointed so called black leaders that no black people that I know ever voted on.) No matter the outcome we have to stop going on about what black men and women do or don't do. (We should try doing it together sometimes. That could be a step in the right direction.) The same goes for what both sides in the debate are or aren't.

            Light-skin/Dark-skin Issues.


            You’re in the skin you’re in.

            I'm not even sure why this even matters anymore. It's insane to me. My inherent yellowness does not make me any better or worse than any one else. I’ve known this for about 27 of my 31 years. Black folks are the Crayola 64 pack of people. Our aforementioned history has allowed us to run the complexion gamut like very few races. (Puerto Ricans, Cubans, and Dominicans are other very colorful people.)

            Many however, seek to use our complexions as a point of contention as to how we are treated by one another. This has come up as an issue in various arenas from being a news anchor to a video vixen. This doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things. Colorism among blacks is just another hindrance that we should leave behind us and stop keeping track of if we want to get ahead. I think we should look at this particular issue as a vestigial remain like our wisdom teeth. When they/it aren’t bothering us things are fine but when the issue/teeth arises or acts up bad times will be had by all. We don’t need them for anything whatsoever.

            Besides when I look at Q-Tip, he says "Black is black!"

            The Confederate Flag Issue

            This one is mainly for my folks at the bottom of the map. This flag, the one that you see on bumper stickers and the General Lee IS NOT THE FLAG OF THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA. It’s actually this one right here. I still don’t understand how symbols of treason can remain flying but this blog ain’t about that.

            I really wish the NAACP would forego their head-long arguments against those who wish to keep this rag flying and fight a fight with a better prize. Fight for the improvement of schools along the Corridor of Shame. Work with local chambers of commerce to get jobs and job training to those you need. These two things are worth screaming and yelling about. How about trying to keep Alvin Greene out of office. That may be cool too.

            Racial Slights/Who Hates Me

            Remember when I said keeping score takes too much energy? Well keeping track of how may hate you for whatever reason is more tiring is even more tiring. Let it go. Yeah it’s cool to tell them to eff off occasionally but keep it moving. You’ve got your life to live so please do it.

            These are just a few things that I thought of right off bat. I know there are more things that we as individuals can stand to get the hell over and stop keeping score/track/tally on but what are yours? Give me some more issues that we need to move past so that we can get our lives on track? Remember these are just things I think, so feel free to agree, disagree, or issue a fatwa against me if I upset you that much.

            Vaya con Dios.

            Question: What are some other "resolutions" that black folks as a whole need to adopt this black history month?

            [1] This is my cutesy name for black folks. Forgive me, I don’t do cutesy well.

            [2] By "counterproductive conversations" I mean "pointless screaming matches".

            Friday, January 28, 2011

            The Single Files™ Episode 2 - CH555X.

            [Editor's Note: The Single Files™ continues with some real talk from AverageNation™ regular CH555X. With all this talk about how hard it is for black women to find a good mate, I figured he should get an AverageBro's side of the story. Show our guest some love you-know-where.]

            Why are you still single?

            My area of eastern TN isn't known for a robust African-American population (just outside the so-called black belt). This means the pool of available black females is small. I have no problems with other racial groups, but as I mentioned, this is eastern TN, so that pool is even smaller. I work at a local university that's been known as a commuter school, so this place clears out like it's summer on the weekend. This also means that whatever females go to the university are from out of town or state (even country北京体彩网官方网站) and once graduation hits...poof!

            The area is also lacking in extracurricular activities that I find interesting. Not into hiking, hunting, or bar-hopping. That means road trip and that's not in the budget. To put this in perspective, I went to Vegas a few years ago, browsed the numerous casinos (and catching some views of the ladies), and a thought came across: the lowest, off-the-radar, so that leaves me with being one of three things: an up-and-coming professional on the move (not there yet), a "stepfather" (not wanting to deal with any ex-spouses or children) or a player of young/older females (didn't work when I arrived and age is catching up). This is not to say I've never encountered women (handful), but I theorize that had I been living in western TN (Memphis), I'd be married or would have a lot more options by now. Online dating for this area is a J-O-K-E! See the reasons above.

            Was there ever "one that got away"?

            There really wasn't that many to begin with, but there was one girl I encountered during my community college days. We had a class together and just so happened to be placed in a group for an assignment. The trouble was I was young and had the "hit-it & quit it" mentality mixed in with "being responsible". I think she was also a little quick herself as evident with her interest within a span of a few days, but that's another story...;)

            Of course, the parents coming 北京体彩网官方网站 early the particular day I brought her 北京体彩网官方网站 "to study" didn't help matters, so the "hit-it & quit it" mentality got tossed. Placed some distance between her and I, then decided to just call it quits (trying to be a gentleman at that age). That's one I really regret since that was around near graduation and we were going our separate ways. Ironically, I said to myself that I'd run into plenty more where that came from after transferring to a bigger school (current workplace)...o_O

            What's it really like out there for a single black man?

            To me in general, it's not too bad. You're on your own schedule and can make free choices without asking. There's also the issue of finances, where you're not concerned about extra mouths running around to feed. Honestly, I prefer to have a lady to come 北京体彩网官方网站 to, but if it doesn't happen, there's always the Vegas desert!

            Question: Does where you live have a profound effect on your dating life? What cities are the best for black singles? Does CH555X need to move to Memphis?