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            Showing posts with label 3 Play Thursday.
            Showing posts with label 3 Play Thursday.

            Thursday, April 25, 2013

            3 Play Thursday - Christmas Songs We Really Didn't Need.

            3 Play Thursday is BACK!!! Today: Christmas Songs We Really Didn't Need..

            Christmas is my favorite time of year, especially now that I've got two three kids to go broke buying Thomas and Disney Pixar Cars and various girly stuff for shop for. And yup, I love me come Crimmus music too.

            [Editor's Note: Yeah, damnit. I know it's not Christmas, it's April. This is a repost. Just go with it.]

            The other day I'm listening to Sirius XM, and the most ratchet holiday song I've ever heard came on the radio. It was basically some Uncle Luke (the Too Live Crew guy) Christmas song with Poison Clan. They were talkin' about hoes, and I don't mean the type Santa prefers. I tried in vain to find a YouTube for this, it was so awful I had to share it with ya'll, but couldn't.

            And Jesus wept.

            On that note, here's a few more Christmas Songs We Really Didn't Need.

            H-Town - "Knockin' Boots For Christmas"

            Seriously, how unnecessary was this song? I mean, I get the point. Preying on a woman's seasonal sentimentality to get some booty is as American as apple pie. Still, did we really need to mix Baby Jesus' birthday with a ghetto quiet storm classic? "Makin' Jingle Bells ring till' the break of dawn". Why? Why? Why? Even weirder, this song appeared on the CD.[1] Yes, that exists. No, the aforementioned Poison Clan song isn't on it. Thank you Jesus.

            Juelz Santana ft. Skull Gang - "Christmas Song"

            Did you know there was a few years back? Yes, this actually happened. When Jim Jones had that unexpected hit with "Ballin'", he rode the wave of popularity to this atrocity. There was even a Santa Claus-themed remix of "We Fly High", which was every bit as turrible as you might imagine. As for this song, well, if you're at work, in a festive mood, or have some level of personal dignity, please don't press that Play button.

            TLC - "Sleigh Ride"

            This song wasn't necessarily all that terrible/triflin', it was merely awful sounding. I don't want T-Boz's raspy chain-smoking voice nowhere near my Christmas tree. While this song inexplicably has withstood the test of time and still gets spins on radio stations every December, reality is it just sucks. At best, this sounds like a throwaway track from Ooh... On The TLC Tip. Not that that helps.

            Question: Got any other tacky, random Christmas songs that I missed?

            [1] Given some of the songs on this album, that cover art is just... I have no words.

            Thursday, April 18, 2013

            3Play Thursday - When Non-Dancing Rappers Dance.

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: The strange things that happen When Non-Dancing Rappers Dance.

            Unlike most other musical genres, rap isn't one in which dancing (by the artist) is actively encouraged. Before anyone rebukes that statement by uttering the word "Dougie", let me remind you that most of the cRappers delivering dance tunes are teenagers (ie: Soulja Boy) whose gimmicky careers are almost entirely based on dancing. The dominant hip hop aesthetic of the post-Golden Era involves a guy walking back and forth on stage grabbing his package and little more. Heck, modern age hip hop is so anti-jiggin' that there have even been songs made about it.

            They d*mn sho' don't. Seriously, when's the last time you saw Jay-Z do anything other than pace back and forth? That doesn't mean there isn't the occasional non-teenage rapper who dares to cut a rug in his video. And the results are usually atrocious. Here's a handful of examples of what happens When Non-Dancing Rappers Dance, and the often permanent damage it does to their careers.

            T.I. - "I'm Serious"

            Anyone else remember when T.I. first came out and was basically an Andre 3000 clone? While I'm sure he'd like to forget this one, the image of a middle-schooler-sized Tip dancing around in a bamafied linen suit is downright hilarious, considering his later pivot to become a Traaap Star.

            Freakin' hilarious. Of course, his first album went triple wood, he lost his record deal, reformulated with a more "street friendly" image, and the rest is history. Epic Fail averted.

            MJG - "That Girl"

            Southern rap pioneer MJG made a name for himself with his partner in rhyme 8-Ball, but like all artists in a group, decided to try his hand as a solo act. No need to lie, I sorta liked this song. Sure, it's a Stevie Wonder rip-off, but thug love songs always #win with me, and it's always good to see Stacey Dash working. However, things took a dramatic turn for the worst around the 3:30 mark.

            Wow. How do you go from "Space Age Pimpin'" to lousy Darren's Dance Grooves step routines in a zoot suit? Thankfully his solo career flopped, MJG went back to the trill sh*t, and thus spared us anymore of this Hammer-esque nonsense.

            Mic Geronimo - "Nothing Move But The Money"

            Few other rappers better typified the New York/Hoodies & Timbs early 90's rap style than Mic Geronimo. The man even for crissakes. He was as underground and "real" as you could get. And then when made the mistake that's deaded the career of many an artist. That's right, he hooked up with Puff Daddy.

            Mic Geronimo's street cred was shot quicker than you can say "Shiny Suit". He's probably working at Sizzler now. I'm sure Diddy enjoyed that production credit though.

            Devyne Stephens - "Uh Huh"

            I spent some time in Atlanta back in the early 00's (man, I'm getting old) and I couldn't avoid hearing this annoying song on the radio. I'd never heard of the dude who made it, but damn if this song wasn't omnipresent. Naturally I assumed whoever "Devyne Stephens" was, he was prolly some hood' cat. Then I saw this video. Uh.... Uhhhhh.

            What. The. F*ck?!?

            Sorry dude, it simply isn't possible to look like a thug and dance like Ciara. I didn't know that choreography was what's hot in SWATS, and apparently neither did this cat. Lucky for him, "Devyne"[1] has made a nice career out of discovering acts like Akon and crafting routines for folks like Britney Spears. Lucky for us, his solo career ended with this atrocity.

            Question: Why isn't it "cool" for rappers to dance?

            [1] That bama knows his mama named him Devin.

            Thursday, April 11, 2013

            3 Play Thursday - (More) Rappin' Ballers.

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: More athletes turned cRappers.

            Every rapper wants to be an athlete. Every athlete wants to be a rapper. Truer words have seldom been spoken, and blogged about ad nauseum. Here's a few new examples of what happens when worlds collide.

            Serena Williams - "I Win"

            Serena allegedly was working on a demo awhile back, and some studio guy just found the track laying around and sent it in. She doesn't sound any worse than Nicki Minaj/Azalea Banks/whatever TI's white girl cRapper is named. Still, this single verse is hot garbage, made with club play in mind. The "I Win" soundbite, the lazy Supa Dupa "..and I'm always on top... roofer!") flow, and the numerous not-so-clever "ballin'" references all add up to a lousy song. Keep your day job, and for the love of Richard Williams Black Jesus, stop dating so many damn rappers while you're at it.

            Steve Francis - "Finer Things"

            Francis has been out of the NBA for a few years now, and his last ditch effort to get money in China北京体彩网官方网站 ended horribly last year. So of course, why not get the rap career started, since rap labels are clearly one of the most sound investments a man who won't be seeing anymore NBA paychecks can make? No need to lie, this isn't totally awful. More than anything else, it's just totally dated. This song coulda come out in like, 1994. 2 decades later, it sounds like a Murder Inc. throwaway track. Ja Rule would be proud of Stevie Franchise. I'm not gonna lie, his lousy 3rd grader raps aside, I sorta like this. The hook's kinda annoying, but I like the beat. Shoot me. Bonus points for putting his actual wife and kids in the video though. Nice touch.

            Kevin Durant - "Ain't Worried Bout' Tomorrow"

            Part of me thinks Kevin Durant isn't too comfortable with his squeaky clean choir boy image. The dude is from DC after all, and even playing in a far away state like Oklahoma, his game and outward appearance is still all DMV. His verse (the first one) on this song isn't bad, it's just nothing special. He's better than Kobe on the mic, that's for damn sure. So there's that.

            Dejuan Blair - "You Better Recognize"

            The Spurs big man has been trying to help out his homies for several years now, fronting studio time and well-produced videos for a clearly untalented group of bamas named P.O.P. Seriously, Dejuan, tell these bamas to get real day jobs, and work on your game before you end up playing for the Austin Toros. What Would Tim Duncan do? I doubt he'd do this.

            Question: Should any of these athletes be working on their rap skills, or do they need to stick to the day job?!?

            Wednesday, November 30, 2011

            5 Play Thursday - Five Songs Herman Cain Can Sing To Make Voters Forget These Latest Allegations.

            There's a great chance Herman Cain drops out of the race any moment now, which would make this post utterly pointless. But hey, assuming he does stay in, he's gonna need to somehow win back the support of all those Real Americans who have jumped off the Cain Train in the wake of myriad allegations of sexual impropriety. He's sorta made a name of sangin' gospel songs (by request!) on the campaign trail, which I suppose was part of this appeal in the first place. So what better time to spontaneously bust out into song now?

            This very special edition of 3 Play Thursday provides a few very timely and very appropriate suggestions:

            Shaggy - "It Wasn't Me!"

            When it doubt, deny, deny, deny. Cain's defense to this point have been to accuse every one of his accusers of lying. Why stop now? Sure, I have faux dancehall just as much as you, but this song gets played on cruise ships, so there's a good chance Real Americans will know it, cause Real Americans love cruises.

            Shirley Murdock - "As We Lay"

            Since these latest allegations actually appear to have some corroborating evidence, the "deny deny deny" tactic might now work. Why not belt out this classic R&B tune about the allure, and consequences of having an affair? This is a pretty challenging song to master, but Cain's an ordained minister, and actually can sang. Plus, he's old, so there's a good chance he knows this song by heart.

            TS Monk - "Can't Keep My Hands To Myself"

            Claiming you fell prey to forces far larger than your own power is a good way to excuse bad behavior. Look how many people have blamed their indiscretions on the a-a-a-a-a-a-alcohol? You can claim you're a serial groper whose disease simply hasn't been diagnosed yet. It's sorta "blame the victimy", sure, but it also casts you as a victim. And if there's anything the GOP loves lately, it's people who play the victim role. Personal responsibility, shmersonal shermonsibility. Bonus Suggestion: you can even claim that ObamaCare prevented your ailment from being properly diagnosed. #winning

            E-40 - "Captain Save A Pro"

            Cain claims he was just helping out a friend in dire financial straits. For the better part of a decade. That's not financial assistance. That's called "savin' em'". This song will help explain that whole concept, Herm.

            Quad City DJ's - "Come On Ride That Train"

            I'm still unsure why this isn't already Cain's official campaign song. It should be. Assuming he stays, this must happen. This needs to happen. It's also a popular song at football games and Real Americans love football. Just drop the track, and stand back. Soon as they hear that "whoot whoot", they'll be back on your side.

            Question: Got any tunes you might recommend for Herman Cain's comeback playlist?!?

            Thursday, October 13, 2011

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Locked Out NBA Players Who Moonlight As cRappers.

            If you think this NBA lockout sucks for fans, imagine the dilemma for players. You're not getting paid. You've got lots of free time on your hands. You have no idea if you'll work again during The Obama Administration. But you've still got an ego that needs massaging, and money to blow. Why not head to the studio, drop some tracks, and make an expensive Youtube video for an mixtape most NBA fans won't even bother downloading from DatPiff?!? Makes sense to me, and makes sense to a handful of lesser known NBA players moonlighting as cRappers. The results are mixed, as my bball-centric grades will show.

            Without further ado, let's spin the records...

            Stephen "Stack Jax" Jackson of the Milwaukee Bucks - "Eff' A Lockout"

            Jackson will probably always be best known for his part in The Malice At The Palace, but honestly, this isn't half bad. Sure, he's on the wrong side of 30 to be rappin' about anything "trill", but I've heard worse. The Pimp C-like subject matter works for him. Bonus points for the Eazy-E sample at the beginning. Basket, And One.

            Brandon Bass of the Orlando Magic - "Billion Dollar Dreams"

            Sorry, but this just isn't all that good. Dude sounds like Webbie with a college degree, and that's clearly Dwight Howard's house, not his. BTW, is it possible for an athlete to record a song without 1,209 mentions of the word "ball" in the lyrics? Please. Three Second Violation.

            Lou Williams of the Philadelphia 76ers - "Slow It Down"

            Wick. Wick. Wack. Seriously, Sweet Lou, what kinda Will.I.Am crap is this? Technical Foul.

            Dejuan Blair of the San Antonio Spurs - "2 Hard Living"

            I think "2 Hard Listening" might be a better title. I'm assuming this is an ode to the dead homies who never made it out the hood, but this "Crossroads" ripoff and autotuned atrocity just makes me wanna kill my iPad. That b&w/red cup effect is pretty nice though. Missed Free Throw.

            Delonte West of Team Gloria James the Boston Celtics - "MJ Shwagg"

            Ok, no need to lie, this isn't awful, mostly cause West clearly isn't taking himself too seriously. He's nowhere near being on beat, but the track is bouncy. I like this. 3 Pointer.

            Question: Should any of these guys keep rapping or do they need to be somewhere practicing free throws?

            Thursday, October 7, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - J. Cole

            Thursday, August 12, 2010

            Classic 3 Play Thursday - 90's Girl Groups.

            3 Play Thursday again. Today: Early 90's R&B Girl Groups.

            The music industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. The advent of technology (read: illegal downloading) has rendered many industry staples extinct. Much like the defunct Female MC, the R&B Girl Group is also a thing of the past. Sure, Destiny's Child might reunite if Beyonce has enough pity, and Kelly and Michelle get too far behind on their mortgages. But that's about it. No, I don't consider Kannity Dames, or whatever Diddy's group is called, to count.

            By contrast, the 90's had a gang of girl groups, from En Vogue, to Xscape, to SWV, to Brownstone. Not all these groups made it big though. Some were consummate one-hit wonderesses. See if you remember these ladies.

            Jade - "Don't Walk Away"

            This song was a pretty big hit in the early 90's, my HBCU's radio station seemed to play it every 20 minutes. With their dookie braids and hootrat attire, these chicks looked like a trio of ShehNayNays. I still can't place the song that these drums are sampled from. Can you?

            Mo'Ken'Stef - "He's Mine"

            Awww, man did I hate this song. And seriously, what's with that silly group name? I'm not 100% sure I even spelled it right. Can you explain this name?

            Changing Faces - "Stroke You Up"

            Robert Kelly didn't work with women over the legal age very often, but given how talentless these two ladies are, it's clear that he had the golden touch when it came to mid-tempo slow jams. Yeah, I just mentioned the words "Robert Kelly" and "golden" in the same sentence. And yeah, I am suddenly quite disgusted.

            Question: Got any other 90's girl groups that I missed?

            Thursday, August 5, 2010

            Classic 3 Play Thursday - 90's Guy Groups.

            3 Play Thursday again. Last week, we talked about the ladies. Today: Early 90's R&B Guy Groups.

            The music industry has changed dramatically over the past decade. The advent of technology (read: illegal downloading) has rendered many industry staples extinct. The R&B Guy Group is one such dinosaur. Sure, K-Ci and JoJo still record when they're not busy passing out onstage. Jagged Edge might still be together. Boyz II Men are performing Motown covers in the Poconos. I suppose you could technically call Day46 or whatever Diddy's "group" is called a Guy Group, but they're no Guy. Hell, they're not even Intro-quality. It goes without saying that the pickins is slim.

            By contrast, the 90's had a gang of Guy Groups, from Levert, to Toni! Tone! Tony!, to Shai. Not all these groups made it big though. Some were consummate one-hit wonders. See if you remember these dudes.

            H-Town - "Knockin' The Boots"

            G.I., Shazaam, and Dino. Who the hell comes up with these names? Whatever happened to Eddie, and Lawrence, and Don'Trevious? Keep it simple, fellas. This video is all types of early 90's tackiness. The already-by-then-outdated high top fades. The pelvic thrusting. The oversized BetaMax Fisher Price My First Camcorder. Rockin' Timbs and shirtless vests. Still, give these guys credit, they could actually sing, and this song was a hit. It'll still be blaring during Quiet Storm mix hours 50 years from now. And R.I.P. to Dino, who died a few years ago in an unfortunate hit and run.

            Silk - "Freak Me"

            I know I usually use this forum to clown groups, but reality is, Silk's debut album Lose Control was actually very good. Unfortunately, this group of Keith Sweat proteges suffered the fate of many guy groups, the dreaded disease called OnlyOneOfUsCanSingAndTheLadiesDon'tThinkHeLooksVeryGood-itis. Let's be real, Lil' G looks like one of the missing Torry Brothers, and that's prolly not a good thing career-wise.

            After 7 - "Heat Of The Moment"

            Okay, it's probably not fair to consider After 7 one hit wonders. They had a relatively decent career that spanned much of the 90's, and former frontman Kevon Edmonds still continues to record and perform in chitlin' circuit "plays" today. But let's keep it honest, they also suffered from the same "Only One Guy Can Actually Sing" disease as Silk. This group will be forever remembered as Babyface's lightskinnded brother, Babyface's darkskinnded brother, and that other guy. I still have no idea what that other guy does, or if he even has a real gubb'ment name, but I remember seeing this group in concert once. Babyface's lightskinnded brother did a solo where he sang and brought the house down. Babyface's darkskinnded brother also did a solo where he sang and got pity applause when done. That other guy came out and... wait for it.... rapped. And rapped poorly. I wonder what Sizzler he's working at now.

            Question: Got any other 90's Guy Groups that I missed?

            Thursday, July 29, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - Heavy D.

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: rap legend Heavy D.

            Ahhh, the days when cRappers made music the whole family could listen to. These days are long gone, but once upon a time there were artists like DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, Queen Latifah, and of course Heavy D.

            Dwight Myers, a Jamaican teen from money earnin' Mount Vernon, NY had a decade-long run of making fun music that was largely inoffensive, but still had a decent amount of street cred, something Will Smith never quite mastered. And yeah, he's still around now, acting in the occasional B-Movie and making reggae music. Still, he had some classic material back in the day. And yeah, he managed to pull this off despite being somewhat overweight. I'd love to see Rick Ross top that.

            Enough of the talk, let's get to the tracks. Everyone has their favorites, here's a few of mine.

            "Mr. Big Stuff"

            "The Overweight Lover's In The House"

            "Is It Good To You?"

            Question: What are your favorite Heavy D cuts?!?

            Thursday, July 22, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - Greatest Posse Cuts Evar!!!


            Enough of the talk, let's get to the tracks. Everyone has their favorites, here's a few of mine.

            "The Symphony"

            The Juice Crew, which consisted of Big Daddy Kane, Biz Markie, Craig G, Masta Ace, and producer Marley Marl among others, ran sh*t in the late 90's. While each artist had solo success, this song presents their collective creative apex. Depending on whom you ask, this might be the first iconic posse cut of note.

            "Scenario" (Remix)

            Anyone in college in 92' surely remembers where they were the first time they heard the "Scenario" remix. This song was pretty unique because at the time, the term "remix" meant "same lyrics, different beat". This song literally jumped out the speakers at you, and more or less put Busta Rhymes on the map as a solo artist. And with the exception of Hood, who'd died before the song dropped, the same roster as the arguably just-as-good album version returned. Classic material. The opening bars alone song can still get a party started two decades later.

            "Crooklyn Dodgers"

            Appearing on the soundtrack of the lousy Spike Lee movie by the same name, this was one of the most notable early posse cuts to put completely unrelated artists on the same track. Buckshot Shorty, Special Ed, and Masta Ace were all from different crews, but they combined to rip this Q-Tip production. Like many other classic posse cuts, to far less impressive effect.

            Honorable Mentions: "Banned From TV" N.O.R.E. ft. Nature, Cam'ron, Big Pun, Jadakiss and Styles P. "The Headbanger" EPMD ft. K-Solo and Redman. "Trans DF Express" by The Dungeon Family, "Buddy" DeLa Soul ft. Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Monie Love, Queen Latifah, "Don't Curse" Heavy D ft. Kool G Rap, Grand Puba, CL Smooth, Big Daddy Kane, Pete Rock, Q-Tip, "Dusted & Disgusted" E-40 ft 2Pac, Spice-1, and Mac Mall.

            Question: What are your favorite posse cuts of all time?!?

            Thursday, July 15, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - DJ Quik

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: West Coast rapper/producer extraordinaire, DJ Quik.

            While he's often overlooked for his contributions to the West Coast sound, it's hard to deny DJ Quik's influence on the rap game. Yeah, Dr. Dre has all the big name hits and all the notoriety, but Quik's 20 year career has produced just as much classic material, whether it be for himself or those he laid tracks for. While Dre's over-the-top production style has generally changed with the times, Quik (he dropped the DJ) specializes in roll down the windows and crank the volume funk. And like most West Coast rappers, he's got a million cameos in his videos. See if you can count em' all.

            Enough of the talk, let's get to the tracks. Everyone has their favorites, here's a few of mine.


            "Born & Raised in Compton"

            "You'z A Ganxta"

            "Can U Werk Wit Dat"

            Question: What are your favorite DJ Quik tunes?!?

            Thursday, July 8, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - Mary J. Blige

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Queen of hip-hop soul, Mary J. Blige.

            Mary doesn't even need the typical longwinded intro. She's been in the game since What's The 411?!? dropped in 91'. Her subsequent albums have been the soundtrack of most folks adult lives. She'll prolly still be droppin' LP's when she's 60.

            Enough of the pomp & circumstance, let's get to the tracks. Everyone has their favorites, here's a trio of mine.

            "7 Days"

            "I Can Love You" ft. Lil' Kim

            "Real Love" (Remix ft. Biggie Smalls)

            Question: What are your favorite Mary tunes?!?

            Thursday, July 1, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - Souls Of Mischief

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Legendary Bay Area Crew Souls Of Mischief.

            I'd usually do some longwinded retrospective on the featured artist's impact on music, blah blah, blah here, but reality is, only a small subset of my readership is gonna remember the classic album 93 Till Infinity, and probably think Souls Of Mischief is some Harry Potter novel. If you don't know these guys, get familiar. If you do, enjoy a few of my favorite SoM tunes.

            "From 93 Till Infinity"

            "Fa Sho Fo Real"

            "Tell Me Who Profits"

            Thursday, June 17, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - Minnie Ripperton.

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: classic soul singer Minnie Ripperton.

            Minnie Ripperton is the textbook musical example of "what if?". In her truncated musical career, she delivered perhaps one of the most beautiful songs of all time, the classic "Loving You", which showcased her breathtaking 5-octave range. While many think she was a one-hit wonder, she'd go on to make other great music during a life that was shortened by breast cancer at the age of 31. If nothing else, Ripperton's discography provided a boatload of material for sampling. Listen to any one of the songs below, and you can start rattling off dozens of songs that looped these delightful bars.

            Anyways, here's a trio of my favorite Minnie Ripperton tunes. Cop them headphones and go in.

            "Loving You"

            "Inside My Love"

            "Memory Lane"

            Question: What's your favorite Minnie Ripperton tune? How many songs can you count that sampled her work?

            Thursday, June 10, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - Special Ed.

            , a song that is a Negro litmus test of sorts, right up there with "LaDi DaDi" and "The Show". Seriously, if you don't know the lyrics to this song, I am going to need your Ghetto Pass back, pronto.

            Far from a one-hit wonder, Special Ed and his DJ Akshun Love put together a couple of slept-on classics, Youngest In Charge and the just-as-good sophomore effort Legal. No lie, me and my high school buddies prolly ran thru 5 copies of these tapes, as we played them end-to-end nonstop everyday to and from school. This guy, moreso than any other hip hop artist, was the soundtrack of my innocent adolescent years. And unlike today's teen cRappers, Ed could actually spit.

            Anyways, here's a trio of my favorite Special Ed tunes. Cop them headphones and go in.

            "The Mission"

            Sure, this video looks corny as hell 20 years (wow!) later, and it looked corny then. But you gotta give props for the James Bond-style treatment, the classic hip-hop background dancers, and Ed's insistence on using round'-the-way chicks as background filler instead of "video models" like you see nowadays. And come on, tell me that martial arts sequence wasn't at least clever. Even better, this video was a bookend to a prior single/video , which featured Larry Bud Melman, a couple of Wayans brothers, and a hovercraft. I'd have embedded that one here, but well, you know how YouTube can be.

            "I''m The Magnificent"

            In the days when "remix" really just meant same lyrics, different beat, instead of "the version with Lil' Wayne & T-Pain", "The Magnificent" still ranks as one of my all-time favorites. I never cared too much for this Malcolm Jamal Warner directed (that's him doing The Wop at the end) vid, but hey, that's just me. And yes kids, this is where Rick Ross stole those lyrics from.

            "Let's Move It" (remix)

            Speakin' of remixes, how crazy was this beat? The original album version was fine it its own right, but this sh*t right here.

            Question: What's your favorite Special Ed tune? Who's the best teenage cRapper of all time? Are today's teen rappers unskilled cornballs, or is it just me?

            Thursday, June 3, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - EPMD.

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Legendary Rap Duo EPMD.

            About a year ago, I ran a poll here asking who ya'll thought was the greatest rap duo of all time, with "duo" being defined as two guys who roc the mic, DJ's not included. Surprisingly, in a show or either demographics, geography, or just plain ole' lack of hip-hop knowledge, my readers selected Outkast as the GDOAT. Naturally, as an 80's baby and a hip hop purist, I disagreed. No disrespect to Andre and Big Boi, but they are no Errick and Parish.[1]

            EPMD (Cyber CapriSuns© to the first person to tell me what this is an acronym for) was biggest during rap music golden age (88'-94', depending on whom you ask), but their music is timeless. From funk samples like "You Gots To Chill", the albums-long "Jane" series, to posse cuts like "Rampage", their discography is deep. They are also responsible for putting on acts like Das Efx, Redman, and Keith Murray. Who exactly has 3-Stacks put on? The first person to type the words "Slimm Cutta Calhoun" is getting his IP address flagged.

            Anyways, here's a trio of my favorite EPMD tunes. Cop them headphones and go in.

            "You Gots To Chill"


            "The HeadBanger"

            Question: What's your favorite EPMD tune? Why don't Errick and Parish don't get more props as hip hop legends?

            [1] Errick Sermon inexplicably follows me on Twitter. Go figure.

            Thursday, May 27, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - Too Short.

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Legendary Bay Area rapper Too Short.

            Depending on whom you ask, Oakland rapper Too Short is either a trailblazing game-spitter, or a purveyor of the worst kind of misogynistic cRap music. Considering the fact that I've chosen him for 3 Play Thursday, you can prolly guess what side of the debate I fall on. No, I don't particularly care for his tendency to use the word b*tch in every bar, but you can't deny his contributions to the rap game, and any guy who's able to remain employed well into his late 40's in this industry deserves props just on GP. You know what they say, don't hate the player...

            Here's a trio of my favorite Short Dog tunes. Cop them headphones and go in.

            "Blow The Whistle"

            "The Ghetto"

            "I'm A Playa"

            Question: What's your favorite Too Short tune?

            Thursday, May 13, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - New Edition.

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Legendary R&B group, New Edition.

            Like every other kid who came of age during The Greatest Decade Evar, I grew up listening to Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky, Mike, Ralph, and sometimes Johnny. Being a Bobbt Brown fan, I think the group took a nosedive when he went solo. Replacing Bobby with Johnny Gill was like replacing Jordan with Pete Myers. We all remember how well that went. Sadly, like most great groups, these guys succumbed to petty infighting and typical industry nonsense, but they're still touring as a group, and when he's not on a reality show or in rehab (or both), B-Brown occasionally joins them.

            Here's a trio of my favorite NE tunes. Cop them headphones and go in.

            J.Cole - "If It Isn't Love"

            "NE Heartbreak"

            "You Don't Have To Worry" (Remix)

            Question: What's your favorite New Edition tune? Did they sorta lose it when Bobby left?

            Thursday, May 6, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - Kelis.

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Celebrity baby mama, and sometimes singer Kelis.

            Long before she became both Backpacker Public Enemy #1 and the answer to a trivia question[1], Kelis Rogers was a trendsetting artist who pushed musical and stylistic boundaries with every album. From her pink afro'd debut, to her current WTF! incarnation, you have to give it to her. Boring is one thing she is not.

            Here's a trio of my favorites.


            "Get Along With You"

            "Game Show"

            Question: What's your favorite Kelis song, assuming you even have one?

            [1] And the question is: Who ruined Nas' career?

            Thursday, April 29, 2010

            3 Play Thursday - Jam It Or Slam It?!?

            It's 3 Play Thursday. Today: Jam or Slam 3 new hip-hop tracks.

            Ya'll know I'm a musical nerd and consummate hip-hop head. One of these days, someone will pay me to break down the relative artistic merits of DJ Premier vis-a-vis Pete Rock, but until that day comes you'll have to endure posts like this. For those of you who ain't into "underground rap", this might be a "skip me" post cause it's prolly a little too "inside baseball" for everyone. But if the shoe fits, here's a trio of new jawns in steady rotation on my iPod. But are they good (Jam) or janky (Slam)? That is the question. Here's my verdict, show me yours.

            Today, I'm peeping a handful of lead singles from a trio of artists about to drop their debut solo albums. Cop them headphones and go in.

            Nicki Minaj Feat. Sean Garrett - "Massive Attack"

            Like the typical mixtape rapper, Nicki Minaj aimed for the fences with her first official single, and boy, did she ever strike out. Since I don't get out much, I'm gonna assume this is one of those songs that "only sounds good in the club". It sounds like a botched musical abortion to my ears, with all the shrieking synths, messy congos, annoying a$$ed Sean Garrett's nonsensical hook, and Nicki's Lil Kim circa 98' flow. Pass. - Slam It.

            Big Boi - "Shutterbug"

            Boi Boi's always been OutKast's version of Phife Dawg/Pras/Rapper Big Pooh. You know, that other guy who's routinely outdone by his partner to the point that you wonder if he could have even gotten a rap deal if he wasn't a member of a successful group. That said, it's hard for me to not like this song, cause damn, what's not to like? The beat's amazing, the autotuned hook is an 80's throwback, and Big Boi's usually pimptastic boasting is actually tolerable for once. And if you'll excuse me, I'll now brace myself for the onslaught of outraged OutKast stan emails. - Jam It.

            J.Cole - "Who Dat?"

            Jay-Z's handpicked successor to the Roc Nation throne finally stopped dropping mixtapes and rolled out his first legitimate single earlier this week. I'm from NC, so of course I'm rooting for J. Cole to be this year's Drake, minus the vocoders and those annoying limpwristed hand motions. Sadly, while I like this song, it's not going to do much to dispell the notion that Cole's just another lyricist without any concept of how to make songs that girls like. Cause face it, girls buy albums, and if you can't make something they like, you aren't getting airplay, and you are going to be washing dishes at a Sizzler in Fayetteville very soon. Then again, Jay-Z is this guy's mentor, so this is probably one of those "street singles" that will be followed soon by a "radio single" featuring Trey Songz or some such nonsense. Which naturally, will turn off a rap purist like me, and a month from now, I'll be here complaining about how "I don't like the direction J. Cole's headed in". Anyways, for channelling "Takeover"-era Jigga, and making something that thumps in the headphones, I'll leave the future where it is and just enjoy this song for what it is. - Jam It.

            Question: Jam or Slam? Which of these tracks do you like, and which ones are wack?