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            Wednesday, October 31, 2012

            The AB.com Post-Sandy Open Mic.

            Armageddon cometh. Even tho' it's Photoshopped.

            Okay, not so much. Thank you Jesus, my family didn't suffer much more than some broken tree limbs and a front yard full of leaves. My chrysanthemums are pretty much destroyed too. But otherwise, we straight. The kids are back in school today, and the blog's back (sorta). I'm hoping everyone here, especially the folks in NY/NJ is safe and somewhat dry today.

            Anyways, while the blog is still regaining it's legs, here's some links to talk about...

            - Sandy could either be a blessing or a curse to Obama's re-election campaign. So far, so good.

            - Seriously, the sh*t people will say to get elected.

            - Doesn't matter. Turnout will ultimately determine the winner here.

            Question: Did Sandy effect you? What's on your mind today?

            Friday, October 26, 2012

            Dear, "Black Conservatives": Romney Doesn't Respect You (Either).

            Yep, it's Silly Season alright. Especially when dumb sh*t like this is , including BET, in swing states like Ohio.
            The 30-second ad is black and white, which would make it stand out even if the content was drab. But it isn't drab. Two young black people, a man and a woman, decry Barack Obama's record on their issues.

            "What has he done as president?" asks the female member of the pair.

            "Cut aid to black colleges," says the male. "Cut aid to black businesses."

            "And his support of gay marriage is a slap in the face to people of faith."

            The ad is paid for by Pivot Point, a PAC that launched earlier this year. It's raised less than $15,000, but that's more than enough to put it on the air in two markets -- the Seattle area, where the PAC managers live, and Cleveland. In both markets, it's playing on BET for next to nothing. I called Dave Shemwell, the scientist who runs the PAC in his spare time.

            "I've been working with a fellow named Wayne Perryman, a local black evangelical pastor in Washington state who's been active in gang outreach and various religious outreach programs," said Shemwell. (The PAC chairman is white.) "Since he's also a Romney supporter, I said I want to reach out into communities that are not Republican. I started talking about jobs, and all the things that people have in common, and he said: You're not going to reach anyone that way."

            So they cut a more personal ad, thinking of what might appeal to black voters who think that "despite being the first African-American president, Barack Obama hasn't done anything to help the African-American community. One of the focus groups on Fox News had a black guy who said: Nobody is even talking to us. And that's the problem. There are people who are exactly like us in their conservative stances, but who we can't get to vote our way."

            The tiny PAC can run a serious number of ads. "The campaigns have not exactly flooded BET," said Shemwell. "We could buy a national ad for $2000 on that network. But we're focusing on Ohio next, because 50,000 votes in that state could be a big deal this year."
            Here's the ad. Try hard not to laugh at the low budget quality, the easily debunkable "facts", or that brotha's unfortunate Lebron James hairline.

            I wonder how much this brotha and sista got paid for this. Given that the PAC has only raised about $15000 total, I'mma take "A Mrs. Winners 3 Piece and some bus tokens for $200, Alex".

            Seriously, though, this sh*t here.... just... ah forget it.

            I did, however, find it intriguing that you can buy a national ad on BET for just $2,000. Guess that explains all those Young Money/CMCB ads everytime I watch 106th And Park Sunday's Best.

            Question: What's up with this ad?!?

            Conservatives Behaving Badly.

            It's officially Silly Season, and surrogates, pundits, and random weed carriers on both side of the political aisle are actin' a fool, all in hopes of seeing their candidate of choice on that podium come election day.

            Some folks, however, take their rooting interests a bit too far. And yeah, most of those people are Conservatives. Here's a brief smattering of such nonsense, this week alone.

            - Funny how nobody's even bothered to assume that John McCain only supports Romney "cause he White!". #Amurrica!

            - Yet another Romney surrogate wades into the waters of racism/he's not one of us-ism, but Romney isn't asked to denounce these comments, throw this dude under the bus, or demand that he remove that orange shag carpet from the top of his head. #Amurrica!

            - Maybe we should allow Richard Mourdock to be sodomized. Maybe he'd change his opinion.

            - I love it when people make racially loaded comments, then feign ignorance that said comments carry racial connotations. Nobody would accuse Sarah Palin of being a student of history (not a student of anything for that matter), but come the hell on. Her excuse ("liberals have used the term too!") is just as pathetic as the original offense. Funny, you'd think she would have been more offended about this comment...

            - For the record, I hate "The R Word", and won't be typing it here. If we as a society are appealing to peoples' better instincts and asking them to not use "The F Word", then "The R Word" should be right behind it on the list of no-longer-socially-acceptable terms. As for Coulter, I suspect this will be the final nail that sinks her pathetic career. Even conservatives should have standards.

            Question: Which of these ingrates made the dumbest statement of the week?

            Thursday, October 25, 2012

            AB.com Open Mic.

            I'm busy, so go on without me. Drop links, write your own posts. You know the drill by now.

            Question: What's on your mind today?

            Tuesday, October 23, 2012

            A Handful Of Random Things That Really Annoy Me.

            fairly frequently. I don't comment, but it's a site that I check out on Pulse regularly. Champ and Panama just have a great knack for making mundane stuff entertaining, especially when they do "lists".

            So yeah, it's Tuesday. Consider this imitation/flattery. Or whatever.

            A Handful Of Random Things That Really Annoy Me.
            Cam Newton - I can't figure this cat out. Last year, he seemed to disspel every negative stereotype people had already ascribed to him. They year, he seems hellbent on confirming them all. From the sideline moping, to the ass-holish postgame press conferences, dude is everything you ever hated about pro athletes, with a terrible shape up thrown in for good measure. It's easy to look great when expectations are low. When they're high, and you fall short of them, your true character shows. And Cam, you're not lookin' good homie. Take responsibility for your own actions. Quit blaming everyone when your lame ass is the one throwing 4th quarter picks. Boss the f*ck up!!!

            Chief Keef - Google it if you don't know who this guy is. Then you won't like him either. In any event, the advent of presumably marketable not-of-age trap rappers inevitably begins the slippery slope towards pure, unadulterated coonery. Witness Lil' Poopy. No, this isn't a joke, BTW. He has a mixtape. It's worse than Afghanistan.

            Damnit, man.

            That Really Buff Chick At Gold's Gym Who Looks At Me Sideways While I'm Lifting - Yeah, I get it: you're really strong, and you're a girl. And yeah, push come the shove, you could prolly outlift me. Correction: you could definitely outlift me. Great. But if you give me that "I wish he'd hurry up and finish so I can put some real weights on that bar" look one more time... we gon' have some problems, Zena Warrior Princess.

            Cable News Pundits - I'm not sure why this didn't occur to me sooner, but switching between the 3 major cable news networks the other night after the Obama/Romney debate, it hit me: This isn't "news". At all. This is just entertainment. The goal of cable news isn't to inform: it's merely to affirm what people already are feeling. It's why Fox News and MSNBC can give two wholly different spins on the very same issue. It's why CNN is so lousy and wishy washy. At the core, this sh*t is just entertainment, and it's not even particularly good entertainment.

            The Washington Redskins Secondary - I'll be real here: I'm not a football fan. You already knew this of course, but let me repeat it just in case you missed the memo: I don't like football. I realize how this makes me seem like a less than Real Amurrican, but eff' it. I like what I like, and what I like is basketball. RGIII is making September-October more than "a placeholder till the NBA season begins" for me though. I'm on the bandwagon. Not the "buy a jersey" bandwagon, just the "tune in, watch the whole game, and be slightly dissapointed at the inevitable loss" bandwagon. I just can't get in full blown "buy a jersey" mode until the Redskins and their worse-than-ass-cancer secondary gets blown up tho'. Sorry. As long as a big mouth/little talent guy like D'Angelo Hall is gainfully employed, I'm not giving Daniel Snyder a dollar.

            Children's Birthday Parties - As I've said on the podcast (hey, whatever happened to that?) a million times, I spend most every weekend at some random kid and one of my sons' schools parties? Was that last sentence grammatically correct? Ionno. But I do know that when you invite my kid to your party, and we show up, your a$$ is legally obligated to return the favor. These are the rules. If you break them, you pretty much have just issued me and my free weekends a major "f*ck you". To which I retort, "no, f*ck you". Just see what happens next year when you invite us.

            Paul Ryan - The gig is up on this guy. Once everyone finally realized this alleged "policy wonk" didn't even know the specifics of his own "policy", there wasn't much left to talk about other than P90X. And let's face it, you're a total douche if you actually bought and finished P90X, mostly because people who buy P90X do so because they like to brag to other people about doing P90X. Too bad P90X isn't an actual VP qualification, cause Ryan would have Biden beat. On issues? Not so much.

            The New Blogger Interface - One month in, and I still can't figure out how to spellcheck. This is some bullsh*t, and it's roughly 50% responsible for the dropoff in new posts here on AB.com. The other 50%? Well, that would be my baby daughter. So yeah, blame Blogger.

            The LiveStong "My Plate" App - Excellent concept. And I've lost weight as a result of tracking my calories (15 pounds since August!!!). But Jesus, the only thing more unorganized than this interface is Lance Armstrong's coverups. Fix this, and fix it now, people! Sheesh!
            Question: What's really getting on your nerves right about now? Vent!!!

            Obama Vs Romney: Round III.

            You know you watched it. And I know you wanna talk about it. So lets talk.

            Honestly, while I've obviously somewhat biased here, I think it's clear Obama "won" this debate. Coupled with his performance in Round II, it seems likely that Barry will see a reasonable upswing in the polls over the next 3-4 days. But lets not kid outselves here: Debate I was a massive failure and Obama needed to redeem himself, which he did. To pretend it didn't change Romney's chances is naive. It did. Although I can't really explain why.

            People, especially Conservatives, claim they don't elect people based on superficial things like "speeches" and "debate performance". Most people will likewise agree that while Obama lost the first debate on style points, substance-wise he held his own. So what does it say when he loses all his momentum simply because he gave a less than enthusiastic performance against an obviously more motivated (and prepared) opponent?

            Honestly, that the complexion of a campaign, and hell, the future of the country北京体彩网官方网站, could change on the basis of something so flimsy concerns me. Greatly.

            I suppose we'll see if these fears come to fruition. In the meantime, if you haven't yet voted, don't wait. Lots of states have opened for early voting. I'm goin' in this weekend myself. Why wait?

            So, final debate tally: Team Obama 3 - Team Romney 1.

            What say ye'?!?

            Question: Who "won" last night's debate? Will this sway "undecided voters" or are "undecided voters" a bunch of morons who just love attention?!?

            Thursday, October 18, 2012

            Obama Preparing To Play Chicken On Fiscal Cliff Issue. Yeah, Right.

            If there's one leadership (or lack thereof) trait about President Obama that's always bugged me, it's his willingness to fold when the GOP takes the country北京体彩网官方网站 hostage. We saw it in 2010 when he buckled to GOP pressure and dropped the Dream Act and extended Bush tax cuts for the rich, all to avoid a Government Shutdown. We saw another episode last year during that debt ceiling debacle.

            In short, if the opposition holds his feet to the fire long enough, he'll eventually just give them what they want, because he doesn't want a catastrophe to occur on his watch. Of course, he fails to realize that the opposition doesn't really want a catastrophe either, they just want what they want. And for the most part (with the exception of ObamaCare and the Stimulus) they've gotten what they wanted, but just strongarming the President, knowing he'll buckle under pressure.

            On an loosely related note: Man, would I love to buy a used car from Barack Obama![1]

            So color me unconvinced that is gonna end any differently that his previous tough guy stances.
            President Obama is prepared to veto legislation to block year-end tax hikes and spending cuts, collectively known as the “fiscal cliff,” unless Republicans bow to his demand to raise tax rates for the wealthy, administration officials said.

            Freed from the political and economic constraints that have tied his hands in the past, Obama is ready to play hardball with Republicans, who have so far successfully resisted a deal to tame the debt that includes higher taxes, Obama’s allies say.

            In the days after the November election, the tables will be turned: Taxes are scheduled to rise dramatically in January for people at all income levels, and Republicans will be unable to stop those automatic increases alone.

            If he wins reelection, Obama may finally be able to dictate the terms of a bipartisan debt-reduction deal. And if he loses to Republican Mitt Romney, Obama could make sure that tax rates rise before he hands over the keys to the White House on Inauguration Day in late January.

            Obama has never explicitly said whether he is prepared to let the new year arrive without taking action to avoid the cliff. Some Republicans, noting that the president has backed off demands for higher taxes twice in the past, are skeptical that he will stand firm now. But his veto threat challenges Republicans to a dangerous game of chicken over a fiscal event that would raise taxes for nearly 90 percent of households, slice deeply into military and domestic budgets, and probably spark a brief recession.

            Administration officials declined to say whether the veto threat will stand if Obama loses the election.
            My prediction. Obama wins re-election, and still gets punked into extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy another 4 years.

            Question: Will the President put his foot down, or will that foot just get stepped on, as usual?!?

            [1] Let it marinate.

            A-Rod Is A Real A-Hole.

            No need to lie to you folks. Since last Friday's total and complete 9th inning collapse by my Washington Nationals, I haven't watched a minute of playoff baseball. Something about having your heart ripped out in such an epic fashion eliminates your desire to be bothered anymore.

            Oh well, there's always the Redskins. Oh, wait, they kinda suck too.

            I am well aware of the struggle the New York Yankees find themselves in, however. After losing Derek Jeter to an knee ankle injury, the Yankees now find themselves on the brink of elimination tonight in The D. If you're silly enough to think they'll win, you should bet on Yankees at to show your support on the team. And a team that's dealt with distractions and random drama all year has .
            Alex Rodriguez did have a ball delivered to two female fans in the Yankee Stadium crowd during Game 1 of the American League Championship Series, and it was witnessed by New York Yankees personnel, a team source confirmed.

            The New York Post reported that Rodriguez, who had been removed from the game for a pinch hitter, had written a note on the ball in search of one of the women's phone numbers and had a ball boy deliver it to the fans. The newspaper identified the women as Kyna Treacy, an Australian bikini model, and her friend Kate Quinn.

            Rodriguez is 0 for 18 with 12 strikeouts against right-handed pitching in the playoffs. He is 3 for 23 in the postseason overall.
            Lets not be naive here: this sorta thing does happen. I've witness women slide their phone numbers to a team trainer/assistant coach firsthand, all with the goal of getting the attention of a star player. And mind you, I'm talking about the perpetually struggling Washington Wizards. So when you're talking the biggest star on the biggest team in America's biggest city, it wouldn't be shocking to hear that some ladies are tryin' to holla at A-Rod while he's playing. The problem is (duh!) him trying to holla back, when he's in the midst of an ALCS game, and mired in a terrible batting slump. That's just dumb.

            Much like A-Rod's other notable woman-related off-field issues (Madonna, that ex-wife) this unfortunately provides just one more distraction for the Bronx Bombers. I'm sure the team's willing to put up with distractions when Rodriguez is playing at an All-Star level. He's currently not, and is a big reason why this team's probably headed 北京体彩网官方网站 soon.

            If I'm the Yankees, I's give A-Rod a new 北京体彩网官方网站 soon. I hear Miami Milwaukee is lovely this time of year.

            Question: Is this the least professional in-game behavior you've ever heard of?!?

            Wednesday, October 17, 2012

            Obama Vs Romney: Round II Open Mic.

            You know you watched it. And I know you wanna talk about it. Here's your Open Mic. Have at it. I'll chime in later.

            Question: Who "won" last night's debate? Will this sway "undecided voters" or are "undecided voters" a bunch of morons who just love attention?!?

            Monday, October 15, 2012

            Open Mic Monday.

            today, so go on without me. Drop links, write your own posts. You know the drill by now.

            Question: What's on your mind today?

            Friday, October 12, 2012

            The Infamous Gay Kappa Wedding.

            I've only been sent this video about 1,911 times this week, by people who assume I'm supposed to have something of importance to say because one of these guys (not both) is a fellow Kappa man, and also because I'm supposed to be outraged about the use of fraternity colors in a gay wedding cermony.

            The groom who happens to be a Nupe (they're not both frat) said that the wedding colors were actuallly red and white, not Krimson & Kreme. Not that it would matter either way.

            Some are (presumably) upset because a Kappa man, the epitome of sauveness, would dare marry a guy. Whatever. I've known bruhs who were clearly gay, but put on a manly front for obvious reasons.[1] Again, whatever. If these guys are happy, more power to them. Marriage is lovely. It's also no cakewalk. Any person willing to sign up for an institution so conseptually comically absurd, yet still beautiful nonetheless, has my props. Gender of the spouse doesn't matter.

            So basically, nothing (whatsoever) to see here. Period. Move along. Just two dudes getting married. Deal with it.

            Question: What's up with the outrage here?!?

            [1] The very same reasons most gay people grapple with prior to "coming out".

            The Infamous Cleveland Busdriver Fight.

            Yeah, I'm late to the party. Whatever. Digest and discuss.

            Question: What's your read on this?!?

            Wednesday, October 10, 2012

            Caption This Photo.

            Caption this photo. Best caption wins a week's supply of Cyber CapriSuns™.

            Stacey Dash: Romney Supporter Or "Clueless" Aunt Jemimah?!?

            , setting off a "firestorm of controversy". And by "firestorm of controversy", I mean Conservative media outlets have found yet one more black person to elevate as "ostracized by other blacks for having the nerve to vote against a black President".
            Actress Stacey Dash told talk show host Piers Morgan she "was shocked, saddened," by the ferocious attacks she received on Twitter after voicing her support for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

            The "Clueless" actress, who voted for barack Obama in 2008, said she supported Romney "because of the state of the country北京体彩网官方网站, and I want the next four years to be different."

            "I believe him. I watched him, the Governor and his wife, on 'Meet The Press,'" she explained. "They spoke to me, they seemed authentic and genuine."

            Dash also echoed Martin Luther King, Jr. in her support of Romney, saying: "I chose him not by the color of his skin but the content of his character."
            Actress Stacey Dash told talk show host Piers Morgan she "was shocked, saddened," by the ferocious attacks she received on Twitter after voicing her support for GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

            Several others went as far as to encourage “the old hag” to “kill herself.” One suicide encourager is listed as a doctor and politically active Democrat in Washington D.C., and although he reportedly has deleted the inflammatory “kill yourself” tweet, it was captured by social media news site, Twitchy.com.
            Seriously, Fox News has dedicated prolly a half dozen segments praising Dash for her "bravery in the face of intraracial hatred".

            Dash, clearly looking for relevance/work to capitalize on the momentary upsurge in interest went on CNN's Piers Morgan last night, for what might be one of the best examples of hollow vanity journalism ever aired. Seriously, Piers, I know you're not a "hard journalist" or anything, but the level of pandering here was rather amazing. Why don't you just ask Stacey Dash out while you're at it?!?

            I'll give Dash one thing, and one thing only: she didn't lapse into the typical Black Conservative victimology bit. She admitted she was an Obama supporter in 08', but isn't now. No mention that Romney's "better for the black community" than Obama, or that Obama and the Democrats "take black voters for granted". No self-loathing here. Good for you, Stacey.

            On the flipside, her reasons for supporting Romney weren't really all that substantive. If you think Obama hasn't done that great a job, but can't point out any reasons why Romney would be better other than "I trust him", your opinion's kinda irrelevant. And while Dash didn't play the "woe is me" victim role, she did seem delighted that she got a phone call of support from Paul Ryan. Cause we know Paul Ryan loves the sistas and whatnot. So don't be shocked to see Dash at some campaign even with #TeamRomney before all is said and done. You'd have to be truly clueless to not see that one coming.

            Dash would also have to be clueless to think Conservatives suddenly elevating her to folk hero status actually give a sh*t about her for any reason other than advancing their own self interests. Seriously, if they can't name a single one of your career accomplishments other than a 20 year old movie you co-starred in, they're prolly just using you.

            Question: Do Stacey Dash's reasons for joining #TeamRomney make any sense? Does her justification sound any better/worse than your typical low information "celebrity"!?

            * This post's title is completely sensationalized to maximize click-thrus. I don't consider Dash an Aunt Jemimah. She is entitled to her freedom of speech. As am I. #TeamSEO

            Tuesday, October 9, 2012

            AB.com Tuesday Random Notes...

            - It was all good just a week ago. Then the POTUS went out and delivered a goose egg in the first debate, now everyone's jumping ship. That Obama won the debate on substance, yet admittedly blew chunks on style, and now sees his fortunes take a dramatic turn for the worse says a lot about the state of Amurrica. Seriously.

            - Tell that sh*t to the judge, buddy. Sandusky plans to plead not guilty to all those charges, mostly because pleading guilty would make him ineligible for parole later on. Seriously, I hope this dude gets gang raped in the showers his first full day in prison. What a fitting end that would be.

            -Just admit it, you were kinda relieved to find out these folks weren't black. I know I was. #realtalk

            All jokes aside, a man died here, so rest in peace.

            Misc Links & Whatnot: ... ... Baseball Playoffs... And Excuses Over ... Is The Of Extinction?... About Inner City Violence.Question: What's on your mind today?

            Wednesday, October 3, 2012

            What ESPN's "Broke" Neglected To Mention...

            ...yeah, lots of athletes go broke. But they prolly have more great memories after the fact than your #Broke ass does.

            Tell em' Bomani. I couldn't have possibly stated this better myself.

            Obama: The Lost Tape (Part II)... When A Bombshell Turns Out To Be A (Race-Baiting) Dud.

            Let silly season commence!

            As the election rolls into the final stretch, and President Obama's lead solidifies, the GOP's need for a "Game Changer" becomes more and more desperate. And now, .
            It was billed as a bombshell on the eve of the first presidential debate: A video showing then-Sen. Barack Obama making controversial comments about class and race. It wasn't until Fox News and the Daily Caller unveiled the video that it became clear that it was an event that had already seen by the public: Mr. Obama's speech to Hampton University in 2007.

            What it succeeded in doing was reminding people about Mr. Obama's warm welcome at the event to his pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright - the pastor whose incendiary remarks created such a controversy that Mr. Obama was forced to deliver his famous "race speech" in 2008 in response.

            "I've got to give a special shout-out to my pastor, the guy who puts up with me, counsels me, listens to my wife complain about me," Mr. Obama said at the Hampton event on June 5, 2007. "He's a friend and a great leader. Not just in Chicago, but all across the country北京体彩网官方网站."

            His remarks came less than a year before Wright's infamous "God damn America" speech grabbed the spotlight in 2008.

            Fox News' Sean Hannity seized on what the Daily Caller deemed as "racially charged and at times angry" parts of the speech that hadn't been on YouTube since 2007, where Mr. Obama criticized the federal response to Hurricane Katrina and suggested something about a "racist, zero-sum society."

            "What's happening down in New Orleans? Where's your dollars?" he asked the audience. "Makes no sense. Tells me the bullet hasn't been taken out. Tells me that somehow the people down in New Orleans, they don't care about it as much."

            Another part of the speech that was flagged by Hannity and the Daily Caller also hadn't been seen since it was delivered in 2007 and focused on helping inner city residents find work.

            "[We] need additional federal public transportation dollars loaned to the highest need in the community. We don't need to build more highways in the suburbs if we have people in the city who want to work and have no way to get into those jobs," Mr. Obama said. "We have to help connect them to the jobs that exist. We should be investing into minority owned businesses so people don't have to travel so far away."

            The release of the video is a clear contrast to Mother Jones' release of a video showing Mitt Romney speaking to campaign donors and suggesting that he doesn't care about "47 percent" of the country北京体彩网官方网站 that is dependent on the government.
            So this is supposed to be the alleged "smoking gun" that proves Obama is hellbent on repaying Whitey for 400 years, even though he was actually raised by Whitey?

            The problems here are many. Obama isn't saying anything other than giving a stock "the government should have done better after Katrina" stump speech that most Democrats did in 07-08'. The shout out to Rebb'n Wright makes sense, given that they were still collegial at the time. Tying the LA riots to post-Katrina New Orleans in an attempt to explain why black people sometimes are slightly angry isn't "race baiting". And of course, there's the small matter that this speech was well covered in 2007, so it's not exactly new. It's been on YouTube for years. Fox News, Sean Hannity, and even Tucker Carlson all covered this themselves back then.

            Move along, nothing to see here.

            Much like other Obama is a closet racist urban legends (Michelle-O's "Whitey Tape!", Dr. Derrick Bell, Black Liberation Theology) this is simple race baiting from the Right to somehow convince Real Americans that this guy is gonna put them in chains. Cause what other agenda would a black President have, other than, you know, fixing the economy and keeping the country北京体彩网官方网站 safe, and all that other innocuous Presidential sh*t.

            If nothing else, I wish the rest of the "media" would finally tar and feather Hannity, Drudge, and that smarmy punk Tucker Carlson as the racist bastards they are.

            And of course, that won't happen.

            Question: Is Obama: The Lost Tape (Part II) a true bombshell or just more race baiting from the right wing?!?

            Caption This Photo.

            Question: Do you have the best caption for this photo?!?

            Tuesday, October 2, 2012

            Invisible Racism.

            I can already see the wingnuts tying this to Obama somehow. As if he's still responsible for everything that goes on at a church he hasn't been in the vicinity of since the Clinton Administration.

            That said, this is fairly spot on. Lots of the YouTube commenters seem to be defending the chair, asserting that Clint Eastwood didn't say all of that, and completely missing the point. Props to TUCC for putting this on the web though.

            Monday, October 1, 2012

            AB.com Random Notes...

            I'm back, sorta. I appreciate everyone's patience as I've been getting slammed with the Day Job lately. Still, ya'll stick with me, and that's appreciated. For real.

            BTW, Blogger's new interface STILL SUCKS!!! I mean, it's just beyond terrible. So that's not exactly helping me much when it comes to creating new posts. It now takes me almost as much time to format a new post as it does to write it. No bueno.

            Anyways, there is stuff to blog about, so lets get it in...

            - I knew that Romney 47% Tape would mess up his chances, but I didn't think it would happen so immediately and so drastically. But it did. Obama's pulling away in most of the key/swing states, and there's no real reason to expect things to reverse by election day. Unless...

            - I don't see Romney scoring any major points here. Sorry, I just don't. His debate performances during the GOP Primaries were uninspiring, and if we gotta be honest, he only looked good because of how hideously bad his opponents were. Not to say Obama's some Debate Master himself (he emphatically isn't) but this isn't Romney's strong suit. Obama will be forced to defend his record, but Romney's gonna have to clarify that 47% mark. One job's gonna be a bit easier than the other. Take a guess.

            - This should come as a shock to nobody, but for a guy who is reputed as a policy wonk, Ryan's lack of depth is finally rising to the surface (zing!). Some are even now , Romney (by virtue of associating himself with Ryan's Medicare plan) cost himself the election. Interesting.

            - I don't expect this to be of great interest to most, but if you have a strange dual fetish interest in sports and branding like I do, this might float your boat.

            Sidenotes: John McCain ... The grows... Wizards PG (at least).... from prison... Former NBA All-Star ... Former ... Am I the only one who thinks ?!?

            Question: What's on your mind today?