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            Monday, August 31, 2009

            "Hunting Obama"?!? Does The GOP Find This Funny?

            Obama Navel Gazing Reaches An All New Low.

            Sunday, August 30, 2009

            The Tiddy Bear?!?

            Does this thing actually work? We might just need to do a special edition of Grand Hu$tle to find out for sure.

            Saturday, August 29, 2009

            Winking Jeans.

            Where's Billy Mays when you really need him?

            Friday, August 28, 2009

            Glenn Beck, National Spelling Bee Finalist.

            [1] If you need to know why, look at the story title of the link above.

            [2] Yeah, I know, AB.com ain't exactly a typo-free zone itself. But hey, I got a Day Job. That's my excuse, and I'm stickin' with it.

            He's Baaaack.

            What Would You Do?!? - Sh*t And Run Neighbors.

            I live deep in the burbs, and our native cul de sac collection is a pretty diverse hood' of folks of all ages, socioeconomic statuses, and racial walks of life. In short, it's more or less a microcosm of America, which is pretty cool in my book. But having grown up in the country北京体彩网官方网站, there's still some stuff about the inner burbs I just don't get, and the rules of scooping dogg poop would be one just thing.

            I take pride in having one of the better lawns in our neighborhood. Seriously, I put lots of time and effort into it. Call me crazy, but folks who don't maintain their yards seem like they aren't protecting their greatest investment. This attention to detail earns me the praise of some folks on my block, and the sideye of others, for reasons I can't really say.

            In any event, since we moved in years ago, I have continually had a problem with folks letting their dogs sh*t all over my lawn and not picking up behind them.[1] This has always been a huge annoyance, but now that my oldest son's at the age where he likes running around and rolling in the grass for fun, this is really becoming a problem.[2]

            I've never owned a dog, but common sense would dictate to me that you'd scoop up behind the pet and not allow him to sh*t a huge mound in the dead center of your neighbor's freshly manicured lawn. Isn't this just basic human kindness and consideration? After all, how f*cking ignorant would it look if I walked across the street and emptied my trashcan on my neighbor's front porch, then just walked away?

            I suppose my question here is twofold. My wife is irritated because she can't let our oldest son run free in the yard without worrying about what's lurking in the grass. I'm also generally pissed off because I can't fathom what would make presumably intelligent folks think it's okay to allow their puppy to drop a double deuce on somebody's grass and not pick it up.

            This sh*t has to stop. Literally.

            Question: I need some practical advice here. What would YOU do? Would you put up a nice lawn sign asking people to be considerate (as my wife is suggesting)? Would you sleep outside (as I'm suggesting), and lay in wake for these a$$holes to let the dog poop, then jump out the bushes and commence to a$$whipping? Is there really anything you can do to stop folks from doing this? If you're a dog owner (be honest), do you sometimes allow your dog to sh*t and run? Why is that acceptable in your eyes?

            [1] To anyone disgusted with the (intentionally) blurred image above, ask yourselves this, how disgusting would it be for your kids to run and fall into that mound of poop?

            [2] No, it hasn't happened. Yet.

            The GOP Needs A "Great White Hope"?!?

            Thursday, August 27, 2009

            More Proof That WSHH Is The Devil's Playground.

            Classic Negro Nonsense from The Sunshine State.[1]

            I don't know what part of this is the worst.

            1) That tweens are scrippin'.

            2) That grown men are paying to see tweens scrippin'.

            3) That Rosemary don't live here.

            4) That grandma justsohappened to have a HO by her door. Who does this?

            5) That the news reporter could do this whole thing without laughing hysterically.

            Question: What's the worst part of the story above? Is WSHH indeed the Devil's playground?

            [1] I mean, seriously, other than Texas or Cali, where else would such nonsense happen?

            Cash For Clunkers Was A Sorta Good Idea. Unless You're A Republican.

            ? Are you telling me Americans should be suddenly obligated to buy a Chevy, when the whole point of cash for clunkers is to get more fuel efficient cars, which Chevy isn't exactly famous for. Do they want the gubb'ment to mandate which brand of cars "real Americans" should buy? Wouldn't that be socialism?

            Weren't many of these foreign cars made right here in the good ole' USA? Didn't they get sold by Americans at American car dealerships? Aren't there American jobs being salvaged? Isn't saving jobs and keeping the economy rolling the entire point right about now?

            Again, if Obama needs more evidence that he needs to abandon "go along to get along" politricks and just spend all his political capital (ie: on healthcare) while it still exists, I don't know what more we can do for the guy.

            Question: Do you consider Cash For Clunkers a success? Did you buy a car? Is there something silly about making a big point about foreign cars being sold, when in fact, those are the cars that Americans chose to buy? Should Obama read this criticism as proof that some folks just will not like him, not matter what?

            - Read the comments if you want a good laugh.

            People I Strongly Dislike - Unintelligible Customer Service Workers.

            So, I'm grabbing some quick lunch for the fam from my local fast food joint the other day, and I need some artificial sweetener.[1] I kindly ask the woman at the window for some Sweet -N- Low. Trouble ensues.
            AB: "Could I have some Sweet -N- Low, please?"

            Puzzled Window Lady: "Swing Low?"

            AB: "No, Sweet -N- Low."

            Puzzled Window Lady: "Coffee?"

            AB: "Yes, the stuff that goes in the coffee."

            Puzzled Window Lady: "Coffee?"

            AB: "No, Sweet -N- Low."

            Puzzled Window Lady, handing me a coffee stirrer: "Here. You go now."

            AB: "No, Sweet -N- Low. It's like sugar. Pink packet!"

            Puzzled Window Lady: "Sweet?"

            AB: "Yes, Sweet -N- Low."

            Puzzled Window Lady, handing me a pack of Sweet & Sour sauce: "Here. You go now."

            AB: "NOOOOO!!!! Sweet -N- Low!!! It's like sugar. It goes in coffee! Arrgghhh!!!"

            Suddenly Gully Window Lady, tossing me BBQ sauce: "Here. You go now. Line stop. You go now."

            AB: "D MOTHER******!!!!! D!!!!"
            Yeah, it almost got this bad.

            Seriously, shouldn't there be some sort of language requirement when the job's main function involves speaking?

            Before anyone gets bent out of shape, this isn't a racial issue. Yes, the woman behind the window was Hispanic, but I've has similar experiences with folks from all races. The gas station attendant at the Sheetz in West Virginia. The gum poppin' Safeway cashier in Soufeas'. The offshore client services agent now handling my account inquires for Bank Of America. It's all the same.

            Question: Should certain jobs have a baseline language competency requirement? Do you have any similarly aggravating customer service stories?

            [1] Unless you haven't eaten a single meal from a window/bag in the past year, please don't judge me.

            Poll Position - We Are Not (Yet) PostRacial.

            Over the past couple of weeks, I've been theorizing that the election of Barack Obama is perhaps the worst thing to happen to US race relations in more than 40 years. This has been stated tongue in cheek, but I've wondered if there's more truth than hyperbole in my own statement. Seriously, the past year or so has seen seemingly one racist scenario after another, in a series of unfortunate events I'm too weary to recap here. These incidents have come from both the left (how soon we forget) and the right with equal intensity. They seem to indicate that even though the Obama election is historic, and a great step in the right direction, we've still got a long way to go before we're truly "postracial".

            If nothing else, we're hyper-racial right now. Some white people are on edge and unnerved everytime the topic of race comes up. Some black folks get angry that whites go immediately on the defense and disregard any semblance of racial discussion the moment things get uneasy. And of course, there's that whole segment of America that simply is not happy about a blackish guy being in charge, and feels newly emboldened to shout racial epithets at the HNIC and his family since such action is now far more socially acceptable.

            So, in short, I kinda feel like we're seem remarkable progress because enough white folks on both sides of the aisle were able to push aside racial hangups to select who they felt was the right guy for the job. On the other hand, there's definitely a feeling that we've taken a bunch of steps backward, because, aww hell, if you've read this blog the past year, you already know why.

            To get a consensus, I turned to AverageNation™ and decided to settle this the Democratic way. While this poll registered a record number of votes (well over 300), the results weren't really surprising.

            So, most of you (41%) agreed with my mixed bag assertion. 22% think it's better to know thine enemy than guess. 18% think Dr. King's Dream of a postracial America was prolly conceived during one very restless night in Birmingham. Only 3% think November 4th proved that we're already postracial. 14% think the resurgence of wingnuttery prove that Obama's election was a net negative.

            I suppose time will ultimately tell.

            Question: How did you vote? Are we postracial, or did we completely misunderstand what the term postracial was supposed to mean?

            Channel Your Inner White Guy - The Cars.

            One of these days when I get back around to my "We Owned The 80's" series, I'll give Rick Ocasek & The Cars their due. Until then, cop the headphones and peep this lovely soundtrack of some of their greatest hits.

            Question: What's your favorite Cars tune?

            Wednesday, August 26, 2009

            Joe Biden Finally Does Something Right.

            Pick on the man all you want (and I sure as heck have), but this was a classy reflection. Way to go, Joe.

            Is Hav Plenty The Most Slept-On "Black Film" Evar?!?

            to how this movie was made, distributed, and ultimately received. I won't rehash it here, but it's an interesting Wiki entry to say the least.

            If you haven't seen this movie, I'd suggest you rent it, rather than getting the hookup. You'll like it, trust me.

            Question: Did you see Hav Plenty? What did you think? Got any other slept-on favorite black films?

            [1] Other slept-on, but great black movies - Cover, One Week, and Restraining Order.

            AB.com GuestPost - Hook A Brotha Up!

            is the producer/director of Boys To Men and What Black Men Think, a couple of films AB.com readers will be familiar with. Peep what he's got to say about Black folks obsession with "da' hookup" and why it's ruining indepedent Black film. This one's pretty lengthy, but I encourage you to pour a cup of Joe and peep it. Show the guest some love, you-know-where, and if you .]

            This past weekend I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine some of you may know. Lamar Tyler of is also this up and coming filmmaker and between his website and the film, is becoming a force to be reckoned with.

            Well Saturday morning, early in the conversation, he proudly announced on the phone “Man, we just passed 10,000 fans on our Facebook fan page today!” Point for celebration correct? Maybe. In a very cynical tone my follow-up question to this moment of reserved jubilee was “so how’s the DVD sales going?’. After a downturn of his emotions and a slight pause, Lamar said “…..well” at this juncture I interjected and saved him having to express his frustrations and finished his sentence with “yeah, you know how we do…”And therein lies the premise of this blog and the ongoing saga of the trials and tribulations of independent film-making.

            The back story and underlying support for this blazing generalization of “you know how we do” are two fold, and while I have a lifetime of experience and perceptions to assert this negative stereotype, I will reference (briefly)citing two recent occurrences to make my point.

            After a stirring and heart felt presentation at a very large mega church here in Prince George’s county, a fine and upstanding member of highly visible law enforcement division, walks up to me with the following statement. “Brother (oh crap, did I pay those 4 parking tickets), I just wanted to say your documentary and presentation is one of the most important messages I have ever seen, and the DVD would be a valuable resource for our young men we work with (whew…) Would you mind if I burned a couple of copies for some of my team members so they can use them at their respective facilities? Hopefully you can here the sound of tires screeching in my head, or that scratching noise the old record needles use to make. And while the proper english, and professional demeanor of this gentleman was impressive, the logic seemed to escape me. Fortunately I no longer swear in public because in my mind something along the lines of “motherfather, don’t yawl arrest people for that stuff ?” (take full liberty in inserting your curse word of preference anywhere in the previous sentence), However, considering we were in church and he was carrying a firearm, I simply stated “c’mon on brother, I ain’t got Sony pictures behind me, it’s just me, so can you….And you all can see the look of oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah coming across his face as to have an epiphany and close the conversation with “oh dag, my bad”.

            Part two of the drama unfolds this past weekend at, of course, another church on Saturday morning. Another heart felt, passionate (I had to pause for about 14 seconds because I almost broke out in tears during the section I do on forgiveness) and inspiring message to about 100 members after one of the best 北京体彩网官方网站-cooked sausage eggs and 北京体彩网官方网站 fry deals I’ve had since I’ve been on tour. Now I’m not going to down the path of purchasing product after a free meal, a free screening, and a free sermon. That’s an entire blog entry unto itself but still in the same vein of this stream of thought. During the Q&A segment, a brother stands up (in front of everyone) and says, “Brother, I love what you have put together here. I got this (so and so) hook up in Chicago, with these brothers that are doing (such and such), and can I burn a copy of this to send to them to help you out? I stop, I pause, I look at the audience, they look at me, I grin and with this tilted head deer stuck in the headlights look, I say “are you kidding me?”. Again, good fortune prevailed, the audience was amused, and the gentleman made sure to come after the program and apologize profusely about his err, and of course I advised him “it’s cool, you know how we do…”

            So back to my conversation with Lamar. Several days prior I realized that between all the YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook, and other web outlets, I have over 500,000 views of my videos, and God only knows how many hits to the BlackPlanet, Washington Post, CNN and all that other stuff out there. “Man if I could just get 10% of these to 10,000 fans to buy the DVD I would be straight!” stresses Lamar. “Man, If I just had one dollar from just the views on the PSA it would be over” I explained.

            “but you know cuz, it’s just the way it is. you know how we do…”” I continued. Black people, you gotta love ‘em, but we missed the memo that seems to be circulating amongst alot of other groups throughout this country北京体彩网官方网站. I hate to play the whole slavery card, and the subsequent socialization process of making something out of nothing, however on the topic of the intrinsic value of supportive commercewe seem to miss connecting all the dots. “I’ve been thinking about writing a blog about this for a very long time but it’s such a touchy subject and a very fine line to walk, I think it could tick more people off than inspire” was how I finished the conversation with Lamar.

            So at this juncture I’ll do what it is I always do, provide a couple of case studies for your amusment. Exhibit A. that dog gone Jeff Foxworthy (or the Caucasian version of the chittlin circuit). This dude basically drops these series of stand up comdeianic self deprecating, culture denigrating narratives, that are so uniquely, well, redneck, I have difficulty following the humor most times. It took me two whole days to catch this joke about matching salad bowls and cool whip containers, but I digress. My point, self-described rednecks ate that stuff up, and the intrinsic value of supportive commercebegan to kick in. In other words, they began to support their own through purchases, word of mouth and othe mechanisms. The other examples I would defer to would be Van Halen, Master P, and MC Hammer, but want to use them as a point of differentiation because they are musical entertainment (one of the few durable goods you’re allowed to consume, entirely, prior to purchase). Point being, that these acts probably were supported by as little as 20,000 followers at the time of their “big record deals” and commanded high percentages and millions at the table.

            I’ll closed out with my other, not so favorite Tyler (Perry), and how long he was on the scene as a playwright in the church circuit before he got any type of nod from Lionsgate. Both Lamar and I use a documentary style format to advance socio-political-spiritual ideologues, i.e. restoration of black families, or positive images of healthy black marriages, and while it may not be as dramatic as say, oh, a grown man in a dress going to another family reunion, with the latest gospel track kicking at the climax, our works are actually capturing the heart, mind and souls of what is happening today in our community, and hopefully, about a 100 years from now, these films can truly be looked upon as documenting what really was the deal, from our own lens.

            So what’s all the fuss about? What’s to stop us from continuing on our respective paths? Let me give you insight to the world many of independent filmmakers live. Tim Alexander, Eric McKay, Andrea Wiley, and a whole slew of up and comings are doing some things absolutely groundbreaking, totally unheard of, and by Hollywood’s standards, a little bit crazy. What we do is pay for our own stuff. No backers, no financing, no grants, no foundations, just us. I think the challenge is making the general public understand what goes on behind the scenes to take on these efforts. The blood,the sweat and the tears I have seen most of us go through in order to deliver a quality product to market. I’ve seen 2nd mortgages, foreclosures, pawning of cameras, bankruptcies, and a slew of financial worries, to make most thankful for their 9 to 5’s. Hell I’ve even had to start plucking more gray hairs monthly because of these endeavors. And please let us NOT begin the narrative of early morning chest pains that jump up until that first cup of coffee.

            My point, you may ask again? You gotta love my people to do what we do. We all have always heard the clarion call of support our own. From the Black Buying Boycott day (still ticked at whoever came up with that idea, zero units sold for 2 days on AMAZON) to the Black Shopping Network, to the “I’m down for supporting Black products, Brother (fist raised) ” I meet no matter what city I’m in. The challenge is that more often than not, our attitudes just don’t seem to translate into actions when it comes to specific independent efforts outside of music. I know probably one of the greatest spoken word poets ever in Taalam Acey.

            If talent equated to compensation for your efforts, this man would make Donald Trump look poor. Gary Johnson, of BlackMenInAmerica.com and author of book “25 things you need to know in life” an inspiring book, should be part of your daily read for like a year. And finally . What do we all have in common? All struggling to keep the electricity on, thinking about disconnecting the phone lines because of that HELOC loan that slipped behind, or dang, “If I could just manage to get 20 of the 100 people at this event to understand if they loved this so much, and you want to see more of it, you kind of have to buy something to support it”.

            I know this is touchy with us, and I KNOW HOW WE DO, with that being said, I wanted to give anyone out their some direction around this whole deal; in the jerry McGuire diatribe of “help me, help you”. This is a tough line to walk, I don’t want to instill guilt to manipulate. I don’t want to appear to be grupmy and definitely don’t want to seem like we’re begging. With that being said, here’s a stab at a specific course of action that will ensure that this artform doesn’t turrn into, well, MC HAMMER, here today, gone tomorrow, and back in 20 years.

            In bullet points, and summary:

            1.While you may see us on CNN, CSPAN or any MSM outlet, I have never met an independent (non-major studio associated) artist who is just out right looted

            2.Most of us out here are self-financed in debt up to our necks, and struggling to continue to advance this medium.

            3.We love what we do, and if everything was right with the world we would do it for free.

            4.We all are probably as guilty as the next guy of the “hook a brother up mentality”, by lifting free cable, downloading from Napster, or coping a bootleg at the barbershop. (now I’m feeling guilty ~ sorry all of you 80’s stars like D-Train)

            5.I know right is right and wrong is wrong, and this instance, we need a “do the right thing mentality”. To sustain the lifeline of an emerging and necessary outlet, help us break the stranglehold that studios, networks and MSM have about the necks of the black community, this includes you Blacks Embarrassing Themselves.

            6.Please support your local independent filmmakers by more than kind words on a twitter entry. While we love and appreciate the encouragement, really hook a brother up, BUY the dag gone movie. And if you’re feeling super generous, send a dollar! Really it’s a simple best bit of encouragement we can get.

            7.And instead of burning a copy for your boys, please insists that your friends get their own.

            8.And if you really want to help us out, send out one of those emails that says “if you don’t forward this to all of your email friends, you’ll have seven years bad luck, and your dog is going to get measles.
            Thanks, we love you, and truly appreciate the hook-up.


            Question: Do you think Black folks love "hookups" too much? What can be done to make independent black film a more lucrative business?

            Tuesday, August 25, 2009

            How And Why Obama Is Losing The Messaging Battle.

            (they aren't just throwing money out the door) and have to explain where and how the money will be spent, thus minimizing the potential for rampant waste. How come I know the Stimulus package was 40% tax cuts, yet the GOP is able to successfully paint it as out of control spending? How come you let the GOP tag you as a spender, when reality is, the deficit you inherited was also a record one that included 2 bailouts, 2 wars, and out of control Medicare expenditures, which you're trying to get in check with your healthcare overhaul? Why am I able to articulate this far better than any of your well paid, but exceedingly incompetent staffers? Control the message. Be proactive. You've done some good stuff already, take credit for it.

            Barry Needs To Stop Campaigning And Do His Job - Part of me wonders if this is just the bad side of Obama's "go along to get along" style of leadership. Sometimes it seems like he's so hellbent on consensus building and not offending any potential voters that he sounds like he's already campaigning for 2012. Well guess what Barry, you already got the job! Kill the nonsense. Quit worrying about the GOP and voters who wouldn't give you credit if you cured cancer tomorrow.[1] Eff' em. You are going to be re-elected based on whether your economic and domestic agenda are working come 2012, not based on how many folks you can get to "cross the aisle". Some of these folks think you're a Muslim who was born uncircumcised in a Kenyan manger to an Indonesian father. Eff' em.

            Barry Needs To Get His Pros In Check - C'mon man, how can you have Sebelius saying one thing, Gibbs saying another, and Bill Burton something entirely different? Get your lies facts straight. Make sure everybody's on the same page.

            Barry Needs To Dumb It Down - I'm continually puzzled as to why folks think Obama is some master orator. Having seen him speak in person 2-3 times now, I have yet to see anything even remotely close to the lyrical brilliance of the "Run, Jesse Run!" era of Rebb'n Jackson. He ain't even a Rebb'n Al for that matter. Part of the problem is that he seems so intent on proving his intelligence that he can't just give short, to the point answers. Witness how 4 questions can be stretched into a 60 minute primetime presser. How come the Gates question was the only thing folks remember from an entire healthcare press conference? Stop trying to be a college professor. . Less is more. Dumb. It. Down.

            Barry Needs To Quit Letting The Hill Run Thangs - For worse (in this case) or for better, Obama has left the sausage-making of much of his legislation in the hands of folks like Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. I haven't seen such a disjointed trio entrusted with this much unchecked power since Dallas had the 3 J's. Like it or not, these folks are three very easy targets (for various reasons), and with their own agendas (including re-election) they aren't always going to be looking out for your best interests. You need to ride over there, step out the Presidential DeVille, and let these folks witness the wrath of Barry's C.Y.I.N. Speaking of which...

            Barry Needs To Publicly C.Y.I.N. On A Foe - C'mon, when has Obama just broke bad and put a muthaf*cka in check? {Crickets} Barry, you need to make an example of somebody, to justify your thug if nothing else. Seriously, go to one of those townhalls and YouTube posterize somebody. Barney Frank did it. Hillary just did it. Why can't you do it? Huh? On the other hand, it's entirely possible that Obama simply doesn't have this in him. That admission would be disappointing on many levels, but would explain a lot. A good surrogate could pick up some of the slack here, but that person would obviously need to be on the same page at all times.

            Barry Needs Kill The Cute Sh*t - America's cultural anthropology of the first Black Family Evar was interesting at first. It was cool watching the process of choosing the dog. Cool gawking at the kids first days at school. Cool listening to Grandma Robinson hold court. But guess what? It's time to kill the cute sh*t. You're no longer campaigning. Your personal quirks (Honest Tea, Ray's Hell Burger, date nights, reportedly bowling a 144) aren't interesting anymore. We get it, you're a cool guy. And guess what, we like cool guys, but we sorta prefer a President who can be an a$$hole when needed. Please stop using unnecessary photo ops to get us to like you more. We like you (witness your still high personal popularity ratings). But we ain't vote for Mr. Congeniality (witness the widening disconnect between your policy ideas and your personal popularity ratings) to lead the nation. All this blahzay blah is undermining your levity. Leave the cameraman at 北京体彩网官方网站. Just quit it.

            Barry Should Avoid The Race Card At All Costs - Let's face it, yeah, a lot of the criticism you face is little more than poorly disguised dislike for a black(ish) President. But between Skip Gates, Father Pfledger, and Rebb'n Wright, reality is, your race card is pretty much revoked. You can't call a spade a spade without getting in trouble. Find some surrogates (preferably white folks, for obvious reasons) who can be a mouthpiece for you instead.

            Barry Needs To Kick Robert Gibbs To The Curb - I been sayin' this since Day One, but every day this buffoon is given an hour to hold court, he shows exactly what happens when you hire your boy, rather than hiring the best person for the job. Could this dude be any more of a walking punchline? Last week's unnecessary pissing match with Fox News' Major Garrett should have been the breaking point. Why Gibbs is likely preparing for his daily briefing as you read this is beyond me. Jamal Simmons is still working at Sizzler. Rescue him, Barry.

            Question: Do you think the Obama WH is losing the messaging battle? Are some folks simply going to dislike everything he does regardless, or could more consistent messaging from the WH convince some folks?

            [1] Bush , and even he didn't get credit for it.

            President Hannity?!? Nilla Please.

            Monday, August 24, 2009

            I Need Some Fantasy Football Draft Advice!!!

            As ya'll know, I'm no huge NFL fan. Football's little more than a filler between the dog days of Summer and the merciful start of NBA training camp, but that doesn't mean I don't indulge in the great American pasttime of fantasy football. In fact, if there was no fantasy football, I might never even watch football. Oddly, even though I'm only a casual NFL fan, and never played the sport, I always seem to end up in the playoffs (got blown out in last year's SuperBowl, always make the playoffs) of my office/college buddies league. Go figure.[1]

            [Admittedly Pointless Editor's Note: I went to my first Redskins game in ages the other night, as AverageBrotherInLaw (the same one with the Inauguration Hookup) got us some incredible seats for the preseason 北京体彩网官方网站 opener vs The Steelers. It's pretty sad watching half your not-so-full stadium cheering for the opposing team. It's even worse when the few fans of the 北京体彩网官方网站 team celebrate eking out a pointless preaseason game as if they're hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Asked it before, will ask it again, is there a worse major sports city than DC?!?]

            Anyways, since I'm signed up for this fantasy thing yet again, I need some help since I haven't really been on my RSS reader grizzly of late and am out of the loop. I'm marginally aware of the big name trades/free agent pickups, but I know little about this year's rookies, so I will need some advice for tomorrow' draft.

            Question: Who are this year's fantasy steals? Any big name players injured? Any big name players I should avoid drafting like the Swine Flu? What's your team called?

            [1] A snarky comment from Inquisitive Mind is coming in 5...4...3...2...

            Can Black People Be Racist?!?

            We'll keep this one short and sweet, since the title more or less says it all. Can Black folks, in the post-racial year of 2009, be racist?

            HBCU/Barbershop K'Nowledge says that black folks can't be "racist" because we "don't have the power to oppress others". I've never really, really understood that whole line of reasoning, especially since I sometimes hear it said in a town/city where the mayor is black, the school superintendent is black, and the city council is mostly black. Is political capital, even the elected kind, not indeed power? Can't that power be used to "oppress others"?

            My read is yes, indeed, Negroes can be (and sometimes are) just as racist, prejudiced, and ignorant as anyone else. I don't necessarily think "power" has anything to do with racism. "Power" can be used to oppress, sure, but so can words and actions. You don't need a title to make someone feel "less than". The Klan weren't (always) folks in positions of power either. They were (and still are for the most part) just some marginalized, ignant, hating bastards with strength in numbers. Does than make them not-racist?

            I won't belabor the point, but I really want to see what ya'll think.

            Question: Can Black people be racist?

            Sunday, August 23, 2009

            I'd Pay To See This Movie.

            When Keepin' It FaceBook Goes Wrong.

            Question: Got any FaceBook relationship stories to share?

            Saturday, August 22, 2009

            Why Janet & Jermaine Broke Up...

            Hat tip to Listen To Leon.

            Friday, August 21, 2009

            Erry'body Hates Michelle-O...

            . I would have copied and pasted more, but my heart wrist got tired.

            My eyes! quick! someone put an apple in the pigs mouth and put her on the spit.

            How about a viewer warning next time…please?

            First, the media was publishing too many pictures of Duh Ones man-boobs! NOW we’re gonna have too many pictures of Mrs. Duh Ones THUNDER THIGHS!!

            I want 100 bucks on 30 pounds since last fall. no way she has not gained 30 pounds

            Michelle O, First Drag Queen

            Yeah, she’s doing a bang-up job of lowering the standards set by distinguished women that came before her.

            Chewie in shorts? Not good. Keeping it real has it’s drawbacks. It’s like watching a Good Times rerun.

            They need to go back to Chicago. They’re more at 北京体彩网官方网站 there.

            Frankly I could not care less what she wears or if she wears anything. I have no interest in this woman whatsoever. Sorry. However a super-sized baggie might work.

            I could have gone all year without that image of Obama in my eyes, Michelle. Please if you are going to post such images in the future send out some kind of warning and an expiration so I will know to stay away until the image runs its course.

            Another pig with lipstick.

            Dude looks like a lady.

            Whats next??? 20 yr old rusty caddy,s on blocks on white house lawn……

            Looks like a gunny sack with two bulldogs fighting.

            When they get done checking the South African runner, maybe they could stop by the white House because I have doubts…

            Forty axe-handles wide.

            Sorry to ask this, but does she even have a bra on?

            The Clampetts are in DC… cavorting among their new found riches… but their hearts are of the ghetto moochers…

            The golden Sasquatch rides again!

            No class. The two of them have absolutely no class. Surprised she doesn’t have a huge floppy hat and enormous sunglasses and flip-flops. Nice to see they are bringing back the term, “Ugly American”.

            I was just getting used to the blessed silence on the topic of Michelle Obama when my eyes see this. UGH, back to the decontamination chambers. Please waterboard me again, just don’t uncover anything else.

            the beast wearing shorts on AF1 should not shock anyone, the standards have been lowered to gutter level to accommodate the trash living at the wh now.
            Yep, post-racial America! Feel The Power!

            Question: Do you feel post-racial after reading those comments from "real Americans"?

            The LightSkinnded/DarkSkinnded Paradox.

            . Her comments are closed to outsiders, so I can't say what I'd really like to say. Bummer.]

            One interesting pattern I always see develop on black gossip blogs is when a black guy with some level of fame is seen out with a black woman. If the woman is lightskinned, with long hair (a term so common it even has an accepted acronym: LSLH), the guy will inevitably be pelted with all sorts of insults in the comments section about how he , and .[1] On the other hand, (a term that doesn't have an acronym of its own), he'll usually get commended for and .[2] For an example of this paradox, just Google the terms "NBA player's wife" and "".

            How a man's character (or a woman's, I've seen the same happen in reverse, albeit not as frequently) can be called into question simply because of the skin tone of his mate/spouse is beyond me. Why this sort of thing is tolerated, and considered an acceptable norm in 2009 is downright ludicrous. It's been roundly agreed upon (even here) that Michelle Obama's skintone is what helped make Barack more endeared to black America. And it's equally sad that many Negroes openly admit that without her, he'd lack quite a bit of "street cred".

            I don't want to get into some overblown discussion about the light/darkskinned "conflict" in black America, and I sure as hell don't want to go all the way back to slavery and discuss the origins of the tension. That's not necessary. Let's stick to the here and now.

            Why is is acceptable to question a man's integrity because he dates a LSLH woman, yet give him props for dating a "real Black woman" if his mate looks like D. Woods?[3]

            And for the record (and the inevitable haters), my wife is brownskinned (I am too for that matter), longhaired (when she isn't busy cutting it) and baaadd than a muv. So this has absolutely nothing to do with any personal hangups. It's just something that continually bugs me, and darnit, I'd like an explanation.

            Question: Why is it ok to hate on lightskinned, longhaired women, yet brownskinned sistas are "keepin' it real"?

            [1] Notable exception: Kayne's girlfriend Amber Rose, who oddly seems to be a role model of sorts to some women. Go freakin' figure.

            [2] Notable exception: Usher's now-ex wife. Man, black women will not cut that sista a damn break. I got my theories on why, but what are yours?

            [3] Whom I think is incredibly beautiful. Not that you asked.

            Ashy Or Classy?!? - Michelle O's Bare Legs.


            Question: Were Michelle Obama's short shorts Ashy Or Classy? Is this much ado about nothing, or does the title of First Lady demand a certain level of decorum?

            Thursday, August 20, 2009

            John Stewart Has Some Great Writers.

            The Daily Show does it again. Man, is this like shooting fish in a fishtank or what?

            Yeah, sure, I know, if the Conservatives had a guy as witty as Stewart on their side, they could deliver an equally scathing critique of liberals. But they don't.[1] Sorry. And that's why this show is so brilliant.

            Question: Is there a Conservative equivalent to The Daily Show? Do cable news commentators (on both sides of the aisle) realize just how easy it is to refute their arguments in the age of YouTube?

            [1] Fox News' Daily Show knockoff, Red Eye is just plain awful.

            Caster Semenya - Chick Or Dude?!?

            What Would You Do?!? - Ballin' Outta Control.

            And we have to witness such disturbing displays as this.

            Yeah, that's Scottie Pippen, playing in freakin' Sweden, for what's essentially a junior college-level team. At age 40-something. Because he needed the cash.


            Why do these guys go broke? The reasons are many: child support, divorce, and frivolous spending, but poor investments are the biggest reason why many of these guys eventually lose everything they make. Few of us are smart enough to know how to manage millions. That's not a course taught at most colleges, and few of these guys go to class anyway. So, it's not exactly a shocker that they place too much trust in folks who invest their money in pyramid schemes, vanity bidnesses (restaurants, record labels), or just outright steal it. The players are so focused on the tangible returns (ie: car wash, clothing line) that it usually takes them years to look at bank statements and realize they've been "got". Most leagues provide financial counseling that encourages players to simply focus on saving what they have rather than attempting to make more. That's a pretty sound suggestion, but who wants to hear that nonsense? Boring.

            On the flipside, maybe we shouldn't come down too hard on these guys for not being smart enough to juggle finance and on-field performance. After all, the profession most likely to get swindled isn't even pro athletes. It's doctors.

            Question: Given a $120M contract, do you think you'd do a better job of managing it than Carmelo? What would you personally do to ensure you don't go broke once you retire?