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            Friday, February 29, 2008

            Why, Sistas, WHY!?!?!?

            . You probably don't know him, but he's a college educated, Kirk Franklin look-alike who had a very minor hit last year with T-Pain called Shawty . He's no Jay-Z, but don't tell these young ladies that.

            Watch and weep.

            Sojourner Truth is crying inside. Ida B. Wells too. Hell, I'm crying myself.

            I don't really know what angle to discuss this from, but I'd ask that we stay away from the typical responses (fatherlessness, sexism in hip-hop). Those are valid reasons, but they can't possibly explain away all of this. These young ladies are practically handing over their dignity on a silver platter for the possibility of being on an unscheduled (evar?) reality show with a 4th rate rapper. What sense does that make?

            I'm not asking the question that follows for the sake of blaming or pointing fingers. And I don't want this to turn into a male vs female cyberbattle, but I gotta know.

            Question: Why do SOME black women do this kinda stuff? Key word: SOME.

            Bonus Vids: A Medley of Plies Greatest... uhhhmmm, Hits!?!!?

            100 Years

            Shawty (ft. T-Pain)

            Got Em' Hatin'

            Thursday, February 28, 2008

            Cell 北京体彩网官方网站Phones For Grades: Outside The Box Thinking or Hidden Racism?

            Paying for Grades: Outside The Box Thinking or Hidden Racism? [AB.com]

            Wednesday, February 27, 2008

            Tired Of Politricks? I Sure Am.

            to fund my Jamba Juice addiction child's 529 plan! Anyways, the flipside is, paying attention to the latest smear, slight, or debate has it's downside. This stuff is energy sapping and at times downright depressing. It's made me realize that in my quest to bring you guys the brand of wit and wisdom that makes AB.com an award winning blog, I've begun spending inordinate amounts of time reading, listening, talking, and thinking about politricks.

            Those of you who are recent to The AverageBro Party prolly think this site is all-Obama all the time, and if you've tuned in since December 07' or so, I couldn't blame you for that assessment. But when I look up and realize I've darn near spent three straight months covering The Race For The Number One Spot 08', I know somethin', somethin', just ain't riiiigghhttt!

            So, in that vein, I'm really, really, really hoping that Obama pulls a clean sweep of Ohio, Texas, and whatever other two insignificant states that are up for grabs next Tuesday. Not necessarily just because I'm PrObama, but mainly because I'm getting pretty darned sick of talkin' about all this stuff. If that happens, expect AB.com to take a looong exhale and start shifting tone. You'll see a whooole lot more Crap Music, Hollyweird, and Grand HuStles, and a whooooole lot less PoliTricks as Usual and Barry 4 Prez. Seriously.

            Maybe it's just me, but I'd love to take a nice long hiatus from being concerned with this nonsense until around September or so. What do ya'll think?

            Question: Are you getting burned out by this political campaign or is it time for AB to take a badly needed vacation?

            Obama vs Farrakhan!?!

            while Clinton was discrediting his stance on Iraq? Seriously, for a good 15 seconds there, he had his hands clasped and eyes closed. I could swear he was having a "Lord, please don't make me whoop this ***** ***!" moment. I'm surprised he didn't offer Hillary any "lip chap". Ok, maybe it was just me.]

            Monday, February 25, 2008

            An AB.com MultMedia Exposé : Saturday Night Live Has Officially Jumped The Shark.

            (pictured above) and repeat that somewhat funny digital short for 90 minutes. It would definitely be better than anything they've done in a long time.

            Eddie Murphy and Joe Piscopo are crying inside.

            Anyways, I pretty much forgot about the show, especially after the strike and all, but lo and behold, I look at up yesterday and the Tivo's got a new episode. The kid's asleep, I've knocked out my Honey-Do list, so I figure I'll give it a look.

            It's official, this show should now be off the air. Not because this episode was particularly bad (they all are), but because the show's signature political satire, something it's always hung it's hat on, took a wild turn for the worse and actually showed rank favoritism towards Hillary Clinton. Repeatedly.

            Peep this terrible, and too-long parody of last week's Texas debate. I watched the debate, and I keep CNN on lock. I don't see anything particularly partial about their treatment of Obama. Apparently the fine folks at SNL do, which might could have something to do with CNN kicking MSNBC's butt in the ratings.

            Ha! Ha! So funny I forgot to laugh. And just how hard is it to get a black cast member to play Obama? Keenan Thompson (of Nickelodeon's Keenan and Kel fame) is the only brother on the show now and he's a little too big in the britches to fit the role, so the privilege went to featured player Fred Armisen, who looks the part, but fails miserably everywhere else., and even he doesn't nail it. So, Strike One!

            After some more awful sketches that I fast forwarded past, guest host Tina Fey (who used to be an SNL cast member, but now stars on 30 Rock, TV's best comedy evar!) shoots for the hills, turning Weekend Update into a Hillary-4-Prez Infomercial. Strike Two!

            Bitch is the new Black? WTH!?!?

            Tina Fey is certainly entitled to her opinions, and I'd have no problem with her (or any celebrity) shilling for their candidate of choice on their own time and dime. But using a not-ready-for-prime time comedy show to make your preference known to millions (thousands?) is just wrong on so many levels. I'm apparently not the only one who thought so, because both Obama and Clinton supporters are ripping her a new one on , as well as . What's next? Is Tracy Morgan gonna endorse Alan Keyes? Sheez.

            Still, even I have limits to my own rage, because TeeVee generally sucks and Fey's show is one of the few worth tuning in to. So I'm not takin' 30 Rock off my Season Pass, but man, it'll be hard to look at this chick the same way again. One show I will be taking off Season Pass... you guessed it, SNL!

            At least they redeemed themselves somewhat with this other segment on Weekend Update, starring everyone's favorite uninvited guest, Mike Huckabee.

            Say what you want, but a guy who can make light of his situation like that is alright by me.


            Hillary Is Mad As Hell! But Does She Have A Point?

            Friday, February 22, 2008

            AverageBro Goes To The Movies: What Black Men Think

            Thursday, February 21, 2008

            John McCain, SuperHoe.

            that resulted in the dissolution of his first marriage of 23 years. So, hearing him and his wife, who's stolen somebody else's man before, talk all this riggamorow about how he'd "never do anything to harm our family" rings a little bit hollow.

            And since we're talking about Cindy McCain, who else thought her botoxed, Stepford Wives looking ass was way out of pocket going at Michelle Obama the other day?

            Campaigning in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Monday, Michelle Obama said, "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I'm really proud of my country北京体彩网官方网站 and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change."

            In a rare move, Cindy McCain, wife of the Arizona senator, took on Michelle Obama's comment Tuesday as she introduced her husband at a rally. "I'm proud of my country北京体彩网官方网站, I don't know if you heard those words earlier. I'm very proud of my country北京体彩网官方网站," she said.

            The Arizona senator also made a subtle dig at Michelle Obama's comments during his victory speech Tuesday night.

            "I have never lived a day, in good times or bad, that I haven't been proud of the privilege" of being an American, McCain said in Columbus, Ohio.
            Hmmmm, let's see: McCain is the heiress of a beer distributor who's never had to work for an honest paycheck her entire adult life and single handedly financed her husband's first Congressional campaign. (Oh yeah, and she once stole drugs from her own foundation, setting off a federal investigation.) Michelle Obama is an Ivy-League educated, self-made corporate success who grew up on the South Side of Chicago, sharing a bedroom with her brother, and watching a multiple sclerosis hindered father drag himself to work every morning to make ends meet.

            I think it's fair to say they might have different views on how "proud" they are of this country北京体彩网官方网站.

            Note to Cindy McCain: Stay in your lane, 北京体彩网官方网站girl. You don't want none.

            Oh, and for before i forget: Bill O'Reilly, just go ahead and kill yourself for that dumb assed "I Don't Want To Go On A Lynching Party Against Michelle Obama Unless There's Evidence" comment. Your career's been dead since anyway. Falafel anyone?

            Still, what pisses me off most is that the affair was the least incendiary item in the Times article. In a society obsessed with who's sleeping with who, it's predictable that the media would run that aspect of the story, but what about all the other really questionable stuff dropped in there?
            Mr. McCain promised, for example, never to fly directly from Washington to Phoenix, his 北京体彩网官方网站town, to avoid the impression of self-interest because he sponsored a law that opened the route nearly a decade ago. But like other lawmakers, he often flew on the corporate jets of business executives seeking his support, including the media moguls Rupert Murdoch, Michael R. Bloomberg and Lowell W. Paxson, Ms. Iseman’s client. (Last year he voted to end the practice.)

            Mr. McCain helped found a nonprofit group to promote his personal battle for tighter campaign finance rules. But he later resigned as its chairman after news reports disclosed that the group was tapping the same kinds of unlimited corporate contributions he opposed, including those from companies seeking his favor. He has criticized the cozy ties between lawmakers and lobbyists, but is relying on corporate lobbyists to donate their time running his presidential race and recently hired a lobbyist to run his Senate office.

            By 2002, he had succeeded in passing the McCain-Feingold Act, which transformed American politics by banning soft money, the unlimited donations from corporations, unions and the rich that were funneled through the two political parties to get around previous laws.

            One of his efforts, though, seemed self-contradictory. In 2001, he helped found the nonprofit Reform Institute to promote his cause and, in the process, his career. It collected hundreds of thousands of dollars in unlimited donations from companies that lobbied the Senate commerce committee. Mr. McCain initially said he saw no problems with the financing, but he severed his ties to the institute in 2005, complaining of bad publicity after news reports of the arrangement.
            Again, if you're concerned about character flaws, don't get tied up on the carnal stuff and miss the forest for the trees.

            Question: Do you care about a politician's extramarital bidness or does it make no difference? Are you concerned about some of the other ethical issues raised about McCain in this article?

            (props to my girl C.T. for the link)

            Wednesday, February 20, 2008

            Just A Few More Reasons To Dislike Hillary Clinton: An AB.com MultiMedia Exposé - Sponsored By Walmart™

            EXHIBIT H: Black Kids Are Not Feelin' This Campaign Either - The Sequel.

            Ok, so I know that's not a Clinton, that's President Bush. But I've been holding onto that picture for months and needed to do something with it, so there. Still, even childrens' B.S. Meters go off over this type of politricks. You get my point either way.

            Question: Do you have your own reasons for disliking Hillary Clinton? Pile on, you know where. Got more pics to add? Email em' to me. Link is above on right.

            Tuesday, February 19, 2008

            Losing Momentum? Is Obama's N.L. About To Kick In!??!

            Monday, February 18, 2008

            There's An Election In Progress and T-Shirts to Sell. Where's Diddy!?!?

            urging young'ins to go vote last week, but still hasn't been seen yet. Don't let that deter you from answering today's question though.]

            Friday, February 15, 2008

            My New, Very Guilty Addiction: Def Jam ICON

            Thursday, February 14, 2008

            Tavis Smiley Has The Crabs

            Wednesday, February 13, 2008

            AverageBro Does NPR

            Tuesday, February 12, 2008

            Obama Sweeps The DMV

            thus far. It's interesting stuff, and I expect the list to keep on growing.

            Question: What does Obama need to do to win more of the Hispanic vote in Texas? Is there any hope for the Clinton campaign? Will Mike Huckabee ever throw in the towel? Did Alan Keyes get a single vote in his 北京体彩网官方网站 state today? Take your pick, and weigh in early and often you-know-where.

            [Editor's Note: Be sure to join me and my fellow bloggers tomorrow (Wednesday the 13th) on NPR's with Farai Chideya, airing around 1:30pm EST on your local affiliate. We'll be discussing the Potomac Primaries, Nas' N-Word Fiasco, and the growing influence of Black Bloggers. See ya' then!]

            . I suppose it's never too early to start worrying about it being renewed in 24 more years (not exactly the 23 noted here), but in the grand scheme of things, if that's the biggest of your problems, then clearly you're doing a lot better than the rest of us. Nas probably also knows some Nigerians who want to give him some money if he just emails them back, and also is expecting a check from Microsoft for all those forwarded emails any moment now.

            Talk about Barbershop K-Nowledge at it's worst. Damn.

            Then again, what else do you expect. It's not like Nas is sitting around everyday reading the NY Times. And that's a shame, cause if he did, he would already know this album is doomed to fail, just by virtue of it's name. There is no way in hades Walmart, Tar-jay, and whatever bargain retailer of choice is gonna put that one on the shelves. Just imagine the embarassment...

            [scene: suburban kid in line at local Walmart...]

            Uptight Cashier: "Damnit, this CD isn't scanning. Price check on 6!"

            Black Clerk: "Uhhm, yeah, what is it?"

            Uptight ashier: "Yeah, go get me the price on this album, Nigga."

            Black Clerk: "Muth***** say WHUT!??!"

            [and... scene]

            Needless to say, this could get a little ugly. On the bright side, Al Sharpton would rack up, which I suppose is a good thing.

            I'm sure that once all the weed smoke clears, Nas will say the album's trying to make some grand cultural statement about how a simple six letter word encapsulates the systematic oppression of a people for 400+ years, and how it's modern day effects are just as toxic, and whatnot, blah blah. And I'll just remember that this is the same Nas who made a gangbang anthem a few years ago (what did you think Oochie Wallie was about?), and the same Nas who hasn't said anything interesting since Illmatic, which was only, ohhh, more than a decade ago.

            Nice try Nas, but we'll pass my Nigger. Maybe you should consider the same.

            And before I forget, your bubbleheaded wife is thisclose to getting issued a H.S.D.

            Reading, folks. It's called reading. It ain't Kryptonite. Try it sometime.

            Question: Do you have any idea what the hell Nas is talking about?

            Looks like Nas had a Super Bowl commercial pubbing his album that Fox refused to run. Peep this.

            Monday, February 11, 2008

            Why The NAACP Stays Losing: Exhibit B

            and Carmen from ) for my first appearance. So, I shouldn't really be nervous about anything.

            Still, it's live radio, and despite how prepared you are, Murphy's Law applies just as it does elsewhere in life. Despite all my best intentions, pre-written zingers, and thoroughly considered opinions, I could always bomb. It's happened to me before (albeit not in this medium). It's happened to other bloggers on NPR too, like my 北京体彩网官方网站y , who "crashed and burned" when his made his first (only?) appearance on another NPR show, Michele Martin's Tell Me More last year. He wrote a post about it, like ta' read it (you should, it's entertaining stuff), the link's below.

            AverageOlderSibling told me to just go up there and be myself. After all, none of other participants will physically be in the DC NPR studios with me (they're either in the Midwest or LA), so I won't exactly have to be concerned with watching people's reactions. If I just go in there and be the overly opinionated ghetto snob I am, errythang will work out just fine.

            Sound advice if I've ever heard it. That's what big brothers are for.

            See ya'll Wednesday.

            Sunday, February 10, 2008

            The Audacity Of Help: AB Volunteers For Obama

            , and unapologetically anti-Clinton. Part (but definitely not most) of the allure of voting for Obama is tied to his promise of a "new type of politics". If that's true, and I believe it is, then this "new type of politics" also calls for a new type of voter. To me, this means I not only need to get behind the campaign I endorse with my vote, I also need to support it in more tangible ways.

            Politricks to AB.com Translation: Get off your behind. And write a check while you're at it.

            I gave money to the campaign many, months ago. While my massive $5 $500 pledge obviously helped the campaign financially, that was just the start. Yes, campaigns thrive off monetary contributions, but an equally necessary, though far less publicized component of a successful campaign is volunteering. In short, how much free labor can you get to fill in the gaps that your campaign funding can't cover.

            So, in the interest of being a grown man fully engaged voter, this weekend I decided to put my free time where my mouth is, and spend a few hours volunteering with the Obama campaign in advance of